(My first post to the Adium blog. W00t!)

On the IRC channel, we’ve been hearing that some people are encountering a crash on startup in 0.74 relating to metacontacts. This crash has already been fixed for the next version of Adium, but that’s no comfort to the people having it now. And I’m figuring that many of you don’t want to go to the IRC channel to ask for help with it.

I’ve released a program (independently of the Adium project) called Metacontact Fixer which prunes bad entries that cause the metacontact crash. It currently requires Panther (sorry, Jaguar users) and it should only be used with 0.74 – I’m not aware of earlier versions having the crash, and later versions definitely will not.

  • Peter Hosey
  • January 12th, 2005
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