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In an effort to get a better idea of what our userbase looks like and what kinds of usage patterns they have, we’ve put together a nifty survey that we’d appreciate it if you’d fill out. It’s nothing particularly special, but as the program becomes more complex and has more options, we’d like to reevaluate some of the options that we’re providing and have more sensible defaults.
Don’t stuff the ballot box, but make sure to get the word out so we can get a reasonably accurate sample of our userbase.


  1. Excellent idea, and excellent little survey. This can only improve Adium 🙂

  2. Re: tab switching – how about the Firefox shortcut of command-option-arrow?

  3. I think you should’ve asked about file transfers.

  4. pelase make webcam and audio! i need it so bad

  5. These comments aren’t the place for feature requests.

    The survey was there to find out about specific events preferences. We know you want x, y and definitely z, but there are already tickets on those. We’re trying to improve the Adium Experience™ step by step, and this is but one of those steps.

  6. About adding more language support? Thre’s No brazilian portuguese or portuguese available in Adium !

  7. ripsy: Nothing to be asked about file transfers. Everyone likes ’em.

    anonymous: So make a translation.

  8. What about command-{windownumber} for switching tabs? That’s the one I mainly use.

  9. I used gaim on a PC before using an Apple and trying out Adium. The one thing I miss most is a little x on each tab to close that tab.

    – Marcus

  10. One preference that wasn’t on the survey was preferences for sending. Currently, Adium has a choice for Send on Enter, and Send on Return. I would like to see other options such as Send on Shift-Return, and Send on Command-S.

  11. I don’t use Growl and I answered no to all question about if I wanted visual notification of messages received etc. But that’s not entirely true. I do like the visual feedback that the Dock icon gives me. But I though you meant something else then the Dock icon visual feedback, or? It wasn’t really clear…

  12. I really need a SIP addition before I can move from Trillian to Adium…very nice program and hope to see SIP added soon.

  13. Something that gets me often is the file transfer confirmation window – if someone is trying to send me something from a chat window that is already open but I am browsing or something at the same time, I can’t see the file transfer request dialog box as is doesn’t come to the front.


  14. Regarding buddy icons, how about those of us who don’t bother with them?

  15. I answered yes to using the message sounds, even though I only use them some of the time – usually when I am not sitting in front of the computer, but am within earshot, so I can know if someone has IM’d me.

    Just so you know. 🙂

  16. The survey does not work. Upon submission I get
    “Error! Error! The file surveyOutput.txt is not writable”


  17. Same for me on 8 Dec 12:14 (french time):
    “Error! Error! The file surveyOutput.txt is not writable”

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