Adium X 0.85 Released

We’re proud to announce the availability of Adium X 0.85. This release is primarily a huge bugfix release, but it also introduces some neat enhancements.

In the bugs department, a bunch of crashes and user-experience issues have been solved, from the much-reported crash when accepting canceled file transfers to autoconnection of Jabber accounts and quite a few things in between (including closing one of the oldest bugs in Adium history in which the Color Picker stole our tab switching shortcuts). Check out the Version History for the full, extensive list.

As far as enhancements, the most important to AIM users is most likely that we’ve updated libgaim to include the AIM file transfer improvements implemented during the Google Summer of Code. AIM file transfer still isn’t perfect (please don’t bombard us with problem reports related to it!) but it’s definitely much-improved for most users. Additionally, we’ve added a Google Talk service type, expanded the Speak Text action, and more.

Adium X 0.85 also says “¡Bienvenidos!” to Spanish speakers with the addition of a long-awaited Spanish translation. 🙂


  1. The download llink seems to be broken.

  2. This is a crazy impressive list of fixes. Nice job and much appreciated!

  3. thank you. huge.

  4. One more time, a very good job! 😀

  5. Thanks for this update and keep up the great (and much appreciated) work.

  6. Props to Adium.

  7. The link is BORKEN!!!!!!!!!

  8. Works fine for me.

  9. There’s a big fat “rate limit” problem I’d love to see fixed, because I love this software so much.

  10. Good job turning on comments 🙂 A couple probs though. The display of the comments sucks at the moment We should probably bug zac about it, since he seems to be down with the web design. Also, wtf is up with blogger not allowing us to have a submit form on our own page? That’s bullshit, man.

  11. Works fine for me (no more crashs). But since Version 0.85 Adium always forgot the aliasname of my buddies in the contactlist. Its shows me always the ICQ-Number. I always have to click on Info to see the Aliasname !!!
    Can anybody help me solve this problem !? I use a Mac G5, MacOS 10.3.9 ! Thanx !

    Sorry for the bad english !

  12. Why isn’t the pic displays for MSN not changed?
    The new update seems to be messed up and now, it doesn’t seem to update the pic displays from friends.

  13. Sigh. Now I remember why we turned comments off. This is not a support forum, folks.

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