Adium X 0.86 Released

Hot on the heels of Adium X 0.85, 0.86 is now available for download. AIM users with large buddy lists will be glad to see the recent problems rate limiting errors while signing on resolved – changes to the AIM servers caused the problem, which affected most third party clients. Among other fixes and enhancements, we’ve also improved the File Transfer Progress Window and corrected an issue with .Mac accounts which was introduced in 0.85.

Quack on. 🙂


  1. plz I need a transparent message view styles~~plz~~~~~
    because my company cann’t use IM ~~

    i need something unobvious thx~~~

  2. .86 is great guys, thanks for fixing the Rate error problem. Your updates come quickly, much appreciated!

  3. If your company won’t allow IM services you have a bigger issue than running a transparent window. They can see what traffic is running through your server at any time.

  4. If you can’t chat at work, going through a ssh tunnel might be the only option (look up dynamic ports in the man page for ssh_config and configure the accounts to use a localhost proxy)

    But you didn’t hear it from me…

  5. Awesome work guys! Can’t wait until 1.0!

  6. I cant’t even log in!!! When I type in my password (both yahoo and MSN) nothing happens…. Am I the only one in that situation??

  7. Can anyone tell when can we use video chat in adium? I really hope that it will come soon.

  8. I can’t connect as well. Nothing happens when i clic on the “Connect” button below my account name and password…
    I hope it’ll be fixed soon. I had to re dowload the previous version…

  9. i can’t log anymore with MSN i must install 0,85 i guess it’s just a matter of time to see 0.86.1 😉

  10. Gosh thanks a lot guys! I almost ended up going to my…dare I say it…PC for IM again… THANKS!

  11. Great program…Could I please request that the innovative scripts section sort by category?? There are so many humor-related scripts that it’s hard to find ones that add functionality…

    I would also suggest tieing scripts in other ways as well, such as by triggering scripts with specified events. It works great in Entourage 2004 when one receives mail (e.g., to have a script turn the speakers up and call you, etc.) Thanks!

  12. the file tranfer isn’t working for me. EVERYTIME I accept a file, adium crashs. this has been happennig since 0.85.1 beta, and has not been fixed till now.

    i can’t wait to see this problem solved!
    although, adium is a great program…

  13. there is a big problem with the last versin of adium, it’s impossible to type password on login acount (for msn in my case)
    is there anyone who have the same problem ?

  14. how do I clear the cache’d buddy list?

  15. Cannot change buddy icon: adium 0.86 crashes when doing so!

  16. make camera works on this cool messenger its all its need…

  17. You guys have done a great job in inter-connecting this whole array of messengers into a well designed, easy to use, and well suited program. Congrats! Keep up the great work!

  18. It’d be great that since you added Google chat to also include the google voice chat option, or Ichat voice chat option, so that mac users that can that option- That way I could throw away Skype. But keep up the good work, best multi messenger ever- throw all others away!

  19. Best IM ever, no need for any other as soon as audio and video chat is included ( perhaps the same way as ichat with the 3 screens on the marble floor 🙂 ). But I know it is way more difficult then transfering text. So no pressure ;-).



  20. Hello, I am an Adium user, I am very happy using Adium, my macintosh is fast now! I want to do a donation for this very nice job, but I can’t because I am twelve and a half… So, I haven’t a Credit Card… 🙁

    I want to say a very big “thank you” to all persons who made it! Continue!


  21. I just reopen’d the bug for the rate limiting errors as I just started getting them with 0.86 – funny, I never saw them with previous releases – been running 0.86 for about a week.

  22. for some odd reason i cannot customise adium 0.86! for example: can’t change dock icons, some emoticons don’t work as well as sound packs! this didn’t happen with 0.85 or before.

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