Adium 1.0!

Wow. I’m thrilled to announce that Adium 1.0 is released 🙂

With over 600 enhancements and bug fixes, Adium 1.0 is the culmination of over a year and a half of development. New features include a shiny new default appearance, an installation setup assistant, improved account management, privacy management, iTunes Now Playing status, optional Dock-like hiding of the contact list, grouping of saved status messages, a redesigned chat transcript viewer with improved searching, and much more. Adium 1.0 includes service-specific improvements such as AIM file transfer and Direct Connect image transfer improvements, Yahoo invisible status, receiving of MSN custom emoticons, and Google Talk buddy icons and typing indication support.

Adium 1.0 also adds QQ messaging support to its repertoire of 13 services which include AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and Yahoo. It is fast, lightweight, highly customizable, and has now been translated into 20 languages in addition to its native English.

The full changelog is available here… you might want to go get a cup of coffee while it’s loading, as it’s a beast.

What’s all that mean? Well, for starters, it means you’ve got one heck of an instant messaging client on your hands. Enjoy!

It also means that you’re enjoying the fruits of labor of a lot of hard working, brilliant, volunteer developers — the Adium Team, that is, (us!) along with fellow open source coders like our friends over at Gaim, Growl, Sparkle, Off-the-Record Messaging, and , just to name a few.

Sound exciting? It is. Check out Contributing To Adium for more on how you can help with development, from supporting other users to writing code to donating support further development efforts. (update: The link to contributing is down because it depends on Trac, which was not designed to handle digg + slashdot + the rest of the Internet. If you’re looking for the Adium 1.0 source, look no further. Trac and our Subversion repository will be publicly available again once the server is a bit calmer. Thanks for your paitence!)

And speaking of donating, I’d like to thank our network hosts for their awesome service and support. NetworkRedux hosts our code, website, and mailing lists, including the Trac support site and, home of all sorts of add-ons to Adium. CocoaForge hosts the Adium Forums. Finally, CacheFly hosts the Adium download itself. Thanks to them and to the fantastic Adium community for helping Adium get so far. 🙂


  1. yipee!

  2. Great job, guys! Thanks for an awesome IM client!

  3. I was so excited when I saw this! The new features are amazing! I think one of my friends is buying a Mac just to be able to use Adium. You guys rock!

  4. Hi,
    I´m thrilled to see the new features of Adium. I think it´s awsome. Just wondered.. where´s the toolbar gone? – Can anybody help me with this?

  5. Adium wins hands-down over any other mac messaging client I’ve tried – it’s still one of the first things I install on my new computers, and it makes my non-Mac friends jealous!
    Much love.

  6. Thank God for Adium. Best im program on any platform!

  7. Congratulations, guys! I’ve enjoyed Adium for quite a long time now, and it’s awesome that you’ve hit the 1.0 mark. Adium is the only messenger that really runs flawlessly on my old clamshell, and it manages to look pretty damned sexy while it does so.

    *raises champagne flute*

  8. Thank you so much guys. Really. Thank you for all your work.

  9. Thanks for the great work!
    BTW – you’re on Golem 🙂

  10. Am I the only one having serious problems with the Adium update? I can’t access Preferences at all … also, I cannot send IMs, nor see IM windows when others message me (even though it says in the Dock that I have been IMed).

    All the updates look really promising, and the new features that I can access are fantastic … but these glitches are making the program unusable for me. 🙁

  11. Congrats guys… Adium is the main reason I could get a mac@ work .. we use Sametime app for IM and Adium has been awesome at it for the past year and half ( My windoze buddies are at awe at what it can do ! )


  12. I grabbed the beta about a week before 1.0 was released, I had noticed how old adium was and how new the beta was and was very happy to see recent development.

    TO my surprise I greatly enjoyed everything new about Adium beta and will try to be a constant beta tester from now on, not to mention gaining a lot of interest in helping the project code wise.

    Keep up the great work was amazed to see 1.0 come out. I hope only good things for the project

  13. Don’t seem to be able to connect to my AIM accounts since the update.

  14. thank you very much for your work!

  15. Adium 1.0 truly rocks. Thanks for all the hard work!

  16. has anyone found that display names for offline contacts aren’t updated and reeeeaaaalllllyyyy old at that? otherwise it’s lovely, thank you…

  17. global hotkey which brings up adium from any app is great, but, on second keypress, it needs to hide it again 🙂

  18. Sweet! Adium is rocking on my Mac.

    I thought I was the only one with the really old offline contact display names.

  19. This program is very well done and I am pleased to use it.


  20. However, umm, anyone having problems loading xtra’s menubars on Adium 1? I tried replacing all the necessary files but I still see the duck.

  21. The menubar ‘replacement’ icons were never supported.

    Official support for an AdiumXtra to control the menu bar icon will most likely be present in Adium 1.1.

  22. when someone send me a file…. it doesnt work so good.. and the icon users, doesnt actuallize in the moment….

    is this a bug????

    thank you

  23. OK — this looks great! I’m a VERY new Mac user. Downloaded Adium and was able to get AOL AIM up, but can I use it at the SAME TIME for Yahoo and MSN messenger? If so, how?

  24. I would like to know how come I can’t send differed msg to offline people or talk with people who appear offline. you can mail me to! I really need to know… thanks

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