Adium 1.1.2

The Adium team is proud to announce the availability of Adium 1.1.2! This is a bug fix release of the 1.1 series which fixes 26 bugs, including a memory leak when viewing tooltips, display of AIM mobile contacts, Gadu-Gadu connectivity on PowerPC-based Macs, several problems when using Safari 3.0 beta, and multiple crashes and aesthetic glitches. We’ve also upgraded to libpurple 2.1.1, which fixes Yahoo status message encoding and adds limited support for cross-messaging to MSN contacts. See the Version History for the full list.

Adium 1.1.2 is a recommended upgrade for all users of Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Be sure to see Contributing to Adium for how you can submit patches and code, help hunt down bugs, and donate!

Thanks as always for the continued support of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux and our download host CacheFly!


  1. Once again, fantastic work. I hope someday I can contribute to this project. I really look up to you guys. You do awesome work and your very helpful in irc chat. I really don’t understand how adiumx devs find the time to work on this terrific project, but please keep it up.
    Thank You

  2. Is Adium now frozen for for users of panther?

    I can’t afford to upgrade at present, and when I use a Tiger system, I normally use iChat (+ Chax which close the gap in usability with adium) because it does video.

    Could I request that you do a Panther build (or even a panther/jaguar build) every now and then (perhaps for every third or forth time you update the main release version.)

    eg With version 1.1.3 release a version 1.1.3p version for PPC only compiler for Panther compatibility (and jaguar too, if not over complex.)


  3. updated.

    moved buddies to mobile device group. then “can not add (move) for an unknown reason.” it actually did move, though.

  4. Good work, but… There is a memory leak, so that Adium since this version uses ober 700MB of RAM and makes my system unstable 🙁

  5. “Could I request that you do a Panther build (or even a panther/jaguar build) every now and then (perhaps for every third or forth time you update the main release version.)”

    Sorry, Jess, but 1.0.x is the last updates that Panther is going to see. Maintaining code for 10.3.9 was becoming difficult.

  6. Great Work Adium Team !

    A suggest for the next release : to increase the emticone sizes because there are too small…

    Good Luck !

  7. Edit : I have forgot to say : the emoticone sizes in the select menu 😉

  8. All my buddies were moved somewhere, can’t find them now. Maybe moved to mobile buddies? Regardless, something has changed…

  9. I see pidgin’s msnp14 branch is near completion (at least the major components), is there any chance to see it’s improvements implemented in a soon release?

  10. So, how exactly does the “limited support for cross-messaging to MSN contacts” work? I would assume that means I can add MSN contacts to my Yahoo account, but how?

  11. anonymous: When it’s been released in libpurple, we’ll move that way 🙂

    Dan: You should be able to just add them to your Yahoo account as you would any other contact and message them the same way.

  12. Evan: Awesome to hear :), can’t wait then msn in adium will be as good if not better then the official for mac :).

  13. Adding MSN contacts to a Yahoo account is still not working for me. There’s still a Trac bug that says “waiting on libpurple” for this (Ticket #5610).

    Note that for my MSN and Yahoo accounts, I can communicate between then with the official clients for each.

    Should I just put a comment in on that ticket?

  14. Why isn’t 1.1.1 detecing that a new version is out? I know i’m not alone because I have heard several persons saying that the updatechecker doesn’t find any update.

  15. Yes I love Adium.
    But there is always this bug:
    Ne peut pas être envoyé; une erreur de connexion est survenue.

    Error of connexion when I log by http from my Job.
    With the0.8.5 version every thing was ok.

    I deleted my msn Account and recreated it but same problem.
    Thanks guys.

  16. adium after upgrade isn’t working with gtalk?

  17. i am having issues with connecting after this upgrade.
    end up restarting Adium 2-3 times, before it actually connects to anything

  18. i have two denied MSN users about whom I’m prompted every time I start Adium now. No matter how I respond, I get prompted again when I restart Adium.

  19. Adium needs Web Camera & Audio support
    MSN Space shortcut support
    and its done! the best IM in the world!

  20. Very big thanks, guys! It’s great and beautiful application!
    I think that Adium is the best IM too!
    Thanks again!

  21. @ignacio
    Even if Adiumx does add vid support, Adium will not be done. There is ‘Always’ room for improvement.

  22. Since i upgraded, i am not able to use my gmail account on adium, i look logged in people see me logged but they can’t send me messages, this is bad, i can send them mesages they get them but i can’t see their replies??? what’s the fix.

  23. msn send messages timeout to somebody after upgrade to 1.1.2 and working fine if downgrade to 1.1.1
    so I am using 1.1.1 now.
    anyone know what’s happen on 1.1.2 ?

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