Adium 1.2 beta!

The beta of Adium 1.2 is available. We’ve gone through several beta iterations already, and release shouldn’t be too far off. Please report thoroughly any regressions you find in your testing. Enjoy!


  1. What’s the new menu item »hide mobile contacts« in the view menu for (doesn’t know if it’s exactly the translation of my german adium version)?

    Doesn’t seem to work with my mobile jabber contacts.

  2. Hey, you got Catfish man a gerbil! LMHO
    You guys are the best…

  3. Jens, it hides mobile contacts. Please file a ticket using the link in my blog post if it doesn’t work properly for you for Jabber contacts.

  4. Great work guys.

    I just have one question. In the last blog post about 1.2, there has been mention of new MSN features. However, I can’t find anything in the change log about MSN. Is there anything coming?

    Thanks, keep up the good work! I wish I had more time to contribute code.

  5. The updated MSN code was delayed until a future release of libpurple. It had a few problematic bugs and we didn’t feel holding the release of 1.2 was necessary. Adium-side, all of the code is ready for the updated MSN, we just need to wait for libpurple to release it.

  6. You had me at #5069

  7. Oh, I am a bit disappointed about the absence of new MSN feaetures, but I do happy to see that very long list of added features and bug fixes!

  8. Hello,

    On my iBook 1Ghz 10.4.11 all release up to 1.1.4 worked like a charm, but 1?2 (even b5) fails to connect to googletalk


  9. Anonymous: could you post the details on the forum:

    or open a ticket.

    1.2b5 fixed the issue I was having with 1.2b4, but without details and asking in the right place, it is hard to address the issue – thanks 🙂

  10. Is there an easy way to migrate over all the stuff (icon packs, etc) stored within the app bundle from 1.1.4 to 1.2? Obviously overwriting it just wipes everything out.

  11. I think Google Talk is broken in beta release 1.2b6. Anyone else notice this?

  12. Yes, gtalk is broken.

  13. threnody, you shouldn’t be storing anything in the app bundle. Double-click to install AdiumXtras.

  14. 1.2b6 breaks Growl 1.1.2 for me. Growl notifications just don’t work. Running on Leopard 10.5.1

  15. any chance the final version will allow users to chat as “invisible”??
    It would be really helpfull 🙂

  16. “any chance the final version will allow users to chat as “invisible”??
    It would be really helpfull :)”

    exactly what I have been waiting for.

  17. Hello,

    I was the “anonymous” who reported a problem with Gtalk and 12b5.
    I’m happy to report that 12b7 works like a charm.


  18. Why don’t you make something to let us chat while we are invible or chat with invisible or not connected contacts?
    Why can’t we see the personal message of MSN of my contacts?
    And finally, where are saved the conversations with my contacts? I would like to know in which folder they are in order to save them in my external Hard Drive.
    Thank you!

  19. @javier:

    your conversations are in
    /Users/YourUser/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/

    If you are missing a feature in Adium, consider adding it yourself, or using the donate-button – probably a donating or a contribution would motivate the developers (they are spending there free time here) much more than asking again and again for this and that feature…


  20. Sorry, you are right anonymous, but asking for the features was a way of telling them in which ways they can improve Adium and make it better than MSN Messenger for Windows (which I still prefer), above all because most of people use an account of Messenger and introducing its features would be a right way to take.

    Anyway, thank you for your answer and thanks to the developpers of Adium!

    PD: I didn’t find the conversations in that foder.

  21. it WOULD be extremely helpful if adium allowed users to chat as “invisible”, mainly because no other IM program for Macs has this function.
    Including a Personal Message would also be attractive for users who are used to having MSN

  22. Hey

    I have just installed 1.2B8. I am happy to see that the bug with spaces is fixed. Thanks developers☺

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