Yahoo! breakage in 1.2.2

A number of you have reported being unable to sign into Yahoo! using Adium 1.2.2. We’ve discovered the problem; this post is to tell you what we did wrong and what we’re doing about it.

When you enter a Yahoo! email address (such as into the username field in Adium 1.2 and later, Adium strips off the part before trying to sign in with it. This is because Yahoo! expects only the jdoe part (the username); signing in with the whole email address will result in an unknown-username error.

Back on the 11th of February, Evan committed this change:

Yahoo accounts shouldn’t include the @domain.suffix regardless of what it is (e.g., Generalize our removal to account for this.

Before that change, we looked for “” specifically, and removed it if present. This didn’t work for other Yahoo! suffixes, such as “”. Thus, Evan intended to make Adium delete all Yahoo! suffixes, not just the US one.

The code that Evan committed removes any email-address suffix—in other words, if there’s an @, Adium will remove that and anything after it before trying to log in. This was a good plan, except for those who use Yahoo! AT&T.

SBC was a US telephone company, which became AT&T back in 2005. SBC offered, and AT&T still offers, an internet connection with Yahoo! services bundled, including Yahoo! Messenger. Instead of a plain old “jdoe” username, these customers’ Yahoo! IDs are their entire “” address. For these users, stripping off the “” suffix makes sign-in not work.

So, this is a regression. I’ve already committed a fix: we now only strip the suffix if the suffix starts with “@yahoo.”, so that “”, “”, etc. will be stripped but “” won’t). That fix is present in what will be 1.2.3. While we’re at it, we know of a couple other regressions which we’ll also fix in 1.2.3.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.


  1. Is there any good way to get previous versions?

  2. We actually just ran into this problem in Digsby, by making exactly the same wrong assumption about stripping–only because of our beta testers did we find out what was going on!

  3. This is not only true for AT&T, for I have a … Yahoo! ID.

  4. Is anyone out there also having issues with their AOL account?

    Also, do we know if we are able to ‘go back’ to a previous version (in Adium)?

  5. anonymous: Good to know. However, the new method is not inclusive (keep suffix if it’s, it’s exclusive (suffix kept unless it’s @yahoo.*), so that isn’t a problem. 1.2.3 will work fine for you, as well.

    wizard/ellison: It is possible to go backward. Here’s 1.2.1.

  6. How long until the next update? (1.2.3 i mean)?

  7. you’ve heared me! Thanks

  8. I have Yahoo!, Google, and AIM accounts. I get logged in, and others see me logged in, but I can’t chat with anyone. I’m downgrading.

  9. Thank you for tracking this down so quickly, I look forward to the next version (but for now will have to restore the previous).

  10. @wizard. yep, Time Machine.

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