Adiumy sighting: In a jar of mustard

Adium user Daniel Versteeg wrote in to tell us that his girlfriend, after inaugurating a fresh jar of mustard, discovered that she’d inadvertently carved the shape of Adiumy out of it:

He's there in the jar, carved out of the mustard.

He sent us this picture (which he took with his iPhone) partly to ask you whether you had any Duck sightings of your own.

So, how about it? Have you seen Adiumy (or his silhouette, at least) anywhere? (We will, of course, need photographic evidence, to document his journey.)


  1. No – but I did see the Virgin Mary in my grilled cheese today at lunch … does that count?

  2. You could get £60 for that on eBay.

  3. A Dock icon out of that, would be nice..

  4. now, i cant mount adium(i use leopard). i wanto to it, so please repair!

  5. lol

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  7. He has a girlfriend…?

  8. at you can find lot’s of ducks…

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