Adium 1.3 Beta!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Adium 1.3 Beta. You can download it from the beta page or enable “Update to beta versions when available” in the Adium General preferences.

New in Adium 1.3: A brand new, gorgeous Contact Inspector which brings together all a contact’s information in one place – coalescing combined contacts’ information and accessing your Apple Address Book to give you at-a-glance information; Facebook Chat; iPhone 2.0-style filtering search in the Standard Contact List; major performance improvements; and well over 150 enhancements and bug improvements from the Adium team alone, plus major updates from our friends at libpurple and Growl. See the Beta page for the full details.

Please test, enjoy, give us feedback and help further refine Adium 1.3, and get involved! :)

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111 Responses to “Adium 1.3 Beta!”

  1. Arvind Satyanarayan Says:

    Fantastic! I’m glad to see Facebook Chat get built into Adium, that’s really awesome. One feature request I do have though is for more granular notifications. I used to want to be notified through Growl whenever a contact signed on but with Facebook Chat… it becomes Growl spam! Or am I missing something?

  2. markm Says:

    you guys rock. as others have mentioned in the trac, i hope the facebook efforts weren’t too strenuous considering the announcement of jabber support. is there a reason why you still can’t uncheck a ‘show window shadow’ preference for the message window? Would make for much nicer transparency (no blurred text). I’ll go through the source this weekend and try to compile a test version if it’s a trivial/cut n paste thing.

  3. user Says:

  4. Caspar Aremi Says:

    I can’t seem to be able to sign into facebook chat at all, it just constantly tells me it’s ‘Connecting’. Are there any other settings other than email address and password that should be input?

  5. jas8522 Says:

    Arvind: Notifications overhaul is scheduled for 1.4 – so you could very likely see that soon! The objective is to subject just about everything to users choice via the notification preferences – at the moment there are some events that are non-configurable (as you have noticed).

  6. dave Says:

    I’m sorry i know that’s not the right place, but I’m only a visotor and want to give a cool link:

    There you can see how to go unavailable(shown offline) to specific contacts by using the xml console. i would be great if adium could implement a list, where only the wanted contact can’t see you. so i needn’t to do it every time in the console.

    (sorry for my bad english, i’m german ;-) )

  7. SoloXis Says:

    a few of my contacts got randomly sorted to other groups (within the same hotmail acc) after i installed this update. might be a bug here?

  8. Paul Hoffman Says:

    I am astounded that the Adium team has not added the feature that I hear asked for constantly: remembering group chats (not “groups”) in the contact list. This can’t be that hard, can it? Many of us are on multiple Jabber group chats a week, and it’s a pain in the butt to have to add these by hand each time.

  9. Mark Jensen Says:

    If I log into Facebook Chat in Adium, it automatically logs me out of, which is kinda annoying since I don’t want to log out of Facebook Chat through Adium everytime I visit

    Clearly a bug, but has Facebook even openly supported this development of adding Facebook Chat to a 3rd Party app? (The technology is obviously there, but do they endorse it?).

  10. Jeremy FLint Says:

    I am trying to download the beta package for 1.3b2, but the download keeps crapping out around 6mb and the DMG is not recognized. What gives?

  11. Tim Steinbach Says:

    @Mark Jensen:
    Are you using Safari? I am using Firefox 3.1 nightly and do not have the problem of being logged out.

  12. Eric Richie Says:

    Paul Hoffman: It’s been there for a while now. If you look at the contact menu you’ll see that there is an “Add Group Chat Bookmark” option. There is also an icon in the toolbar of the message window to do the same (if you don’t have it you may have to right click and choose “customize toolbar” to add it to the visible icons).

    Mark Jensen: This is something we’re aware of but, at this point in time, have no control over. In the future it may be possible to work around it but for now it’s something that Facebook does. No, they haven’t supported third-party efforts (to my knowledge) other than the announcement that they’ll be switching to XMPP at some point in the future.

  13. Tranpalitu Says:

    [...] Nos encontramos con algunas mejoras como son: se incorpora el chat de Facebook va bien si es que sigues usando Facebook (yo ya dejo que actualice mi estado Friendfeed), ha copiado alguna cosilla del iPhone como es el filtrado de contactos y mejoras en su rendimiento entre otras muchas más. [...]

  14. Adium unterstützt den Facebook-Chat at notizBlog - a private weblog written by Matthias Pfefferle Says:

    [...] Adium 1.3 (IM-Client für den Mac) unterstützt den Facebook Chat, auch wenn Facebook anderer Meinung ist: Derzeit wird die Nutzung der Chatfunktion von Facebook mit Anwendungen Dritter nicht unterstützt. [...]

  15. Julian Says:

    It’s possible I’m missing something, but this release refuses to work for me. When I start it, most of the top menus are blank, I have no way of setting up new accounts…I can’t even access the preferences (it just gives me a message saying they are unavailable) I’m using a Powerbook G4 with 10.5.3. Any ideas?

  16. Patrick Rodriguez Says:

    Gotta admit, i absolutely hate the new “Get info” window.. Its not pretty, its bloated. go back to the old tab style pleasee.. Also i don’t think the Status menu needs nearly as much stuff in it as it currently does.. ie: contacts, accounts, options.. I absolutely love adium, but i feel like these two things are mars on the software. everything else is amazing, the new contacts search is great and the performance has improved dramatically! keep up the good work

  17. Daiden Says:

    I like the new Contact Viewer window… I think it’s much easier to use then the old one. To each his own, I guess?

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    [...] (my favorite chat client) just released the Adium 1.3 Beta. As implied by “beta”, it’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but I decided to [...]

  20. Chris Says:

    Anybody having their facebook chat buddies not coming up as of recently?

  21. Chris Says:


    Yes, actually. Logs report that Adium failed to parse the page that shows up after login, apparently.

    So far, facebook chat has only worked one time for me, and that was the second time I tried to sign on. Since then it’s been no go. However, it does log me out of facebook in my browser, so I’m sure it’s logging in.

  22. Chris Says:

    Yeah I had it working a couple times, I stated playing with the Growl notifications for when buddies sign on, and I thought that might have triggered something or just pure coincidence?

  23. James Says:

    The new beta is great. I have one problem that I don’t understand. Randomly new message window tabs will be blank where I cannot see the information the other party has typed. I hear it come on with notifications and can see it in chat transcripts. Then eventually if I move to other chats when I click on their tabs every window goes blank. Is this a common problem. I’m using the new beta on OX 10.4.11

  24. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    Hey guys. Glad to see so much interest in the beta. Please note that the comments section of the blog is the wrong place to report problems; we will *not* respond to and or follow up to bug reports here (and none of the reports here have enough information for us to investigate). The correct place is Trac. Please see ReportingBugs, whcih also details the crash or bug data we need.

  25. fabio Says:

    Questo programma spacca!!! peccato che manca la possibilità di scrivere e leggere le frasi personali di MSN. che aspettate a mettercelo??? ;)

  26. DarwinOS Says:

    Guys! I real love how do you develop and always make ADIUM better! The Beta is great I’ve tried it in SL (You know what I mean), it’s works well!
    Adium & Webkit are the greatest OSS in the MacWorld!
    Congratulations for the great stuff.

  27. Joe Michael Says:

    When Or Will Adium Support Video Chat?! I Was Excited To See Meebo Now Supports It But Its Only An Online Client. :) I Love Adium And Hopefully It Comes Soon!!!!

  28. Rory Says:

    Is there anyway to have Growl notify you on the new psychic ability?

  29. Rory Says:

    Nevermind, that would be stupid. Disregard that last message.

  30. fabio Says:

    I love adium, but lacks only of the personal message of MSN

  31. Yay for Adium Says:

    [...] Aside from already being able to connect to all your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Skype, and other contacts through one application, they just added Facebook support in the latest beta release. [...]

  32. Joey Joe Joe Says:

    Alright, understand I am not too bright (and rather new to Adium), but where is the contact search feature? I can’t figure out how to find it.

  33. Joey Joe Joe Says:

    I found it. I have to start typing for the search box to appear. Duh!

  34. Tucker Says:

    “Contact list now glows in the dark” Humor? Or am I missing a new option/feature?

  35. messenger es gratis Says:

    [...] Enlace | Adium 1.3 Beta! [...]

  36. Afri Says:

    Whenever I have to use Windows, I miss Adium…:’(

  37. Pedro Says:

    I still cant get the contact search box to appear.

  38. Joey Joe Joe Says:

    I had problems finding it too, Pedro. You have to be using the regular style window (set in preferences). Command-f should work, but what worked for me was just clicking on the contact list and starting to type. The search box automatically opened.

  39. Jukey Says:

    Niiice. just one thing…you wrote on your blog post. It’s

  40. longpo Says:

    hi , i love this ware,
    if u can make is works with webcam will be awesome

  41. jacojbass Says:

    well there seems to be a lag in getting im’s some as great as 10hrs, kinda of annoying, anyone else had this happen? this was on the yahoo service if it means anything

  42. Pedro Says:

    Thanks Joey, I was using contact bubbles.

  43. se7en Says:

    Yes, if you’re logged into Facebook Chat on Adium, it continually logs you out of Facebook Web.

    This is why it’s a beta! Good Work so far, though.

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  45. Cafeine Says:

    I still want the option to NOT CHECK my gmails mails. HATE that popup. :/ Can do it with hotmail / MSN, where is the option for gtalk ? :(

  46. Melvin Says:

    I didn’t know it could automatically download beta versions. So I activated it right now. Hope to see some improvements on the MSN service

  47. Sebbe Says:

    I haven’t downloaded b3 yet, but at least with b2 then you (at least I) get only logged out of facebook when I use Safari, works great with Firefox RC3 (still for me, can’t say if it is like that for others too)

    I will not download b3 because I was like one day too late to upload the language changes in norwegian so I will wait to b4 :) I blame AOC for me being late ^^

  48. Martin Says:

    I really appreciate you work… But I’ve got a little question. I know that the MSNP14/15 branch of libpurple isn’t ready yet, but is it possible to implement an option, to “experimental enable” this functionality? I must apologize, I haven’t looked at the architecture of libpurple… But if it is possible, it would be really nice…

    Thanks a lot for your great work!

  49. David Says:

    Martin: check out the UNOFFICIAL MSNP15 build at .
    It seems quite stable to me. (It’s NOT SUPPORTED though, so don’t go the the Adium developers for help.)

  50. Question! Says:

    Is it possible in adium to save a custom emoticon from a conversation and then use it in every other conversation?… just like in msn messenger…

    This is the only reason I use msn over Adium..

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  52. Omar Says:

    Me parece positivo las actualizaciones que presentan. Sin embargo, hace un año aproximadamente que comunicaron sobre la implementación de Video en Adium y es la hora que no se sabe absolutamente nada… existe la posibilidad que podamos contar con video para este año?

  53. 1town Says:

    Love the facebook implementation, but sadly it stopped working today. It was working perfectly up until now.. :(

  54. Richard Watt Says:

    Me too with the facebook, I can receive messages, but can’t see my contact list. weird.

  55. se7en Says:

    Same here with Facebook – Can’t see my contact list. Ever since I updated to 1.3b3, which was today.

  56. Sebbe Says:

    I can’t see the contact list either for facebook chat, but its not because of b3 as I still run b2. So most likely did the facebook devs change something

  57. Joe Says:

    i cant see my facebook list either as of today, facebook must have changed something

  58. Catherine Says:

    Also have the facebook chat problem, bummer that it’s not working so great, I was so happy to see facebook chat in adium! Hope it’s up and runing again soon!

  59. 1town Says:

    Was anyone else enjoying observing the facebook habits of other people while at work? :p Adium registered 49 different people logging in during work-hours in a day ;)

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    [...] arguably Pidgin’s counterpart on Mac, also received support for Facebook Chat in the recent 1.3 beta release, though, the feature is absent from the most recent official update. If you’re a risk-taker [...]

  61. My Favorite Feeds » Blog Archive » Pidgin joins Adium, Digsby in supporting Facebook Chat Says:

    [...] arguably Pidgin’s counterpart on Mac, also received support for Facebook Chat in the recent 1.3 beta release, though, the feature is absent from the most recent official update. If you’re a risk-taker [...]

  62. jml Says:

    I checked out and built the latest from SVN and found Facebook working again.

  63. Manolis Says:

    Facebook chat is still broken, facebook obviously changed something recently (it worked until a few days ago). Awaiting new beta build!

  64. shabooty Says:

    yeah that sucks that the facebook chat pooped out

    i am dying for a new beta =)

  65. JR Rozko Says:

    I don’t get the technical stuff, but here’s a plugin a guy wrote that fixes the problem –

    Found here –

  66. raffael Says:

    I dont like that I can select the group-title-item itself. I only want to select buddies, but not the groups :) But it’s great that you now only have to click a group title once to expand it !!

    great beta release, I love it.

  67. Miguel Andrés Says:

    For those with facebook logout problems, you should register 2 emails in facebook, use one in your browser and use the second in adium….. that works for me.

  68. Kevin Says:

    What do you think about the new search function? I really liked it at first, but it’s also causing me some problems. Before, when I wanted to message someone I’d just click in the buddy list and type in the first letter or two of their name and press enter to open a message window. Now, I’d have to type in the first few letters and arrow down to the user. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s sort of a hassle and requires more time than before, so I’m not sure that I like it.

  69. DeX Says:

    When you type something to search and hit enter without arrowing down, it opens the first person on the search list.

    I don’t know if it’s the place to ask for something like this, but it could be nice that the online person came first in the search list and then the offline ones.

    BTW, great work and thanks a lot ;)

  70. jens Says:

    does the facebook plugin communicate securely with the facebook servers? (https or not, I suppose)

  71. Sebbe Says:

    Cool, msn status works :D

  72. Tyson Says:

    The 1.3b4 download is corrupt every time I download it. Is it just me?

  73. Tyson Says:

    Actually, it seems the download is stopping at around 17mb.

  74. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    @Tyson: Worksforme. Try clearing your browser’s cache :)

  75. Tyson Says:

    Thanks, Evan. That worked. Still, Facebook chat isn’t working for me. Online contacts don’t show up in the list but if someone sends me a message, it will pop up and the window has a number instead of the contact’s name.

  76. Paul Says:

    facebook eventually plans to release a jabber gateway for their chat system but the current implementation in adium must be spoofing their javascript client so you can count on things breaking periodically… it will be more reliable when there is official support for 3rd party applications

  77. super4pi Says:

    b4 and b5 are awesome; no more “so and so came back”! :D

  78. Cale Says:

    Wow! finnaly, ive been saying that MSN PECAN was the best way to implement MSN on Adium, yeah, finnaly personal messages, can wait send to Custom Emoticosn!

  79. Elias Israel Says:

    Since updating to beta5 today, I’m getting almost constant crashes in Adium. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

  80. Allan Says:

    @Elias yep, mine was crashing yesterday as well. Seems fine so far today though *touch wood*

  81. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    @Elias Israel: <— please report your crashes. Otherwise, they probably won’t get fixed.

  82. AdamJRed Says:

    My MSN connection has been failing since going from beta3 to beta5 with the following “Error: Error on notification server: Invalid friendly name” I reported my crash in a ticket as Evan mentioned above, but I also notice there are over 1,000, yes one THOUSAND, open tickets so I’m a little concerned. I think I’m going to have to downgrade to the previous release version so I can at least use my MSN Messenger for now.

  83. pinin Says:

    I’ve got problems with msn http connection. It doesn’t work!

  84. AdamJRed Says:

    Well I downgraded to 1.2.5 and now ICQ Doesn’t work! It says “Error: The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at” Very Frustrating! Now I’m trying to go back to beta3 because I know that works!!

  85. AdamJRed Says:

    I’m back on beta3 and MSN is now working correctly but the ICQ error is still there.

  86. Alexander Simonov Says:

    After updating to 10.5.4 I cannot connect to ICQ. It Says “Error: The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at

  87. Phil Says:

    I got Adium 1.2.5 and Mac OS X 10.5.4 since several days. But today since 5 PM I’m not able to connect to ICQ getting an error like: “The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at“….Upgraded to 1.3.b5 and am still not able to login :(
    ICQ Servers crashed? ICQ Protocol changed?

  88. Requilence Says:

    OS X 10.5.3 or 10.5.4 -no matter . it is merely a coincidence ( 10.5.4 OUT ) . I have 10.5.3 and the same error. Other ICQ clients normally works. I think developers won’t force us to wait

  89. fiona Says:

    OS X 10.4.11 with Adium 1.2.5 and the same problem since 6PM. Other ICQ client is working…..what is this all about???

  90. power_slave Says:

    same here, icq is outdated. i think that ICQ have changed something this night…

  91. Geoffrey Says:

    404 error when trying to download from beta page for b6.

  92. Costa Rica Says:

    Hi there!

    Adium people, I think this “The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at“….” problem is somehow related to Adium only, and as far as I know it’s only you who could help us to solve it. I guess it could be some kind of a bug or a virus or something like this… Just an opinion… Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  93. Costa Rica Says:

    Thanks guys! Well done! Everything works fine now! :)

  94. lynn Says:

    Facebook isn’t working at all for me. It just hangs there trying to connect. Hope they fix this up, it’s major league cool.

  95. Heike Says:

    I had the same issue “The client version you are using is too old. Please upgrade at” running Adium X 1.2.5 on Mac OS X 10.5.4. With the new update to Adium version X 1.2.6 everything works fine again :-) . Thanks a lot!!!

  96. timas Says:

    In the version 1.3b6 also still have problems with the display and editing user information… :(

  97. Max Says:

    Are some of the fancy features like search and drag and drop ever going to get incorporated with contact and group bubbles.

  98. wejensen Says:

    I’m having problems with disconnects in 1.3b6 which are sufficiently annoying to others that I need to discontinue its use. (I have filed a ticket regarding this.) Can someone tell me if there is a way to simply download an earlier beta version of Adium? I’d rather avoid setting up a complete Adium development environment to accomplish this. Some of my colleagues have switched to other clients out of necessity but this is really not appealing to me. Call me lazy, but I am not keen on trying to set up my 8 accounts in a new client which I do not intend to stay with.

  99. ktml Says:

    Finally! MSN personally message! I love you guys *HUG* THANKS!

  100. Paul Says:

    There’s still alot of memory leak issue. i couldn’t pin point them but it once uses 200+mb of physical memory after running for a few hours. i’m using beta 7 btw

  101. JR Rozko Says:

    I am running 1.3b9. Did the new facebook break FB chat again?

  102. Simon Says:

    I’m with JR Rozko. It seems the Facebook chat integration with Adium stopped working when they switched over to the redesigned Facebook website.

  103. Nate Says:

    @JR Rozko I’m using Beta 1.3b9, and couldn’t log into facebook chat until I disenabled the new facebook.

  104. franky Says:

    some problem in the last day with facebook… somebody has a response?
    the problem born with the new facebook’s interface…

    i hope the problem will solving


  105. Alon Says:

    i think you guys should add Tokbox intergration of some sort it would be really handy!

  106. Kerri Says:

    I am STILL having troubles with my AIM account not switching to “away” when I set a status message. This is really getting annoying. Everything was working fine until the problem started this morning. Thought downloading the beta might fix it, but it didn’t. Any other suggestions? Is anyone else having the same problem?

  107. Sean Says:

    Leopard 10.5.4 Adium 1.3
    STILL not able to connect to MSN, whats going on? Is there a fix for this? No-one wants to use any microsoft product, so is there a fix for this?

  108. Norm Works Says:

    mobile os version ?

  109. Kerri Says:

    My AIM still isn’t setting away when I tell it to. All of a sudden, my MSN won’t connect. This program is really pissing me off.

  110. ina Says:

    I do have a problem: I don’t get the messages if someone writes me when I am offline. Normally, when I come back online I get them, but with the latest version 1.3.1; I don’t!
    Could someone help me?

  111. Ivan Says:

    Will it be possible to set up growl notifications if someone does start typing to me? Such notification lacks among others now. Thank you!