Adium 1.3: What is the air speed velocity of a flying duck?

I’m happy to announce Adium 1.3, a major release seven months in the making. This release improves almost every aspect of Adium, ranging from performance and memory to Facebook chat support, and from user interface polish to much improved MSN support with personal messages (finally!). A brand new, gorgeous Contact Inspector brings together all a contact’s information in one place – coalescing combined contacts’ information and accessing your Apple Address Book to give you at-a-glance information, and intuitive live searching in the Standard Contact List makes it a snap to find your friends. Check out the full list of changes: 261 fixed tickets in all.

The Adium development community also saw some changes with this release, welcoming new contributors and developers as well as returning team members. If you’d like to get involved, check out our Contributing to Adium page or drop by our Adium IRC Chat to see how you can help out. We’re a fun community, and working on Adium is a great learning experience with many challenges for beginners and experienced developers alike.

We greatly appreciate the wide array of web services and support donated by NetworkRedux, and the servers and bandwidth provided by our download host CacheFly, which handle the inevitable Slashdot and Digg load spikes without the slightest trouble.

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134 Responses to “Adium 1.3: What is the air speed velocity of a flying duck?”

  1. Josh Says:

    Werhoo, awesome! So now that bebo has IM on it’s site… can I ask you guys a favour…

  2. Alphab Says:


  3. monkeyman767 Says:

    You guys are great, I think i can safely say the whole lot of you are some fantastic programmers and everyone here appreciates what you do for us. I also have to say I actually burst out laughing when I saw the “Contact list glows in the dark” in the changelog, thanks guys :D

  4. Scott Says:

    I was just checking the website earlier today wondering when this would be getting pushed out.

    Thank you all for your work!

  5. impiaaa Says:

    I noticed in the 1.3 betas that whenever adium was asked to quit, it would “unexpectedly exit.” Has this been fixed in the “stable” release?

  6. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    @impiaaa: I don’t believe we had any reports of this; please file a Trac ticket if you’re still experiencing it in Adium 1.3 final.

  7. oththo Says:

    by far the best messenger.. mmm but no video and sound.. well I wait.. take your time :)

  8. Joshua Ochs Says:

    I can understand no A/V (it was never planned for this release), but how about a quick post updating us on the progress? Even if there’s been none (which would be sad) it has been 10 months since the last update. Pretty please?

  9. Julian Pearce Says:

    As the above posters have mentioned. Could we please get something on Audio/Video support? It’s the only thing in my mind which is missing from this AMAZING chat program. Oh and shout out to everyone who helped to bring out 1.3.

  10. tyler Says:

    thank you for giving me a alternative to messenger : mac

  11. Jessica Says:

    why can’t the users profile just show when you get info. i’m not interested in the address book window when clicking get info

  12. Melvin Says:

    Congrats! Just installed 1.3. Hope to see many improvements. And let’s not wait to long with the next release. Always hungry for Adium goodies ;)

  13. shabooty Says:


  14. Kahlil Robinson Says:

    So exciting! But there’s one thing I’m curious about……the newest libpurple has MSNP15 support, so why include msn-pecan?

  15. Rob Snow Says:

    Thanks for the FaceBook addition. Very useful.
    Big issue is that all my MSN contacts disappeared on my list.
    They only reappear when I add them as a new contact?

    Anyway to restore them?

  16. amigal Says:

    Adium crushes everytime, and i may it run only once
    iMac, 10.5.4
    Very bad! And i don’t find version 1.2.7 to install!!!!

  17. amigal Says:

    >why can’t the users profile just show when you get info. i’m not interested in the address book window when clicking get info

    I don’t use adress book and I’m not interested it

  18. blasha Says:

    would u make a symbian version of this for s60v3 mobile phones? or for the iPhone even?

  19. Johannes Says:

    I have the same problem as impiaaa and amigal. The 1.3 betas crashed every time i tried to start them and, unfortunately, so does the final. I can’t get it running.

  20. Johannes Says:

    (trying to report it to Trac, but i get internal server error)

  21. kurt Says:

    adium is crashing immediately when I run it, is anyone else having this problem?

  22. Nils Breunese Says:

    I upgraded to Adium 1.3 today, but it started eating 100% CPU. Wanted to file a bug report, but Trac is giving me a 500 error.

  23. Schnick_Schnack Says:

    What the air speed velocity of a flying duck is?

    Max. 110 km/h !


  24. Max Says:

    Sooo, 1.3 seems to have broken msn for me. It worked upto the last beta, now it wont sign in. Any ideas?

  25. Robby Says:

    Guys, remember the blog is not a support place. Move over here: Thanks!

  26. dehruale Says:

    ICQ: x-statuses – when???

  27. Johannes Says:

    Bug reported:

  28. MeneerDuck Says:

    Well done! :)

  29. MySchizoBuddy Says:

    Working fine for me, no crashes no cpu overload.
    i compiled adium from the 1.3 branch

  30. Peter Binderup Says:

    Crash and burn here also

    However when I disable my MSN account (over http due to Firewall) all is fine – looks to me like a MSN problem

  31. Meg Says:

    >why can’t the users profile just show when you get info. i’m not interested in the address book window when clicking get info

    I don’t need wish to see the address book either.

    [[also, when updating, it switched back to my old profile, as well as my old icon.]]

  32. Max Says:

    I Re-added my msn account and it all seems to work fine now. 1.3 doesnt seem to bad, Nice to see a program spend time in beta and get the fixes it needs for once.

  33. Leon Says:

    1.3 will crash when msn account sign in. Since 1.3b12.

  34. Peter Binderup Says:

    I’m now home on my own network and when I don’t use http connection in MSN I have no problem with crashes – if I put it back on boom

  35. Sema Says:

    I was wondering, when I right click on a buddy on the contact list and say “Get Info” a window opens and the second tab is the Apple Address Book icon. If I click that, it has a blank area for notes, then under it a button that says “Choose Address Book Card” what does this do? every time I click on it it shows me all the names of people in my address book. When I click on choose card, what is it doing?

    Thank you,

    this is a real nice update, I have this habit of installing Adium on all my friends computer, once they use it, they can’t go back to the other IM apps they used, thank you!!!

  36. Sean Says:

    Thank you for finally adding personal messages to MSN! I made a long-overdue donation to the project :)

  37. Rafael Fischmann Says:

    Can’t use it, had to go back to 1.2.7. Freezes and crashes on startup.

  38. orz Says:

    Did the “show online contacts count” or whatever it was named feature get removed? I cant see it anymore :/

  39. Sexybiggetje Says:

    I’m having the same problem. For now it appears that creating a new profile is a work around.
    To remove (and backup) your old profile clean ~/Library/Application Support/ and ~/Library/Preferences/com.adium.plist , next time adium starts it should have no profile and ask you to import data.
    You now have a running adium 1.3 final.

  40. Chris H Says:

    This is a fantastic release. Definitely one worth getting :D
    This App has everything you could need apart from A/ soon as that comes out, I would say you guys have the best app ever! Roll on 1.4/2.0 (A/V)

  41. Olly Says:

    40 comments and no “African or European duck?” For shame…

    Congrats on the release. I’ve been using it all through beta and it’s been rock solid for me for a while now.

  42. Thomas Wittek Says:

    Hm, am I the only one who get’s login-errors on Facebook all the time when logged in with Adium?

  43. Thomas Says:

    What happened to MSN display pictures???

  44. Emiliano Says:

    Not working. Freezes and crashes on startup.

  45. TM Says:

    I can’t find where to enter a personal message.
    Also, all MSN contact icons disappeared.

  46. Margaret Says:

    When I start chatting to someone, nothing shows up. Only in the chat logs.

  47. Dean Says:

    I just got the latest adium update, and now my emoticons are showing up all goofy. For instance when I’m talking to someone on yahoo, it’s using the msn emoticons, and visa versa. Anyone else having this problem?

  48. Ghosttoaster Says:

    Everything was working good yesterday, but now I’m getting the same problem as Margaret. Nothing shows up in the chat window.

  49. kelvin Says:

    Intermittently crashing for me also (about every 10 minutes of using it)

  50. Chris Says:

    I’m experiencing crashes on start like a few other people here.

    Any way you guys could maintain links to the previous version on your website for people in my position? It’d be a whole lot cooler if you did. :-)

  51. kelvin Says:

    Here is where you can get the previous version while the issues with this release are being worked on:

    PS – this version’s feature set is very exciting. I can’t wait till its a bit more stable! Good work Adium developers.

  52. Skrilla242 Says:

    To the person who said this ”

    Thomas Wittek Says:
    August 26th, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Hm, am I the only one who get’s login-errors on Facebook all the time when logged in with Adium?”

    I get the same problem. It appears if you are logged into Facebook IM via Adium, you encounter errors on and you constantly have to re-log in as you browse around the site or access your friends pages. Dual log in problem on facebook maybe???

  53. Robby Says:

    Read what the changelist says about Facebook support.

  54. Clint Says:

    Even with default (unmodified) appearance profiles in the messages the time displays as “h:mm:ss”. Perhaps there’s something that I need to clear from 1.3.11b to allow the time to render properly (or at all). Perhaps should be reopened?

  55. Selig Says:

    hi, i’m a really big fan of adium and i’d choose it over any mac messenger. but i was just wonder if you guys would be able to make it similar to the normal windows msn where users can chat while appearing offline, as well as saving custom icons. thanks, i really appreciate the effort the adium team puts in for new updates.

  56. jongrah Says:

    why the hell all the contacts in the icq contact list got back to their original aliases (that is the ones each user specifies in his “about” info)?????
    i had renamed bunch of them in order to better understand who is who, and had no problems with it until 1.3!!
    getting back to 1.2.7…. :(

  57. phi Says:

    Clint: I was having the same problem after upgrading from 1.3b11, but changing the timestamp format in preferences -> advanced -> messages fixed the problem.

  58. Clint Says:

    phi: quite right. That fixed it. Thanks!

  59. Praetorian Says:

    I hate this release so far. First thing I noticed was my contacts were all renamed to their default name. So I had to change them one by one (I also got same problem as few people here – when I click on user and Get Info, address book tab appears instead of user info tab). Then I realized that duck in the dock keeps waving its wings when message comes. Even if my message window is active. It just waves all the time, no matter what I’m doing. It is really annoying. I had to change the duck from my favourite default blue to some downloaded xtra one. I use invisible mode so I don’t know if it does this for example in online status too. FIX WOULD BE NICE! Thank you. (I got the latest MacBook with MacOS 10.5.4)

  60. Frank Says:

    Looks nice but destroyed most of my alias. Many of my contacts were renamed, now I see the “real” names again and sometimes don’t even know who they are…

  61. Robby Says:

    I believe all the issues mentioned here so far are being worked on for the next (regression-fixing) release. Comments on blog post are a difficult way of communicating, please visit us on the forums if you can’t find your issues filed in the Trac database or being answered in the documentation. :)

  62. Qayin Says:

    First of all – THE GREATEST IM EVER!! Thnx soooo much!!
    2nd – my english is poor that’s why…
    3th – i m not really familiar with bug reporting so…
    4th – somebeody can do it for me
    5th – the problem is there is a bug according to combined contacts – i have combined contacts and in VIEW tab I have SHOW CERTAIN CONTACTS (i mean it should show, so its typed there ‘hide certain contacts, cause i want to see them all) – the problem is when adium starts all combined contacts dont appear – i must go to VIEW press HIDE CERTAIN CONTACTS and then SHOW again and then all combined contacts appear-cool feature by the way – and i love that form contact list i may choos what IM i want to use – GREAT!!


  63. Wil Says:

    Hey guys! Great job. My wife now though wants to be able to turn off the sounds/set different sounds for different protocols! Mostly she thought she wanted facebookIM and well the sound of so many people coming and going drove her to turn it back off!

    Anyway, thoughts for a plugin eh? Thanks!

  64. Frederik Says:

    Wonderful release guys, keep up the good work !

  65. CHOP Says:

    Sad, sad, sad, i can’t believe…..
    I like so much adium, but i got to use a 1.2 verision cuz a lot of people chat offline.
    I hope the 1.4 or adium 2 kick ass…

  66. eugene Says:

    i wasn’t sure where to submit this comment, so i thought i’d put it here. i’d like to request an option not to have the auto search appear in the contact list. i find that it actually is worse from a ux perspective. in the past i could click on the list, and start typing and it would *automatically* bring me to the name in the list i wanted. the way it works now, i have to select the name i want from the list that appears, which requires me to at least hit the down arrow at least once if not more times. i prefer the way it used to work.

  67. Imansyah™ Says:

    As a response to #eugene’s comment, I personally think that you guys made it much better now. Thanks for all the hardwork.. :-)

  68. victor Says:

    mala versión, aunque es rápida.
    los iconos de msn se me borraron, no puedo redimensionar mi buddy list como la tenía antes
    qué hago?

  69. Rob Snow Says:

    View>Hide All Contacts / Show All Contacts
    Well, if you have all your contacts visible and then quit ad start again. Your contacts (or some) become invisible and even though the menu item says Hide Some Conacts it in fact shows them all. That is a bug I believe. Plus it doesn’t remember the setting.

  70. damien Says:

    After the recent update (1.3) this afternoon, I noticed that I immediately have audio problems. Let me try to explain this the best I can. Music from iTune is not affected, nor is the audio from online YouTube videos. The audio component that I am having problem with is the sound from video games. For example, there is no longer any sound (not the music component, but the chomping sound) from Pac The Man X game and there is a terrible feedback from the “ping” sound when playing Yahoo games such as poker or blackjack. I tried to report this on the Adium website, but I kept getting “500 – Internal Error” every time I clicked on the link to bug reporting. I hope someone sees this message because this is the only place I could leave comment on the latest update. Other than this, great job on everything! :)

  71. -Frantz987- Says:

    Complimts for yours works! adium is the best mac program for chat! msn:mac is worse!
    the 1.3 version is the best version for the utilyty but it have some problems!! it often chrashs!! whene you stabilize this versions??

  72. Matt Herzberger Says:

    I was using the Facebook chat account and I was not able to stay logged into Facebook for more than a few clicks and I would be logged out. I disabled the FB in adium account and the problem went away so that leads me to believe they are related.

  73. Alien88 Says:

    Matt, Read the version history regarding facebook.

  74. Jordan Says:

    9 out of the 10 times that I start Adium, my MSN account gets to “Starting authentication (50%)” and halts. I have to disable and re-enable it about 5 times before it actually goes through and signs in. This is a huge pain, I wish people would take MSN support more seriously – Alot of people use it, and would like a fast, working alternative to the hell that is the m$ implementation of the MSN Messenger client for OS X.

    Please fix, thank you.

  75. Eirik No Says:

    On a PowerBook G4 and Leo. The install worked grate. have 2 MSN and 1 iChat account.
    But the contact list does not update right. Offline users will stay in the list and new online users dont show up in the list.
    If I go to menu view/Show Certain contacts – Show All Contacts and turn it on or off the list does update.
    Reason Online users that went offline, goes away from the list and new online users are shown in the list.
    I did not have a problem with this in Adium before I upgrade to the version.

    Hope there is a simple fix for it.


  76. WS Says:

    Booo.. It sounds nice if you can get it working..

    Since the update, mine crashes on startup. I’m using an older G5 dual ppc. Leopard (10.5.4)

  77. luis Says:

    Sorry to come and whine in your announcement blog, but I just have to report a problem that 1.3 has created.

    I have a contact on Yahoo! IM who has their client configured to always show as offline. I have the “Always show this contact” checkbox ticked for this contact, because I talk to this person often. However, Adium 1.3 makes this a lot more awkward in the following two ways:

    1. I have Adium configured to log chat messages and to show 20 recent messages whenever I open a chat window. However, when I open my chat window for this contact, or when the contact sends me a message that opens a chat window, the scroll bar position is at the top of the chat transcript, not at the bottom where new messages appear.

    2. When I first try to send a message in a newly opened chat window for this contact, I get a pop-up message saying that the contact is offline, and asking me to select whether to send the message now, send when both online, or not send it. Subsequent messages are sent without question as long as I don’t close the messages window

    This is very clumsy. I think the behavior should be the following:

    1. Always make newly opened windows be scrolled all the way down.

    2a. If the contact is selected as “always show,” always send messages even if they appear to be offline.
    2b. Alternatively, add a checkbox option to treat a contact as always being online, regardless of apparent status.

    Congratulations for the release and thanks for the product, and here’s to many more, improved releases.

  78. Robby Says:

    We have said it many times before and we’ll say it again:
    Complaining about bugs on this blog doesn’t help.
    See if your issues have been filed already and if not, file it or perhaps even contribute a patch. That’s how you can see bugs gettings fixed.

  79. johnny0 Says:

    Nice release so far. Just donated.

    In the release notes, I was *very* excited to see

    “Multiple consecutive status messages in the message view will now only display the latest update for your account or your contact” (8904 and 8957)

    but despite changeset 23086, I’m still seeing distinct status messages for my and my contacts comings and goings.

    What am I missing? I don’t see any options in the Status pref pane…

    Regardless, great work all around, thanks again.

  80. TheoryX Says:

    I have a problem with version 1.3. I’m using Adium for chat over MSN protocol and have recently noted that my display picture is not visible for people on windows and i cannot find the source of this problem :/
    maybe can you?

  81. Phil Says:

    Love it, finally MSN works great!

  82. my name Says:


    why didn’ you help with the facebook in Pidgin but started to develop your own?

  83. Phil Says:

    Hey – don’t get me wrong – I love this program and the work you guys are doing. The problem is, because of the success of the project, others like Fire have been dropped. Now, you release a version that wipes out the program and does not work – all my contact, preferences are gone, and I can’t add any. I have no way to roll back to a previous version, because for some reason you feel obligated to hide older versions. Maybe you could at least have just the last version?

  84. richard1000 Says:


    My MSN profile picture is not being showed at my contacts. Does anyone have a clue?

  85. SK8T Says:

    Adium 1.3 is a great release! Keep up great working.

    And to some other posters: This is no place for bug reporting.

  86. Ashish Says:

    I installed Adium Version 1.3, but after installing it, It is not showing the count for the contacts which are online now…. It shows the count for all contacts in a group at right hand side. Please suggest.

  87. Matt Says:

    The trac website appears to be down, making bug reporting or any of the links to developers impossible to use (I get 500 internal server error on any link to the site). Even the link to irc points to the trac site, so can’t discuss with developers without using the trac site. D’oh. Well, the update has broken connecting to accounts. I connect to 2 msn accounts using the “Connect via HTTP” option and a proxy with username/password settings. I now get the error “Error: Error on notification server: Proxy Authentication Required” on every attempted login. I have been using the proxy set as Systemwide HTTP proxy; I have now checked not using this setting and instead using the “HTTP” setting and filling out server/port/username/password information correctly but this also doesn’t work.

  88. Phil Says:

    Yep, trac is down so hard to search for fixes. I also had the MSN connection problem after upgrading. Deleting/adding the MSN accounts fixed it for me (I do not use a proxy).

  89. troll Says:

    It would be great to support the photosharing option what the yahoo messenger is using. That’s at least the one and only feature I miss !

  90. DaRk_ViVi Says:

    Installed and using it with a MSN account. Everything is working pretty fine except a big bug: sometimes i see contacts disconnecting or not even online while actually they are online.
    The problem is showing only on Adium 1.3 (previous version was ok), tried on other computers (Windows ones :/) and are ok, so it’s an Adium problem.

  91. S Says:

    I’m also having the same problem cited above: all my MSN contacts are offline ! (which can’t be true, I had at least 40 of them online before restarting my computer…)
    Please help us !
    1.3 looked great so far, but now I can’t use it anymore !



  92. Jon Says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add video/webcam chat soon. It is a very important feature… all of the alternatives suck.

  93. beldor Says:

    I love the Spotify integration! Great work everybody!

  94. Matt Says:

    I wasn’t sure where to put this or how to get in touch with you guys about this, but the new vista client Digsby in production is ripping adium message styles without permission. See screenshots page and msg picture:

  95. Ryan Says:

    Sorry, but I couldn’t figure out where else to post this… the new beta version, 1.3.1b2, there is a very serious bug! I am using the newest Macintosh platform as well, 10.5.4 ….when on facebook chat, I submitted an IM message to a friend with no problem whatsoever, but when they submitted their reply to me, it appeared on both of us’s windows repetitively like 50 times! I logged on to Facebook’s web site to see if it was their issue, but the chat service worked fine on there, and the problem had only arisen since I had downloaded the new beta about 5 minutes earlier. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  96. Zobbit Says:

    With this new version there is some bug :
    • Crash very often
    • With some msn contacts, messages are repeat 2 to 6 times

  97. Felix Says:

    Awesome! many many thanks for all your hard work

  98. Meow Says:

    Adium 1.3 is the worst version, ever!

  99. Netanderthal Says:

    What the hell is this? A joke? When a contact is offline and I need to write some to that contact I get these 3 “options”: 1. Don’t Send 2. Send when both online 3. Send now
    OK, why the hell do I need this crap? I will downgrade ot a decent adium version or switch to something else.
    Worst version ever. What were you thinking?

  100. -Frantz987- Says:

    I have download the 3.1 version. i use a msn contact and the stability is improved, thamk you for our great work. but there is an important bug: the messages do not arrive!!
    I hope you can improve this.

  101. tox Says:

    I have still problems with 1.3.1 … I have 37 (ICQ) Contacts in v1.2.7 – in v1.3.1 only 27 contacts! that’s not normal.
    second downgrade in 2 weeks, that sucks.

  102. imrussia Says:

    Crashes if I hover over names on the contact list. It doesn’t seem to like displaying the transparent windows. Mac Pro 10.5.4

  103. Spyro Says:

    Upgraded to 1.3.1
    All my contacts are shown as empty grey boxes \o/

  104. gazik Says:

    I have multiple groups on my account.
    When i change group for a contact, it stays in the same group and appears as a new entry in the other group – it looks to me like a bug.

  105. Peter Binderup Says:

    1.3.1 still crashes with MSN over http.

  106. Petra Hall Says:

    Updated to 1.3.1 last night. Today within 30 min Adium has crashed in the background THREE times. It’s getting more and more unstable and I have no clue on how to find out how to report this bug, nor how to contact someone. The website is not very user friendly for non geeky people.

  107. Robby Says:

    Does the word “Support” (fifth tab here) ring a bell?

  108. Peter Binderup Says:


    Yes but don’t you think it’s relevant to the news/blog entry that many find the new release very buggy compared to the old version?
    Plus I have very often seen that the support area also has crashed….

  109. Robby Says:

    I was referring to “I have no clue on how to find out how to report this bug, nor how to contact someone. The website is not very user friendly for non geeky people”.

    But we know there are some regressions since 1.2.7, it’s not that uncommon for a .0 version bringing a lot of changes like 1.3 does. We had a long beta phase and most of these issues hadn’t been reported. Many more or less helpful bug reports have been filed and attended to since the release of 1.3. 1.3.1 fixes a good deal of the most severe bugs.

    Are people commenting here to warn others or what is the idea?

  110. _aaga_ Says:


    how come that with new update I see my buddy in Hungarian, it switched automatically, but my friend’s did not? Is there any preferences he should check?



    Ps.: I really- really admire your work! (and secretly can’t wait for A/V Adium)

  111. gazik Says:

    had to downgrade

    1.3.1 crashes avery 5 minutes
    plus it seem to have problem with delivering messages on msn

  112. james Says:

    running mac 10.4.11 and upgraded to 1.3.1.

    none of my accounts are coming up…not can i even re add them. but i still see my customized away messages that i created montsh ago. please help a good guy out!


  113. jefferson Says:

    hi guys…
    i have a problem…
    how can i download videos from

  114. ben Says:

    Ever since i updated to 1.3.1 i haven’t been able to connect to my msn messenger account at all! =[

  115. jefferson Says:

    hello guys…
    help me plz…

  116. Robby Says:

    jefferson, help us help you and visit our forums instead of asking for support in a blog comment.

  117. paul Says:

    Wow, this is a great update. Logs open almost instantly now, no more long waits with spinning rainbow balls. Very nice work. :)

  118. Andrew Says:

    Looks like the new facebook fixed the issue of adium logging you out of the facebook site.

  119. Gui Says:

    Still crashes. A lot. This has probably taken a lot of effort from the programmers but, I’m sorry, it still sucks.

  120. Andrew Says:

    I take back the facebook fix comment. Apparently though, if chat flat out doesn’t work through the site (not just “go offline” but “couldn’t connect to chat”) then Adium and Facebook don’t conflict.

  121. marco Says:

    hi all,

    i made a dockicon-set and submitted it to the xtras server. now it stands for about 3 days on status “Not Yet Submitted “; whats wrong!? how long does it usually takes until a xtra will be relesed to all users? and do they have any devellopers forum? ‘;)

    greetz, marco

  122. shabooty Says:

    the prob i am having is …after a while, my buddy list stops updating/sorting, yet it still says i am connected. but say if I manually disconnect from AIM and reconnect all of a sudden a new set of contacts are online as the prior wasnt updated.

    also with googletalk at least i still show up online but i do not get incoming IMs yet to the sender it looks like they went through (and the only way I know they were sent was through the gmail chat history).

  123. vladimir_dt Says:

    So I get an automatic update to my existing Adium installation, on my dual core intel chip Mac, running 10.5.4, and I get the little download window that pops up and it starts my download, but get to a certain point, around 280K or so, and FAILS!… So I go to the site, and fire up firefox, and download the newest version, and it starts up and I get to about 280K or so and it FAILS! So, someone in charge of that section of this realease want to take a look at the php or whatever and fix it? Pretty Please?.. I’d send sugar with that, but its bad for your health… :-)

    I expect this release is as good as everyone says it is, but until I can get it, no kudo’s from ME… :-)

    thanks y’all…


  124. Erik Says:

    Since the new version my MSN profile picture isn’t changing when I change it in Adium X.

  125. p_dccd Says:

    Adium won’t receive ICQ messages when offline , when i connected thru official ICQ client everything is fine.

  126. Rob Snow Says:

    The FaceBook feature seems to log in now, and shows other people logins, but basically doesn’t seem to activate the chat anymore.
    I try chatting via Adium and no response. If I go to the website it has a list of responses from the chat pal, and not in Adium.
    Does anyone else have this issue?


  127. Stephen Says:

    @Rob – I am having the same problem. I cannot receive response messages through Facebook Chat. In fact, I am not shown as online to my friends when logged in through Adium.

  128. Rob Snow Says:

    The funny thing is, that if you have the browser open as well, the typed message from adium appears in the FaceBook browser pop-up, but any reply only comes in the browser window.

  129. TLee Says:

    Gotta say, the little pop up when trying to chat w/seemingly offline users is tremendously annoying. There HAS to be a way to turn this off. Tt even moves the window when it pops up, too! Everything else is great, but seriously, it didn’t used to do this, and it’s ridiculous.

  130. Rob Snow Says:

    Facebook is working now, MSN no!!

  131. jeremy Says:

    how can i see the msn personal message of all my contacts in the contact list?
    because if i want to see personal message now, i have to get info of each contact, or stay few seconds with my mouse on the contact name…

  132. jeremy Says:

    ok, i found it ! (Appearance, list layout, customize, show status)

  133. Serhiy Says:

    When is it possible to expect Ukrainian localization?

  134. MarkusW Says:

    How could I join the Adium IRC Talk if Adium doesn’t support IRC?