Adium 1.3: What is the air speed velocity of a flying duck?

I’m happy to announce Adium 1.3, a major release seven months in the making. This release improves almost every aspect of Adium, ranging from performance and memory to Facebook chat support, and from user interface polish to much improved MSN support with personal messages (finally!). A brand new, gorgeous Contact Inspector brings together all a contact’s information in one place – coalescing combined contacts’ information and accessing your Apple Address Book to give you at-a-glance information, and intuitive live searching in the Standard Contact List makes it a snap to find your friends. Check out the full list of changes: 261 fixed tickets in all.

The Adium development community also saw some changes with this release, welcoming new contributors and developers as well as returning team members. If you’d like to get involved, check out our Contributing to Adium page or drop by our Adium IRC Chat to see how you can help out. We’re a fun community, and working on Adium is a great learning experience with many challenges for beginners and experienced developers alike.

We greatly appreciate the wide array of web services and support donated by NetworkRedux, and the servers and bandwidth provided by our download host CacheFly, which handle the inevitable Slashdot and Digg load spikes without the slightest trouble.


  1. I have still problems with 1.3.1 … I have 37 (ICQ) Contacts in v1.2.7 – in v1.3.1 only 27 contacts! that’s not normal.
    second downgrade in 2 weeks, that sucks.

  2. Crashes if I hover over names on the contact list. It doesn’t seem to like displaying the transparent windows. Mac Pro 10.5.4

  3. Upgraded to 1.3.1
    All my contacts are shown as empty grey boxes \o/

  4. I have multiple groups on my account.
    When i change group for a contact, it stays in the same group and appears as a new entry in the other group – it looks to me like a bug.

  5. 1.3.1 still crashes with MSN over http.

  6. Updated to 1.3.1 last night. Today within 30 min Adium has crashed in the background THREE times. It’s getting more and more unstable and I have no clue on how to find out how to report this bug, nor how to contact someone. The website is not very user friendly for non geeky people.

  7. Does the word “Support” (fifth tab here) ring a bell?

  8. Robby:

    Yes but don’t you think it’s relevant to the news/blog entry that many find the new release very buggy compared to the old version?
    Plus I have very often seen that the support area also has crashed….

  9. I was referring to “I have no clue on how to find out how to report this bug, nor how to contact someone. The website is not very user friendly for non geeky people”.

    But we know there are some regressions since 1.2.7, it’s not that uncommon for a .0 version bringing a lot of changes like 1.3 does. We had a long beta phase and most of these issues hadn’t been reported. Many more or less helpful bug reports have been filed and attended to since the release of 1.3. 1.3.1 fixes a good deal of the most severe bugs.

    Are people commenting here to warn others or what is the idea?

  10. Hi,

    how come that with new update I see my buddy in Hungarian, it switched automatically, but my friend’s did not? Is there any preferences he should check?



    Ps.: I really- really admire your work! (and secretly can’t wait for A/V Adium)

  11. had to downgrade

    1.3.1 crashes avery 5 minutes
    plus it seem to have problem with delivering messages on msn

  12. running mac 10.4.11 and upgraded to 1.3.1.

    none of my accounts are coming up…not can i even re add them. but i still see my customized away messages that i created montsh ago. please help a good guy out!


  13. hi guys…
    i have a problem…
    how can i download videos from

  14. Ever since i updated to 1.3.1 i haven’t been able to connect to my msn messenger account at all! =[

  15. hello guys…
    help me plz…

  16. jefferson, help us help you and visit our forums instead of asking for support in a blog comment.

  17. Wow, this is a great update. Logs open almost instantly now, no more long waits with spinning rainbow balls. Very nice work. 🙂

  18. Looks like the new facebook fixed the issue of adium logging you out of the facebook site.

  19. Still crashes. A lot. This has probably taken a lot of effort from the programmers but, I’m sorry, it still sucks.

  20. I take back the facebook fix comment. Apparently though, if chat flat out doesn’t work through the site (not just “go offline” but “couldn’t connect to chat”) then Adium and Facebook don’t conflict.

  21. hi all,

    i made a dockicon-set and submitted it to the xtras server. now it stands for about 3 days on status “Not Yet Submitted “; whats wrong!? how long does it usually takes until a xtra will be relesed to all users? and do they have any devellopers forum? ‘;)

    greetz, marco

  22. the prob i am having is …after a while, my buddy list stops updating/sorting, yet it still says i am connected. but say if I manually disconnect from AIM and reconnect all of a sudden a new set of contacts are online as the prior wasnt updated.

    also with googletalk at least i still show up online but i do not get incoming IMs yet to the sender it looks like they went through (and the only way I know they were sent was through the gmail chat history).

  23. So I get an automatic update to my existing Adium installation, on my dual core intel chip Mac, running 10.5.4, and I get the little download window that pops up and it starts my download, but get to a certain point, around 280K or so, and FAILS!… So I go to the site, and fire up firefox, and download the newest version, and it starts up and I get to about 280K or so and it FAILS! So, someone in charge of that section of this realease want to take a look at the php or whatever and fix it? Pretty Please?.. I’d send sugar with that, but its bad for your health… 🙂

    I expect this release is as good as everyone says it is, but until I can get it, no kudo’s from ME… 🙂

    thanks y’all…


  24. Since the new version my MSN profile picture isn’t changing when I change it in Adium X.

  25. Adium won’t receive ICQ messages when offline , when i connected thru official ICQ client everything is fine.

  26. The FaceBook feature seems to log in now, and shows other people logins, but basically doesn’t seem to activate the chat anymore.
    I try chatting via Adium and no response. If I go to the website it has a list of responses from the chat pal, and not in Adium.
    Does anyone else have this issue?


  27. @Rob – I am having the same problem. I cannot receive response messages through Facebook Chat. In fact, I am not shown as online to my friends when logged in through Adium.

  28. The funny thing is, that if you have the browser open as well, the typed message from adium appears in the FaceBook browser pop-up, but any reply only comes in the browser window.

  29. Gotta say, the little pop up when trying to chat w/seemingly offline users is tremendously annoying. There HAS to be a way to turn this off. Tt even moves the window when it pops up, too! Everything else is great, but seriously, it didn’t used to do this, and it’s ridiculous.

  30. Facebook is working now, MSN no!!

  31. how can i see the msn personal message of all my contacts in the contact list?
    because if i want to see personal message now, i have to get info of each contact, or stay few seconds with my mouse on the contact name…

  32. ok, i found it ! (Appearance, list layout, customize, show status)

  33. When is it possible to expect Ukrainian localization?

  34. How could I join the Adium IRC Talk if Adium doesn’t support IRC?

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