Adium in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is running an article entitled “Making IM Services Play Well Together” that features a review of Adium and other applications that allow you to use multiple IM accounts simultaneously.

Adium,, wins points for cuteness. The downloaded program is represented by a goofy, green duck, which plops itself in the Mac operating system dock and closes its eyes when not in use. When new messages are received via Adium, this duck flaps its wings until you open the message. The Adium user interface incorporates sleek visuals, such as status windows that gracefully float above user names whenever a cursor moves over these names.

Thanks, Katherine!


  1. They didn’t mention that Adium supports Lotus Sametime, which is important if your company uses Lotus Notes. Also interesting they didn’t mention Pidgin for Windows and Linux. That’s what I use on my Windows desktop at work.

  2. When you say ‘interesting’, you mean ‘ignorant’ ?

  3. The article felt a bit thrown-together, and barely-researched. Not only did it have a handful of factual errors, but it ignored a lot of the security concerns related to something like Digsby requiring a central password store for all of your account information, and a lot of the different problems with each of the clients. Rating Digsby up top is an amusing leap by any regard, especially while ignoring the mature and prevalents like Pidgin.

  4. You guys deserved it all the way. Adium X just blows all the other IM clients away, as are some things still on the road to keep the competition far behind. But still, you rock the boat!

  5. This is probably not the area I’m supposed to post this in, but it’s a suggestion about something that has been bothering me since I started using adium around 2 years ago.

    With AOL Instant Messenger is was SOOoo easy to customize fonts, font colors, and sizes.
    Why is it so much more complicated with adium? I mean I know how to do it.. but I used to be able to do pretty creative stuff with fonts on AIM that I find much more time consuming now with adium. I miss being able to easily be creative with my fonts. font size on my outgoing messages are never the same sizes on PCs, if my font is 12 on my comp, it looks like 14 on PCs

    i couldnt ask for anything more from adium except for these font differences..

    sorry again about posting it here, i just wanted to get that off my chest!


  6. @jessica, the font size thingy, well, its basically because winblows and osx render fonts differently, and if you look at the same font on both systems, you’ll see the windows one look bigger

  7. Latest version is the most crashy version ive used

  8. no matter how many revisions or how great of a word it gets in any newspaper, i will never use it as long as it keeps a butchered MSN Messenger included. Basic web messengers for MSN perform better than this terrible application.

  9. I don´t think Adium is a terrible application, if Adium would be a terrible app, i don´t think it can be so successful like it is today!

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