Welcome to Ryan!

On behalf of the Adium team, I’d like to welcome Ryan Govostes, our newest developer, to the project. No longer must I sleep with the light on, shivering in terror at PPC disassembly. Ryan has been contributing to the project for several years, contributing both code and expertise, and I’m personally thrilled to have him on board.

Mazel tov, Ryan 🙂


  1. Welcome, Ryan, it’s great to have you on board! 🙂

  2. Hey Ryan welcome aboard! I hope that we can finally get this file transfer bug, and cam support figured out! Oh, that’s just me being facetious!

  3. Hope to see some great work from you, Ryan! We’re all waiting for the 1.3 release 😀

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  5. Oops, I missed this on Monday. Thanks for the welcome, Evan, and I’m glad to be aboard!

  6. Thanks to the entire Adium team for a stellar piece of messaging software!

  7. Ryan, Thanks for your good work! Congratulations for joining this great Team and Welcome tho you’re already longer on Board!

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