Yahoo! disconnections and authorization errors

Updated 2008-09-23

We’ve now put out a beta of 1.3.2. This beta contains a new version of Libpurple that we believe fixes the Yahoo! disconnection problem. Please try it out and let us know on the Trac ticket whether it solves the problem for you.

The original post follows.

Four days ago, many of our users started getting disconnected from Yahoo! after several hours. The disconnection comes in the form of an authorization error, so Adium responds by presenting a password prompt:


This is not new in 1.3.1: We released 1.3.1 on September 7th, so it was working fine for nearly two weeks before the problems started. It’s not specific to Adium: Pidgin users are reporting the same problems. Our users are reporting that the official Yahoo! Messenger client does not get disconnected, so it seems to be a fault in Libpurple, the library that Pidgin and Adium both use.

Furthermore, we stress that Adium has not forgotten your password. As shown above, Adium fills in your old password. This is so that, if the error is spurious (as in this case), you can just hit OK. This is not a security risk, as you can’t cut or copy from the password field:


What can you do? Just hit OK. The periodic disconnections are a hassle, but you should still be able to chat.

Meanwhile, we and the Libpurple developers are still investigating the specific cause of the problem, so we know who needs to fix what.

What we need from you is information. Here are the things we already know:

  • You’ll get disconnected after about six to eight hours (sometimes more, sometimes less).
  • If you use the official Yahoo! Messenger, you won’t get disconnected.
  • If you use Pidgin, you will get disconnected.
  • If you use Finch, you will get disconnected.
  • It will ask for your password, even if you have it saved in the Keychain.
  • It does not forget your password. (You can tell because it’s filled in in the password prompt. If Adium had forgotten your password, it wouldn’t be filled in.)

We know that a lot of you are experiencing problems. Please don’t leave a comment just to say “me too”. We already know about the problem; its existence is not in question, so we don’t need more evidence that it exists.

Here are the things we do need to know:

  • Debug Window output. We have some, but more is always better.
  • Whether any other clients have the same problem. If you use a client that isn’t based on Libpurple, and either have or don’t have the problem in that client, we could really use that information. The Pidgin developers have a list of clients that use Libpurple.

Please do not post this information as a comment on this post—we will ignore it. Please post it on our ticket instead.

With your help, we hope to have this problem resolved soon.

(Co-written with Project Manager Eric Richie.)


  1. No helpful info here, just letting you know that, as blog postings go, this was was pretty awesome. I rate it highly based on content, content density (high!), usefulness, etc. Congrats!

  2. I just installed the 1.3.2 beta. When Adium restarted, all default settings had been restored, all my accounts had been forgotten, and all my logs were deleted. It seems that it continues to reset itself every time I quit and restart too…

  3. Software is very very good!!!
    I like it this beta.
    There are also offline messages!!!

    But I’ve got a problem.
    When I connect my yahoo account, software ask me to autorize every person (account) one by one.
    Is it normal?

  4. Y!M seems to operate just fine. MSN, however, has issues… it keeps giving me contacts are are on my list but are not synced on the server list, and asks me if I would like them added to the server list… one by one. This rarely does any good as it eventually repeats the same process over and over. Sometimes MSN contacts will appear (very few at that) and sometimes none will appear in my list. This was not an issue before the current beta release.

  5. the new beta version disconnects and reconects a lot . doesnt work on my mbp with leopard. Past conversations and old messages arrive and then disconects.

  6. Every time I close this it completely resets the program back to the defaults, ie. ANNOYING.

  7. Installed the new beta – I’m still getting disconnected though after a few hours just like before.

  8. i get annoying alertboxes with error 205. got this message 3 times since i updated 3 hours ago! :/

  9. I as well am getting 205 errors with MSN on the beta.

    However, the Yahoo issue seems to be resolved.

  10. OK – so I found a workaround for the 205 errors.

    If you install Messenger for Mac and log in using it, go to the privacy settings and *remove* from your block list (move it to your allow list) and then delete it from your allow list.

    At least, it worked for me…

  11. Just installed the Beta, I only use MSN, and the beta was barely working : no contacts displayed or a only a handful, messages can’t reach them. Unusable, I had to downgrade to 1.3.1 (running OS 10.5.5).

  12. With the latest stable release I can see personal messages on MSN, but with this beta I don’t; I know you switched back to libpurple (no msnpecan anymore) but AFAIK libpurple 2.5.0 does support personal messages.

  13. Still tooooooo slow file transfer rates (3kbs). Great software though..

  14. I have a log for the 1.3.1 Yahoo disconnect but I can’t seem to figure out how to post it to the ticket. I don’t see any post options. I just installed the 1.3.2b so I will see how it goes now. I don’t think this problem started with the install of 1.3.1 – it was actually a unconnected event which makes me think something changed with Yahoo, not the software on my computer.

  15. keep getting discond on msn w/ the new beta

  16. I don’t have Yahoo, but I’m in Spain with (uncoded) WLAN and since then I almost never can log in with ICQ and MSN. Why is this? It’s been for 2 weeks now..

  17. Hey I love Adium. Can you please try to fix so we can recieve offline messages like the Live Messenger does it?

  18. Hi all.

    Big problems in this version.

    Crash after connect two messenger account.

    don ‘t show all users online, if i restart adium i see more users….

    I am back to last stable version.


  19. still yahoo disconnects on my machine, sometimes it connects to Yahoo IM, but most of the times it wont connect

    using 1.3b2 Leopard 10.5.5


    i am getting the above error

  21. so glad to see this issue addressed – it was driving me crazy. Now that I know it has been addressed, I’ll just wait until the new release.

  22. I have been getting this disconnect, too. I have looked on the web, and people with the normal Yahoo messenger look like they’re getting the same thing. It just disconnects like you describe above, and then it requires you to click OK. It’s aggravating, but not unbearable. Still, I think this might be Yahoo, because a lot of people are getting this message. Not just Mac uses with Adium.


  23. Install the update and msn kept getting disconnected. As well as, adium keep showing up offline messages from eons ago.

    It’s so bad. i’m downgrading back to 1.3.1 =/

  24. If i knew where to get 1.3.1, i would certainly downgrade, too… 1.3.2 was connecting Yahoo intermittently, then disconnecting it randomly, now Yahoo won’t connect at all.

  25. had 1.3.1 yahoo messenger dnt work now got 1.3.2 yahoo messenger still not working….??????????

  26. I haven’t upgraded anything – neither adium (which is 1.3.2) or my OS – and yesterday it stopped connecting with yahoo completely. I can connect to yahoo fine using messenger. I tried to find troubleshooting tips, but the support link leads to an internal error.

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