Adium 1.3.2

Adium 1.3.2 is out. As a big fan of being terse, you can take a look at the version history for the full set of changes.


  1. I think that lots of msn users will be charmed by this version. 😉

  2. MSN error 205 is still present, unfortunately. Is a solution for this annoying problem in sight?

  3. Hi,

    congratulations for this relase, it really rock for the MSN protocol, but personally i got an annoying problem that always when i connect with my MSN account, IT ALWAYS SHOW ME an alert that a contact isn’t present into my contact list (i know that i deleted this contact in another client before) but i hadn’t found an option that ask me if this type of messages mst be shown or not when i connect to my MSN account.
    Another thing is that (if possible) i would like to be implemented into Adium is that the personal message is kept with any status (Avalaible or not) and if i want to show my music to the other (while i’m playing it), this one must be swapped with my personal message (for eg. “Try Adium” -> (OPENING ITUNES AND PLAYING A SONG) -> “{Song Title}” -> “CLOSING ITUNES) -> “Try Adium” and not “Try Adium {Song Title}”). And if i’m not asking too much, that the format of the {song title} could be decided with a plugin (that i can select “show standard formatting” or “Custom formatting” and that i insert the tag i want to show to the others plus other text, this could be a simply text edit box).
    Thanks for this nicey client 🙂 I hope you’re not bored after reading all my asks.


  4. ALWAYS THE SAME ERROR when connecting to the ICQ network:

    Error: You have been connecting and disconnecting too frequently. Wait ten minutes and try again. If you continue to try, you will need to wait even longer.


  5. After upgrading yesterday, my adium/ msn account is seriously being flooded my spam messages from people/accounts that aren’t even on my list! We’re talking spam every 30 seconds! WHAT’S GOING ON??????

  6. Nice to see some MSN improvements… but with the fix of this pixel bug (#10074) everything looks fine without groups. BUT if you got groups there’s a 1px white line before the first one… it’s annoying!

  7. I can not open adium after upgrading to 1.3.2.

    Here is the error message:

    Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread: 0

    Thread 0 Crashed:
    0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9270d1e5 strtol_l + 52
    1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9270d1ab atoi + 69
    2 libpurple 0x181439bd qq_connect_later + 445
    3 com.adiumX.AdiumPurple 0x17e05231 callTimerFunc + 120
    4 0x9106ab45 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 4469
    5 0x9106acf8 CFRunLoopRunInMode + 88
    6 0x95980480 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 283
    7 0x95980299 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 374
    8 0x9598010d BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode + 106
    9 0x949233ed _DPSNextEvent + 657
    10 0x94922ca0 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 128
    11 0x9491bcdb -[NSApplication run] + 795
    12 0x948e8f14 NSApplicationMain + 574
    13 com.adiumX.adiumX 0x00002d52 0x1000 + 7506
    14 com.adiumX.adiumX 0x00002c79 0x1000 + 7289

    Any idea? Thanks.

  8. So all my saved away messages are missing, some of my contacts lost the alias that I gave them, and all of my chat histories are gone. This happened in a previous beta version, but then you released another version which fixed it and now it is broken again. Please fix this…I have some important chat histories.

  9. good improve.;.
    it will crash close once u try to connect qq
    and crash close sometime..

  10. MN I DON’T KNOW BUT After I log in
    my situation is still in connect ==

  11. Just so you’re all aware, bug reports and questions about fixes WILL BE IGNORED when posting them here. Use Trac.

  12. When you get online with two different MSN accounts on Adium, there should be an option -like in the display picture and nickname is already implemented- to let you change between status on each account in the main contacts list.

    I agree with GTO too about separating status and personal message, then if I want to change from “Available” to “Busy” status my personal message won’t be affected. Also, that annoying message coming up every time you get online saying one of my contacts is missing – once is good enough.

    By the way, it’s quite easier to post here every coming feedback. If they won’t read this, then it’s up to them… 😉

  13. This was not a good release. As they wrote above the MSN client started to flood and I can’t change positions of contacts to other groups. And my name changed and my picture didn’t show up when I changed it.

  14. hey folks,

    i´m still waiting for the full skype integration. the plug-in version with 1.3.2 is working well, but could only be a temporary solution. other “mobile” applications like “” are able to integrate skype accounts (iphone)

    would be so cool – of course with videochat support 😉

  15. “By the way, it’s quite easier to post here every coming feedback. If they won’t read this, then it’s up to them…”

    It may be easier, but we have an established protocol that was set up to address these issues. YOU need to follow it if you want your bug fixed.

    “I’m still waiting for the full skype integration. the plug-in version with 1.3.2 is working well, but could only be a temporary solution. other “mobile” applications like “” are able to integrate skype accounts (iphone).”

    Go ask the Skype developers. It’s their problem.

    “What about support for Skype? Unfortunately this is something we are completely unable to do at this point in time. Skype is also a closed protocol. If it were an easy thing to break, other apps would have supported it long ago. This doesn’t even take into account that there are also some VERY serious legal issues in regards to this. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the open source community and the lawyers involved have all recommended staying far far away from it. There are some individuals out there that are working on their own plugins to at least allow you some text capabilities with Skype but they are not affiliated with our development team and we wish them the best.”

  16. I have to say this is the best version I’ve ever used of Adium! Been mainly using it to chat in MSN, and offline messages are working like a charm. Sometime it crashes, but no often. Thank you very much!

  17. Had to downgrade again.

    I can’t change positions of contacts to other groups.
    Crashes every 15 min.
    Big problem with contacts sinc with server (as in previous versions).

  18. one more comment:

    can the chat transcripts be searchable through Spotlight?

  19. Weird problems with version 1.3.2 on Leopard 10.5.5 using my Yahoo account. Not all of my online friends show up. In 1.3.1 my friends showed in different groups I had sorted them into and in each group the active ones were higher on the list than inactive or busy. When I tried to send a message to somebody that is online, but Adium 1.3.2 shows offline Adium crashes.

    I am on a 2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro with 6 GB of RAM and 500MB free. My connection is gigabit to a gigabit switch with a true open IP but blocked by 2 different firewall technologies plus the Mac firewall. My speed to the Yahoo YM server is 87MB/s.

    I have already downgraded once to 1.3.1 but the upgrade offer popped up again and I accepted. Now I have to downgrade again.

  20. Guys since I upgraded to 1.3.2 the app keeps crashing. It’s really annoying. It happens randomly everytime I try to send a message to someone on my list. If I don’t use it no problem, as I start writing a message it crashes..

  21. yeah yeah i know you dont want to hear it but it’d be nice to get an update on the status of video — it’s been about a year since it was mentioned.

  22. I agree with several posts, this all around was not a good release. I am experience several of the same issues (and will also log in TRAC if not already present) including lots of SPAM messages getting through, never happened before, and an annoying alert evertime I start Adium that says a user is missing from my address book although this particular user was deleted months ago. Neither problem occured prior to this release.

  23. Hello
    Unfortunately still have one bug.
    Messages sent to offline, written in cyrillic charset, aren’t readable when receive it after connection 🙁

  24. does anyone have a timeline for video chat?

  25. Thanks, your latest update fucked up my chats completely. Adium just simply crashes now. BYE!

  26. Downloading and reinstalling Adium seems to have fixed the problem and I’m back. Please don’t do this again.

  27. tons of MSN spam now- really annoying- love the app though- thanks

  28. In case you want to convert your Pidgin log files to Adium, try my converter for free:

  29. why does adium keep crashing?
    its odd it’s never happened to me since i first got it almost 2 years ago
    and now its crashing like hell and its after i updated the version too
    1.3.2 seriously needs some crash fixes

  30. GaduGadu protocol dosn’t work when some servers crash… :((( all other clients use many servers not only one 🙁

  31. I seem to still be having problems with connecting to yahoo..Any solutions?

  32. I don’t know you have seen the news yet: gmail came with videochat for mac & pc. They encourage other developpers to add this feature in there cliënts.

  33. ^thanks for the heads up^

    maybe you could include a per group status option in the next version/release? just a suggestion.

  34. Hi All,

    Many many many many thanks for the latest release !!!
    I’m enjoying Adium dayly and am a huge fan of it, I also love the tons of Extras !
    Specially the “one click install” part of xtra’s is so Mac-alike even Apple could learn of that !

    Here Are some small issues I discovered using Adium.
    When Adium goes into “inactive” mode MSN and AIM switch to Idle color (gem) orange.
    However Yahoo switches to Red color (gem)

    I checked original Yahoo messenger and it does have an Idle Icon (yellow gem with clock in it) displayed when inactive and does not switch to “busy/away” icon (red).
    I also noticed that if I set Adium to “display inactive time 20 minutes, it will display “(25min)” after 25 minutes in AIM however in Yahoo it will display (5min) , it looks like yahoo starts counting idletime after 20 minutes starting from 0 instead of 20.

    Sorry if I’m “moaning” just wanted to post this to make the issue known, if not already…



  35. At uni I can connect to MSN with MSN-Pecan by using the HTTP method yet my friends who have Macs can’t connect to MSN with the latest Adium (also using HTTP method). Is this because it’s using MSNp15?

  36. Hi – I have downloaded this version of Adium, and now I cannot log in. Whenever I try to, it askes for my password, and after I type it in, it says: Error: Not Authorized. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I have been loving Adium, and would hate not to be able to use it anymore…. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  37. The crash is almost always now on Sametime connect.
    Please, do something. Leopard+1.3.2

  38. Oh, I hoped for an StudiVz Plugin 🙁

  39. I’m also having trouble connecting to yahoo. Adium logs onto aim just fine, but yahoo will not connect.
    I’ve tried re-logging in and restarting my comp with no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks

  40. MSN doesn’t work now. Thanks. I’m in China since late Oct. (likely a major contributor to the problem) and I now have, for the first time ever, downloaded Proteus for my IM-ing needs.

    So… MSN works for Proteus (its a bitch to get MSN Messenger to work.. haha) but Adium is off limits.

    What gives, guys? I keep getting the Receiving Buddy List 100% hangup now.

    This may be Chris Wyatt’s problem above too…


  41. Fixed the damn problem~

    Use Spotlight and look up any Microsoft Messenger (from Office) related files/folders/prefs. Delete that. Restart your computer. Adium should be able to log onto MSN now.

  42. This version is bad. I can not log on my msn acc. My adium hangs at “receiving buddylist 100%”

    What’s the problem of your team? seems pidgin has fix this payload length problem and I can see in your trace system, the related thread is posted 3 months ago and the problem is not fixed till now!

  43. maybe if you download Adium 1.0 it will work, ??

  44. ok FUCK THIS SHIT.

    I’m so fucking glad i tried that.

    Ark, just fucking download the 10.3.9 version (around 1.0) from the homepage. I was right.

    They FUCKED UP ADIUM after 1.0, but thank god you can still go back and get the old version for older OSes..

    You might miss a few features but hey, it works like its supposed to..

    As for 1.4 and beyond, let me know when you get it working guys

  45. I am really happy that I solved the msn “receiving buddylist 100%” prob!!

    Set my route’s MTU to ‘1492’. I am using netgear.

  46. Ark, would you mind telling us what “MTU” is? I have the same problem, exact same problem and it’s driving me crazy. Netgear? Should I download this immediately and then “change my MTU to 1492?

  47. Okay. I just googled it. But i don’t know how the heck I’m supposed to fix this problem.

    Mike, when you say “Use Spotlight and look up any Microsoft Messenger (from Office) related files/folders/prefs. Delete that. Restart your computer. Adium should be able to log onto MSN now,” Do you mean remove Microsoft Messenger? Like, delete it and everything that has to do with Microsoft Messenger?

  48. Sorry, I’m still at 1.2.6. Everything after that fails Jabber authentication (“Error: SASL authentication failed”). This was supposedly fixed, but I’ve yet to see it. Beginning with 1.2.7, you could no longer enter a full JID as the username (when presumably the server was found using DNS SRV resource records for XMPP), but instead had to enter the username and then the server under the options tab. I really like Adium, but I may have to switch to Pidgin. 🙁

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