How To SMS Over Google Talk

The question has come up a few times, so it might be helpful to explain. From your Google Talk account, send a message to (US-only at the moment), or add it to your contact list. Voila!

This was pointed out in ticket #11488 in our Trac system.


  1. I am actually confused, I currently only use adium for Google talk. If I have people in my IM contact list that is connected to an address book entry, which has a mobile phone number, how do I get that number to work with sms? Or do I have to add the phone number as a new person to IM?

  2. Stephen,

    You would have to create a new contact. You’re specifically sending the message to their number through the Google Talk SMS server.

  3. So are there SMS fees with this? I would guess not, right? How would people text me? And does it somehow save texts sent to me if I’m not online?

  4. This is a great opportunity for a feature request: how about a character counter in the chat window? Even better, how about the ability to enable/disable it within preference?

    @Marc: Whomever you send the SMS will be charged fees. They can reply back. Google generates an address for you, and their replies are routed to your chat window.

  5. Kevin: We have a character counter for Twitter. Not for SMS, though.

  6. Do you know if it’s possible to send SMS’s within the UK using Google Talk? I can see the US method, but not the UK one.

  7. This won’t add to my contact list, it shows them as unsubscribed when I try it in google talk. Any ideas?

  8. This is working great for me. Would it be possible, with the already implemented Address Book integration to be able to add a feature that allows to send an SMS to a recipient that has a linked vCard? My suggestion for functionality would be when a contact is right clicked, if all conditionals are matched, you may choose a number to send an SMS to via GTalk. This would negate the necessity to add this information to one’s contact and make things a bit more seamless.

  9. @Mark

    Currently, Google’s SMS platform only supports US numbers. No UK support here, unfortunately.

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