MSN now working again

As of 11:43 today (the 12th), MSN is now working for us in 1.3.2. Looks like the Libpurple team was right—it was a server-side problem, which Microsoft has now cleared up.

Thank you for your patience.

141 Responses to “MSN now working again”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yes, it’s working here in 1.3.2 as well.

  2. julian Says:

    Wooohooo! i was getting anoint by that irritating message style mine 1.3.1 had (couldnt change it)

  3. vic Says:

    dude… mine still isn’t working… =/
    for real, this sucks, because adiumx is the only msn client i do trust.
    hope it comes back to life.
    cheers from brazil.

  4. a.m.SASH Says:

    No problems with 1.3.3b1! Great :)

  5. B.I. Says:

    Thanks. It’s working.

  6. wachunei Says:

    thanks for keeping us updated!

  7. Jipsi Says:

    But, Facebook is still unable to connect :(

  8. daniel Says:

    Thank you!

  9. B Says:

    Thanks for being proactive in updating us!

  10. ArAgost Says:

    Still not working as expected here in Italy, both 1.3.1 and 1.3.2

  11. bicool Says:

    Everything works fine from France with 1.3.2 .

  12. Mario Says:

    Broken last night, and now working 1/12/2008 3pm EST, 1.3.3b1. Woohoo! Everything but Facebook works for me. Anyone with facebook not logging in?

  13. Areth Says:

    It’s working here now (Sweden).
    V. 1.3.2 :-)

  14. Digeratus Says:

    It was thought to be a server-side outage, but that assertion appears to be incorrect. See .

  15. martin Says:

    my version has been workin all day! strange! 1.3.2 and everything! odd!

  16. g3cko Says:


  17. Anzate Says:

    Up and running here in Italy, as of 23:47.

  18. thierrite Says:

    working here with 1.3.2 and also 1.3.3b1

  19. thierrite Says:

    by the way, Microsoft Messenger for Mac is really a pice of crap!!!!

    AdiumX powaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

  20. Manuel Says:

    Thanks!!!!!! adiumx i’m with u thierrite

  21. Wes Says:

    Adium is the only IM client I’ll use. If MSN isn’t working, I’ll just take a break from chatting. Keep up the good work, Adium team!

  22. vic Says:

    what the heck?!
    it won’t connect here…
    i’m using meebo for now…
    sucks… =/

  23. Edoules Says:

    Working in Canada!

  24. CyberBird Says:

    Now working in Thailand. I’ve been waiting for this solve around 2 days. But thank you again.

  25. Alchan Says:

    That works! but why always happen to Mac

  26. Emanuele Says:

    Works in Italy (1.3.2).

  27. Tiago Jaime Machado Says:


  28. Din Says:

    Greetings from India.

    I was sad yesterday and decided to try amsn for mac and microsoft msn messenger for mac (more than 40 MB – bloat). Both didn’t even come near to Adium.

    Just checked the Adium blog today and I am so happy the msn problem is resolved.

    Go Adium Go :)

    To all people behind Adium – You guys are the best.

  29. Yoshinatsu Ryou Says:

    yeah… Micro$oft saved their asses this time…

  30. Jon Says:

    Why can I not connect to MSN users in my Audium 1.3.2?

    I’m using an AIM-account.

  31. N3Bul4 Says:

    Alchan Says:
    January 12th, 2009 at 22:53
    That works! but why always happen to Mac

    It’s because all other technology still needs to catch up with Mac…

  32. vic Says:

    still won’t work…

  33. Peter Says:

    Works again in the Netherlands.
    Keep up the good work, guys.

  34. Pajarraco Says:


    im cant connect to msn with audium in MAC.

    Some solution?

  35. Ted Wood Says:

    Here in Canada, I never had any MSN problems. Been running 1.3.2 all day and night without any connection issues. Maybe the problems were regional?

  36. vic Says:

    starting to get pissed…
    why won’t it work?!

  37. vic Says:

    msn is working on my macbook, but not working on my imac…
    any ideas? any help?
    i tried deleting everything, and reinstalling it allover again… should i do anything else?

  38. mmenfin Says:

    @vic : peerguardian running ?

  39. Mike Says:

    both 132 and 131 stop working around 14Ham 14-1-09 here in Canada

  40. Amber Says:

    It’s not working in NZ :o ( which sucks, don’t want to use any other IM.

  41. vic Says:

    @mmenfin : i don’t know what is peerguardian. =/
    so prob it’s not running.
    before the “msn bug”everything was going just fine… really…
    just now… i really don’t know…
    as i said… it’s working on my macbook…
    and, uh…
    not even the official MSN will work on this imac.

    i can log into my gtalk account without a problem, also… connects rly fast.
    it rly seems to be msn… =/
    it stops on 75% when it’s connecting…

    any help will be very much appreciated! ;)

  42. QueenZ Says:

    Not working anymore.. :(

  43. Eviiisss Says:

    Working from Spain and USA.
    Even tho the problem of “switchboard” is happening too often..

  44. SHRIKEE Says:

    Anyone else having severe issues using the MSN network? I cannot talk to half of the people because there are switchboard or connection issues. Also being logged in is very unstable. Half of the time i am not logged in without seeing an actual disconnect.

    OSX 10.5.6 here with adium 1.3.2

    Re-adding my account to adium seems to help a bit, but it’s nowhere near fine :(

  45. prueba y error Says:

    mine si not woerking, freezes on retriving buddy list, im on leopar 10.5.6 with adium 1.3.3b2

  46. pepeleon2000 Says:

    Yes I had the same trouble and didn’t know what was happening…
    I suspected it was any of the innumerable Microsoft problems… Hahaha…!!!!
    … or Microsoft blocking Adium…. Hohoho…!!!
    Good to know it’r fixed.

  47. Nath Says:

    Yeah, os x 10.5.6 and adium 1.3.6 here and as of yesterday (16th) its started not connecting with MSN. I blame the dodgy M$ servers!!

  48. vic Says:

    it won’t work. works…
    so idk… this sucks bad.

  49. vic Says:

    i’m just pissed off.
    bc there is no support for msn on macs…
    only good software was adium. now it won’t even work.

  50. vic Says:

    so… can anyone help?
    msn won’t connect anymore.

  51. Ina Says:

    A few days ago, it crushed, then after one and half day it came back alive.
    Since yesterday 18th, it stopped working again!!!!!! Which is totally annoying! and so troublesome!
    How long is it gonna take to recover this time? Is t only mine or everybody else are the same??>??
    Please…… Hope this will be fine sooooooooonnnnnnn……

  52. vic Says:

    well… it works on my macbook. but won’t work on my imac…
    will anyone figure this out already?!

  53. Ina Says:

    where are you? I am in U.K. now, it’s just not working, i want to know if it is my university network problem or is it adium connection problem….
    It luckily crawl online twice yesterday but didn’t last long like 20 minutes then i couldn’t connect anymore….

  54. Ina Says:

    where are you? I am in U.K. now, i want to know if it is my university network problem or is it adium connection problem….

  55. vic Says:

    I’m in Brazil.
    So, it’s a universal issue.

  56. Ina Says:

    Msn use to be my life…. couldn’t live without it…..
    now it’s been dead for threee days… how can Duck do this to me…

  57. Hamlet Says:

    Now I recieving system message on attempting to connect to ICQ in Adium
    “The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.”

  58. MAV Says:

    same problem:

    The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

  59. Kir Says:

    Oh noes! What’s happened? Icq just won’t connect, all I have is

    The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

    I don’t want to install their client, it’s preposterous!

  60. Ivan Says:

    Kir, theyr latest Mac-version is for OS 9 only.

  61. Kir Says:

    Ivan, actually it says that OS X is supported, however, I won’t install it.

  62. AlexeyS Says:

    Yeah! Not suppoted too…

  63. vic Says:

    this is so messed up…
    just bc we have the best SO ( MAC OS), microsoft slaves are trying to make our life a living hell…

  64. Dan Says:

    I also have system message…. How much time will it takes?

  65. eSKon Says:

    It seems AOL disables connecting with alternate clients from Russia and Ukrain only… But QIP continues working…

  66. Bogdan Says:

    Does this mean that nobody is gonna fix that? My connection is also blocked with the same message, and I come from Ukraine…


  67. Angelus Says:

    There is new QIP, but there is no new Adium yet… Wanna come those out, cause ICQ for MacOs really SUCK!!!…..

  68. Sens Says:

    Никто не нашёл решение для Адиума?

  69. Ivan Tiukov Says:

    Я нашел для себя и давно уже – iChat

  70. alff Says:

    For Russian and Ukrain users:
    You should use a foreign proxy-server. Of course, its not secure but it works.

  71. Angelus Says:

    Have question – how connect adium with proxy server? Where i can apply those settings?
    P.S. Иван забейте на iChat он херовый что ппц :)

  72. Ivan Tiukov Says:

    Angelus меня он целиком и полностью устраивает, с учетом того, что аккаунт у меня аоловский и почти все контакты аоловские, а аськовых контактов мало)
    Но все равно жду когда адиум поправят, брат на нем сидит..

  73. Krot Says:

    ICQ is not working !!!
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!
    When the fix come out !????

  74. Asuka Says:


    guess the setting are applied in your browser and work with all applications.

  75. Krot Says:

    alff Says:

    Can you advice some proxy for us ??

  76. Angelus Says:

    Found settings, which port use for connection? HTTP or SOCKS4/5, and maybe some one know free proxy?^_^

  77. Angelus Says:

    Незнаю Иван что вы нашли в iChat и как им вообще пользуетесь если честно)) Попытался только что поюзать – извращение и убожество, имхо….

  78. Ivan Tiukov Says:

    Angelus каждому свое :) Кто к чему привык, тот то и использует..

  79. alff Says:


    I’m using this settings for Adium:
    Type: SOCKS4
    Server: Port: 43985

    and thats all.. =) But! I’m reminding this method is very insecure)

  80. Angelus Says:

    Btw where are you from alff?:))
    Now will try your metod, anyway, i read about next:
    Install Tor ( – with default settings. Reboot.Launch Adium , in ICQ settings – proxy SOCKS 5,

  81. Angelus Says:

    Ok how I do that. Have Windows based server at work. You must open 9051 TCP port for Tor, it will works! After you do those – you must set SOCKS5, in Adium settings. And those will works fine :)

  82. alexonic Says:

    Solution with SOCKS4 works!
    Find on free SOCKS4 proxy and change settings for ICQ account. Apply and reconnect.

  83. cfif Says:

    Странно, целые сутки не подключалось, а теперь без всяких танцев с бубном, обновлений и т.д. взяло и подключилось

  84. Angelus Says:

    Незнаю, у меня не работает до сих пор :( (Только через Тор сижу

  85. Ilya Says:

    Адиум тоже заработал.

  86. DZ Says:

    Не работает Adium не фига. Россия, Москва.

  87. Ilya Says:

    Омск, работает.

  88. Ivan Says:

    И у меня только что заработало. Москва.

  89. Angelus Says:

    Киев, не работает:( Тор онли ))

  90. Goshawk Says:

    It works now!!!! Thanks for ideas with free socks4!!

    TGI ADIUM!!!

  91. Шнек Says: dead – server closed the connection. Не долго музыка играла… Maybe some body help us?
    Киев, Украина

  92. Says:

    Hey, Adium team! Do you know – Adium icq don’t work in Russia and Ukraine anymore?

  93. Ilya Says:

    Miranda-IM team was found solution and can help other IM developers

  94. eSKon Says:

    Also as i know pidgin was patched. If you use their code, just take it! Where are you, adium developers? Help!

  95. vic Says:

    so… what about msn?!?!
    not working on my imac… what the heck?!?!?

  96. Goshawk Says:

    I returned after night and all good news of yesterday was lost (

    Not works anymore ((

  97. Tomas (RuMsc) Says:

    Что за глюк? одна учетка работает вторая выкидывает сообщение от №1-((( Адимум тим по ходу еще даж не в курсе что произошло раз нулевая реакция на события ((( Что очень печально тк все наши разработчики уже все пофиксили еще вчера, альтернатива пару недель на Торе не оч прельщает тк нет доверия Такой схеме подключения, что бы там ни обещали говорили разрабочтики.
    Hey, Adium team?????? Where are U????

  98. Angelus Says:

    Don’t know how about you guys, but i’m using Tor right now, and with Tor Proxy Adium works very good!

  99. Says:

    Adium temporary work!
    Kiev Ukraine

    It’s wery strange.
    I have two icq accounts – and one work , other no.
    Now work both.

  100. Golem Says:

    Питер, не работает(((

  101. Angelus Says:

    Don’t know my works only with Tor =)

  102. Ilya Says:

    Update available

  103. Alex Says:

    not working with update too

  104. Ilya Says:
    See end of the threat

  105. ffitzjerald Says:

    Похоже надо помочь разработчикам кипа и адиума связаться друг с другом чтобы и под адиум патч вышел :)

  106. DZ Says:

    Фак. Я уже устал в этом ICQ-убожестве сидеть.

  107. Angelus Says:

    Адиум поднялся сам. Удивительно. Отключил Тор:) Посидим пока что так :)

  108. Snoop80 Says:

    Ничё не понимаю…. вчера пытался законектить через сокс, ничего не выходило, а сегодня Утёнок сам поднялся (Россия, Новосибирск

  109. eSKon Says:

    yes, adium works again now. Novosibirsk

  110. Smux Says:

    Hi, i’m Brazilian and my adium crashs always when somebody speech with me (msn protocol bad?)

  111. Smux Says:

    Note: Connecting -> Retrieving buddy list (100%) (it does not leave this)

  112. gar69 Says:

    Привет, Россия.
    Ну наконец-то, адиум пашет (не с того, ни с сего, видать асечники исправились), но приятно

  113. exsystem Says:

    adium 1.3.3b2 doesn’t work just from now…. my msn account can not log in. adium always shows that it is logging in.. but no result..

  114. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello Everyone, I think I’ve found a partial solution to this problem.

    if your Adium is stuck here ( Connecting – Retrieving buddy list (100%) ) :

    1. Exit Adium
    2. Delete the file “Contact List.plist” from the /Users//Library/Application Support/Adium folder.
    3. Start Adium
    4. ????
    5. Profit!

    Please note that this will not permanently fix the problem, and it is likely that it will happen again. In that case just delete that file again
    Also, your merged contacts will get separated again, please be aware of this before doing anything

    Hope this works for you !

  115. vic Says:

    why the heck won’t it work?!

  116. vic Says:

    not even normal msn client will work on my imac

  117. Sergey.S Says:

    Сегодня в 18:52 получил сообщение от сервера ICQ, что мой клиент не поддерживается.
    Опять AOL взялся за своё!!!


    Системное сообщение
    ICQ не поддерживает используемую вами версию. Скачайте бесплатную авторизованную версию ICQ с официального web-сайта ICQ.

    System Message
    The version you are using is not supported by ICQ. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

    Опять беда. :-(

  118. Angelus Says:

    Тор, я чувствую мы скоро встретимся снова:)))

  119. klu Says:

    Уже встретились.:) Москва.

  120. klu Says:

    Уже встретились.:) Москва.

  121. iUser Says:

    Adium has not working with the ICQ protocol starting 3 p.m. UK time today. As was reported AOL has changed their protocol again. Dear developers, could you please be so kind to update the Adium client? Thanks so much in advance!

  122. Ilya Says:

    Ну с#$ки

  123. Goshawk Says:

    не долго счастье продолжалось…

    такими темпами ICQ схлынет с рынка как не стабильная система.

    предлагаю начать миграцию!


  124. MaxX Says:

    Миграцию на что?… или куда? ))))

  125. alff Says:

    Hi, everyone!
    Use the socks5 proxy, Luke..)) It works.

  126. Ilya Says:

    MaxX,в США и дружно пересаживаться на MSN :D

  127. Says:

    незнаю как кто – но я уже начал миграцию. Нахрен с adium – ichat с того же провайдера с тем же сервером работает, a adium нет. О чем это говорит? НАФИГ ADIUM с таким саппортом. Хотя бы озвучили что проблемма есть. Мудаки :-/

  128. doc_leo Says:

    Прежде, чем бросаться оскорблениями, подумал бы о том, что вообще-то команда разработчиков делает Adium на чистом энтузиазме и никому, в том числе и лично тебе, вообще-то ничего не должна. Подозреваю, что денег ты им не засылал. Тогда какое право ты имеешь от них не только чего-то требовать, но еще и оскорблять? Сам-то ты что-то для этого проекта сделал полезного?

  129. MaxX Says:

    2 Ilya: Молодой человек… я использую Adium для: ICQ, MSN, GoogleTalk и FaceBook. Отдельно периодически юзаю Skype… Мне нужна ОДНА программа, которая будет работать со всем и протоколами!

    2 doc_leo: А почему бы не послать?… их… энтузиазм это их личные проблемы… Линукс тоже на энтузиазме и что??? Хоть что-нибудь бы написали на сайте, а то какого-то ёбнутого кошака повесили… типа “о писдес как это прикольно”…

  130. Angelus Says:

    А что им писать вам то?:) У них всё работает и всё гуд :) Я думаю им ася протокол вообще не впился, используют МСН скорее всего. Ну пошли их энтузиазм – и ищи себе новую программу где всё будет в одном :) .
    ichat – имхо, самая каличная програма для использования, что я вообще видел :)

  131. MaxX Says:

    МСН не может быть заменителем аси… хоть усрись… В том то и дело что iChat – самая каличная… сама по себе ася была первой…

  132. Says:

    2 doc_leo: Так и написали бы – русские скинтесь по доллару на то что бы пофиксить данный баг. Qip и Miranda платные? А они решают эту проблемму!

    2 Angelus: Но она РАБОТАЕТ!

  133. AnotherSpin Says:

    Please fix the adium to access ICQ in Ukraine through it again. I do not know better options for my mac than adium, and it would be nice to get it fully operational once again. Thank you

  134. Sergey.S Says:

    У меня Adium заработал, начиная с часов с 12:00 по московскому времени.

  135. MaxX Says:

    Народ… у меня нихрена так и не работает…

  136. Says:

    Хм… Заработать то заработал – но когда свалится опять? Неделя ? Две?

  137. DZ Says:

    Фак, на одном компе (у соседа) работает, на другом (моем) нет.

  138. MaxX Says:

    2 DZ: таже херня…

  139. MaxX Says:

    ГЫ!!! Заработало!!! Само!!!

  140. AnotherSpin Says:

    Adium is working with ICQ in Odessa, Ukraine – thank you very much!

  141. brukewilliams Says:

    MSN support now works again! thanks so much! the only issue i see is that it only works consistently in the actual MSN client, and you will have to make sure that the buddy in the from tag (in your ant script) is added to the messagee’s list beforehand.
    temporary jobs London and the UK