MSN rejecting Adium 1.3.2 connections

Starting at about 20:00 PST tonight (January 11), Microsoft’s servers have stopped accepting logins from clients that use version 15 of the protocol, including Adium 1.3.2. The Debug Window in debug and beta versions of Adium reveals that their server is failing to find a certificate that it needs when Libpurple attempts to retrieve your MSN Address Book.

In case you’re wondering, this also affects Pidgin, which means it’s definitely not an Adium problem.

There are two ways to connect:

  • Use , the official client.
  • Use Adium 1.3.1, the previous version of Adium.

We’re not sure whether this is a temporary server problem or a permanent change that will break P15-using Libpurple-based clients (including Adium 1.3.2) until a future Libpurple release. If it turns out to be the latter, we’ll almost certainly include that Libpurple update in our next 1.3.3 beta.

158 Responses to “MSN rejecting Adium 1.3.2 connections”

  1. Jeffrey Rosen Says:

    That is pretty weak. There’s no way Microsoft engineers didn’t know that they had tens of thousands, if not more, connections from Pidgin and Adium users. I would like to thank Microsoft in advance for addressing this matter promptly.

  2. biglittledragoon Says:

    Few days ago, connexions were pretty slow to start. And, effectively, now, it doesn’t word at all. When I say that MSN isn’t reliable AT ALL! ;)

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    I doubt they broke it deliberately. More likely, they tried to upgrade or fix something and ended up breaking something else.

    Remember, it’s not in their interest to make it harder for people to use their service.

  4. Soren Says:

    It’s kind of fun that every time MS try to update or make minor changes they end up killing opportunities. This isn’t the first time and I doubt it’s the last.
    The universal problem of the Windows world is the lack of communication from MS. And at times it leads to situations like this…
    - if it’s in their interest or not I don’t know – but at times it seems that you should only use their services if they can control 100% how and when you use them. Not very userfriendly.

  5. Peter Hosey Says:

    For those of who are complaining about Microsoft introducing a bug into their free service, I have a suggestion for you: Don’t use MSN. ☺

    Be the first on your block to get a Google Talk or other Jabber account, then convince all your friends to get such accounts, too. I can’t think of a single time that Google Talk has gone down, and the Jabber cloud has been pretty robust, too.

  6. Soren Says:

    If it wasn’t for my job I wouldn’t use MSN … but the world hates me enough to make MSN a tool of communication at work.

  7. anthony Says:

    @Soren: Not very user friendly, but with the official clients they attempt to recoup losses with ads.

    I’ve heard that the MS web division is a money hole to begin with. I’m sure they’re not very fond of anything that eats into their potential profits.

    That said, I vastly prefer Adium over the official MSN clients (simplicity, extensibility, integration, multiple protocols, no ads…).

  8. anthony Says:

    @Peter: Hooray for Jabber!

    Speaking of which, doesn’t XMPP support inter-server communication? So like… I could use my Google Talk account to message somebody on another jabber server? This way we’re not even tied to a single network! And anyone can start a new Jabber server.

  9. Peter Hosey Says:

    anthony: Exactly. In fact, that’s how Google Talk joined the Jabber cloud. It’s called federation. It also works with Gizmo5 and LiveJournal accounts.

  10. Roland Says:

    1.3.1 doesn’t appear to work for me either.

    ICQ – the original.

  11. Roland Says:

    Just to clarify, 1.3.2 doesn’t connect. 1.3.1 connects but no contacts are found. And I have checked that the contacts are online.

  12. Peter Hosey Says:

    ICQ is a different service. Any problems you’re having with it are unrelated to the MSN problem.

  13. Alchan Says:

    Microsoft sucks!, the beta version doesn’t work either

  14. Ivo Says:

    Well since it’s night in the USA, I don’t think that a lot will change in the next few hours. Let’s wait how it will be in the evening or tomorrow. The “funny” thing is that I also had problems with BeejiveIM on my iPod Touch yesterday night. I could sign in but I didn’t see any online contacts (but some were online). But this morning when I woke up, everything worked perfectly again.

  15. Luke Says:

    It’s called a VM pplz, for those of us desperate for a fix, fire up Parallels/Virtual Box until this is fixed! :D :D

  16. Nathaniel Says:

    Seriously. this is just sooo annoying for adium users. on the mac messenger, its just not the way its suppose to work.
    again, thanks to microsoft for doing this HORRIBLE thing to us, mac users.

  17. Dinis Correia Says:

    Well, downgrading to 1.3.1 worked for me.

  18. Kim Burgestrand Says:

    Same issue. Downgrading to 1.3.1 works like a charm, thanks.

  19. Henrik Says:

    1.3.1 worked great for me as well. Thanks for the update!

  20. jb Says:

    downgrading to 1.3.1 also worked for me

  21. Jay Says:

    I have always found the 1.3.2 version crash a lot. The 1.3.1 is better from my personal experience.

  22. Tiago Soares Says:

    Downgrading do 1.3.1 doesn’t work for me.

  23. Dan Says:

    1.3.1 downgrade works a treat – thanks for the heads up. Interesting how clients are split by this problem. CenterIM is working just fine on msn for me (but the latest stable version doesn’t use libpurple afaik)

  24. Helgi Hrafn Halldórsson Says:

    Downgrading to version 1.3.1 worked for me as well :D

  25. Giovanni Says:

    Yeah 1.3.1 also works well for me in leopard.

  26. CJ Says:

    I’m on 1.3.1 and it seems to work fine

  27. John Says:

    +1 on the 1.3.1 working fine.

  28. paul tergeist Says:

    First the infamous msn error 205, and now this… methink that this 1.3.2 version should never have been released
    glad I reverted to 1.3.1 long time ago.
    Let’s hop you guys can renew quality releases soon.

  29. Ivo Says:

    Version 1.3.1 works fine for me too. But in this version offline messages don’t work, right? Because this sucks a lot… :-( Hopefully the problem will get fixed soon.

  30. Says:

    Microsoft may be almost launching the new Mac Messenger.

  31. Ósk Says:

    I’m on 1.3.2 and msn works fine


  32. Soren Says:

    Well if you think about the features that isn’t in the Mac version of MS Messenger, then they should have launched it years ago… As it is now they can’t possibly live up to the alternative clients like Adium, aMSN and so on…

  33. jane Says:

    Did not work in 1.3.2 here, but 1.3.1 works …

  34. Christian Williams Says:


    That picture has the date of October in it?

    My 1.3.2 version does not work, i am getting the error that it cant download my contact list, started of about 8am GMT time.

  35. Hildigunnur Runarsdottir Says:

    1.3.2 works fine here, I’m on Panther, though, might be that Tiger and/or Leopard mixes things up.

  36. Özgür Kurtoglu Says:

    I hope Adium users will somehow be notified about a fix in the system so we don’t go installing the latest version and ending up with a non-working application. Installing 1.3.1 worked just fine for me, everything is back in order.

  37. Tiago Soares Says:

    Weird. In my Mac 10.5.6, my version 1.3.1 doesn’t work either. It says it’s online, but it doesn’t retreive the contact list – it stays blank. I tried to remove everything from the previous versions, following the instructions to erase every part of Adium, reinstalled it but still doesn’t work.

    Any ideas?

  38. Steve Says:

    interesting that other mac clients work fine still – managed to connect on amsn here today yet adium is dead.
    Maybe libpurple is not getting updated?

  39. Bensawsome Says:

    Yep. Obviously Microsoft epic fails again…….. Thanks for screwing us Mac users……… even Pidgin too……….. They probably want complete control over MSN…….

  40. Christian Williams Says:

    if i install 1.3.1 will i loose all my setting, and custom contact names?

  41. Niclas Andersson Says:

    As always, their (Microsoft’s) status page is pretty useless: : “All systems are stable and running.”

  42. Allan Says:

    1.3.1 works fine for me. on 10.5.6 OSX. thankfully I tried 1.3.1 out before I went hunting, and lol and behold I find this thread.

    All everyone has to do is just keep 1.3.2 or the newer betas in the apps folder. mount 1.3.1 DMG and copy the adium file to the desktop, remain it to adium 1.3.1 and you can keep testing the newer ones to see if they get sorted out. For now 1.3.1 is the best option.

  43. Ósk Says:

    @Hildigunnur I’m running 10.5.5 Leopard

    @Christian Williams yes, what is the date on your version? Picture

  44. Kiwi Says:

    If you logout and login again you’ll see that it doesnt work ;)

  45. Am3822 Says:

    @Ósk : what are your settings for the MSN acct? When have you last logged on to your MSN acct via adium?

    I can connect with 1.3.2, but then contacts list cannot be retrieved so it fails.

  46. Valentiger Says:

    1.3.3b doesn’t connect to msn either

  47. Ósk Says:

    @Am3822 i’m connecting with login server: on port 1863, I haven’t logged in since last night, so I’ll log in and out now…

    …ah I see, now I do not connect.

  48. torsboda Says:

    Microsoft – I hate you!

  49. DT Says:

    I know you all know, but I have to say it anyway: MS(N) sucks. Why are so many people using this crappy MSN service?

  50. Bryant Tan Says:

    That’s it then. MSN has always pissed me off and most of my friends use other protocols. XMPP ftw!

  51. ChoiZ Says:

    It’s work for me with release 1.3.1 but not with 1.3.2 debug…

    When adium want to connect to msn with 1.3.2 it wasn’t work :/ and it’s retry 5 seconds later

  52. Stuart Urbahns Says:

    Installing 1.3.1 corrected the problem here, thanks.

  53. kerfly Says:

    I’ve just deleted the account, reset my password with msn and added it again and it works. Though it shows as ungrouped contacts.

  54. Kelvin Says:

    I downgraded from 1.3.2 to 1.3.1 and it worked, but just for once.
    Once I logged off I can’t log in again. Apparently the same problem persists.
    Are you guys having the same problem?

  55. jaffa Says:

    for 1.3.1 to work you need to make a folder in your applications, call it anything, then put adium in there, that way you can have both versions on your mac for when 1.3.2 gets fixed :)
    i have 1.3.1 working, what a relief

  56. Ivo Says:


    No, I don’t. Version 1.3.1 still works perfectly, even after signing out and in again.

  57. Calenulma Says:

    Yap, working good after logging off here as well (v1.3.1).

  58. DRrules Says:

    “Starting at about 20:00 PST tonight (January 11), Microsoft’s servers have stopped accepting logins from clients that use version 15 of the protocol, including Adium 1.3.2. The Debug Window in debug and beta versions of Adium reveals that their server is failing to find a certificate that it needs when Libpurple attempts to retrieve your MSN Address Book.

    In case you’re wondering, this also affects Pidgin, which means it’s definitely not an Adium problem.”

    It’s clearly an issue on the ms side. AMSN doesn’t work either, not even the latest cvs build.

    I don’t think the viable solution is “stop using msn” and I really don’t understand why people keep saying that. The issue will be addressed soon. Thanks for the 1.3.1 idea.

  59. k8 Says:

    oh yeah v1.3.1 work! fiuuu

  60. phunter Says:

    I kept my MSN web messenger in Firefox open for the whole morning, which is painful. Thanks for telling that 1.3.1 works. Just downgrade it, it works.

  61. Nicolas Roberge Says:

    It seems only a technically issue and a political one. I’m using the Digsby IM client and was able to connect to MSN without a hitch this moring (jan 12).

  62. Affiliate Manager Says:

    When will it work on Pidgin again? :(

  63. Am3822 Says:

    @DRrules: I’m running the latest official release of aMSN [aMSN 0.97.2 (07/25/2008)], and it has no issues.

  64. Rob Says:

    Typical poo we’ve come to expect from Microsoft, I love Adium, but I hate microsoft and all her detestable enormities. I only got an MSN account because of my myopic friends who are enslaved and thus think microsoft ARE computers, full stop. As a matter of principle I did not want to install any microsoft apps on my mac (i use Neooffice, Firefox, Thunderbird Adium and all the other freebies. It was with a sense of great disappointment and resignation that I downloaded MSN for Mac when Adium froze for hours last night. Happily the downgrade to 1.3.1 worked, but i do miss offline messaging. I think Mac and Linux people should have a concerted effort to persuade all their friends to ditch microsoft and windoze, as a little step towards that glorious day when the operating system and the corporation are consigned to the wastepaper basket of history where they belong, rotting in silicon hell with all the photocopiers and fax machines. Amen, Amen, it shall be so!

  65. Fernando Says:

    im just wondering if this is part of they monopoly, just as you can’t use hotmail website on some of the new browsers like Google Chrome?

  66. Juan Nobrega Says:

    I have the same problem I can’t connect to msn server using Audion 1.3.2 I will try with 1.3.1

  67. RP Says:

    1.3.1 works for me

  68. Seth Says:

    That’s a shame as Adium is the only nice IM app out there. Let’s just hope it gets resolved. Until then 1.3.1 works fine for me.

  69. Andrew Macrae Says:

    rolling back to 1.3.1 worked like a charm

  70. mich Says:

    this is so frustrating…i love adium…tried downgrading but still did not work at all!

  71. Ivo Says:

    Actually I don’t think that Microsoft kicked libpurple on purpose. Otherwise they would have kicked the old versions too and Adium 1.3.1 wouldn’t work neither. The same with aMSN, they would kick it too…

  72. pidgin-lover Says:

    Doesn’t work with pidgin. :(

  73. pidginuser Says:

    I downgraded my Pidgin to 2.4.3. It works fine.

    The usual download link for (Windows) 2.5.3 goes to pidgin-2.5.3.exe.

    The 2.4.3 exe isn’t listed publicly as far as I’m aware, but I found it by experimenting with the URL. It’s at

  74. Beto Galetto Says:

    1.3.1 just worked fine :)

  75. James Says:

    I doubt this was an intentional mistake. Taking a poll of people in my office (the vast majority of which use the official Live Messenger client on Windows), most of them can’t connect at all. I have yet to determine the reason why some can and some can’t, especially since they are all using the most recent build of the client software. It seems most likely that Microsoft just botched the rollout of new network code; botching rollouts seems to be their thing lately.

  76. Alex Says:

    Let’s hope for a quick fix.. Messenger For Mac is a horrible invention..

  77. Daryn St. Pierre Says:

    Thank you for posting this. My MSN hasn’t been able to connect since yesterday and it was a complete mystery to me. Hopefully they fix this sooner than later.

  78. Dave Says:

    1.3.1. works fie for me too.

  79. Blunk Says:

    1.3.3b1 does not fixes the problem. The only way to fix it is reverting to 1.3.1 version.
    Pidgin knows the problems. Lets hope they fix it so Adium can fix it also.

  80. jui Says:

    Just downloaded 1.3.1 and its working perfectly.. Haven’t logged out yet though to see if it’ll reconnect.
    I wonder when msn and adium will fix this issue for 1.3.2?

  81. Juan Verduzco Says:

    I dropped to 1.3.1 and the error message I was given read: “ERROR: Unable to authenticate: .NET Messenger Service”. I guess I’ll just wait until Microsoft fixes this… Just like we’ve had to do with EVERYTHING they touch.

  82. Bas Says:

    On Windows, another solution is to just install msn-pecan, Adium 1.3.1 uses that too as connection library :)

  83. Solitary Says:

    Guys, even the latest MSN client (7.0.1) from M$ for Mac doesn’t connect properly (all contacts shown as offline) looks like their servers are messed up….

  84. devolute Says:

    Any way to make Adium use msn-pecan? My Windows Pidgin is now happily using that instead.

  85. Pablo Says:

    Version 1.3.1 solve the problem !!

  86. Mess with Messenger Says:

    Thanks for sharing that pidginuser, have included your solution over at

  87. Melvin Says:

    I hate MS now even more. Aboute 400% more. This really weak. Is there any ETA for the next 1.3.3 Beta with a fix? Thx!

  88. Chenks Says:

    i assume this also affects 1.3.3b1, as it won’t connect using that either.

  89. Saarkia Says:

    Downgrading for me worked thanks!
    Any idea when it will be fixed? :( x

  90. Eddie Says:

    I installed msn-pecan ( in pidgin/linux. switching to pecan solved the problem.
    To bad I am not able to build pecan for OSX 10.5.6 and Adium 1.3.2 …
    I hope there will be a workaround soon !

  91. Lewis King Says:

    1.3.1 just breaks, crashing on launch every time. 1.3.2 just sits there spinning it’s icon. Fuck you Microshit.

  92. DRrules Says:

    @Am3822: I’m talking about the new beta. Not the old release. This has to do with the V.15 protocol. The amsn you’re talking about doesn’t use it.

  93. Bas Says:

    Adium 1.3.1 uses msn-pecan instead of Purple’s normal MSNP library ;)

  94. dka Says:

    microsofts own webmessenger is also broken by this change. no doubt an oops on their part.

  95. Jason Says:

    While this definitely sucks (I love my adium) you can’t honestly expect MS to care if their alterations cause grief for 3rd parties. 3rd party apps provide nothing to them, in fact, they saturate their ability to get advertising to people. Yes, they want exposure (assumingly.. possibly not), but they want it on their own clients. So, while they likely don’t care to take steps to outright prevent 3rd party clients I really wouldn’t expect them to take steps to facilitate them either.

    Fingers cross for a patch or version to overcome this, as stated above: the official msn client for mac is an abomination.

  96. Juan Nobrega Says:

    Hi, after i download version 1.3.1 and works fine for me now I can connect again, version 1.3.1 solve the problem, hope someone can fix this sooner.

  97. Mike Says:

    Just use and wait for 1.3.3 release.

  98. rob Says:

    you can use Amsn, but it looks rubbish!

  99. Allan Says:

    Reverting to 1.3.1 did nothing for me except that Adium crashed on each attempt to login to MSN – it would go to 100% and then finally crash. I’m using a account. Not sure if that has anything to do with this. In the meantime I’m using iChat with Openfire and this tutorial(even though it’s not 100% accurate with the newest release of Openfire) – my ideal choice is Adium but it just won’t connect for me. And I’m not going to try the official client just yet.

  100. Mark Says:

    the fact is, msn for mac doesnt have adverts, so it’s not about that really. They have clearly done something by accident/not really thinking.

    use it for now, although it is the pits in comparison to Adium.

  101. Allan Says:

    Another success story with downgrading…I hate downgrading, but in this case it actually made it work again.

  102. Dan Says:

    1.3.1 does not work for me… it crashes before connecting. Messenger (official) does not connect for me either, but WebMessenger does.

  103. Nuno Lobito Says:

    adium 1.3.1 work well !fuck off msm 40-40 mind people MAC always the best!!

  104. David Goemans Says:

    Adium ( work ), pidgin and kopete ( home ) all down… :S

  105. kliko Says:

    If you use Pidgin, you have to adapt a new account and choose WLM account –> not MSN Account. Here is a the app link for ubuntu users
    sudo apt-get install msn-pecan


  106. nicedog Says:

    Thanks Kliko, it worked!

    Install msn-pecan, restart pidgin -> accounts -> manage acocunts -> disable the old msn account -> add -> use WLM -> enter my msn messenger email and password

  107. chaino Says:

    where do i download from the adium previuos version ?

  108. Mike Says:


    Link in the article –

  109. Zeteic Says:

    Is there going to be a reasonable discussion as to reverting to MSN-Pecan now?

  110. Allan Says:


  111. reffle Says:

    Just started working again for me

  112. Salomon Says:

    Works again on pidgin…

  113. N3bul4 Says:

    Working again on Adium….

  114. Guin Says:

    That was pretty quick, just as fast as it took for Microsoft to screw it up… good job, thanks

  115. Bas Says:

    Indeed, purple 2.5 does work… Microsoft just testing something?

  116. Pablo Maril Says:

    Is’t working now

  117. Salomon Says:

    Or they are friendly and will implement it in a next version, so devs have time to change it?

  118. Mark Says:

    Hey everyone,
    looks like this got fixed quickly.

    Thanks very much. :)

  119. Mark Says:

    can confirm working for me also on MSN.

  120. Petra Hall Says:

    Same here, 1.3.2 is now working again. I guess they found out their “oops”.

  121. Eide Says:

    Works again, just after i downloaded Messenger for Mac…

  122. sargon Says:

    so…for some people 1.3.1 works, for some people it doesn’t…. In my case 1.3.1 doesn’t work, it crashes on log in just as it does for other people. But does anyone know why 1.3.1 crashes?…please help

  123. sargon Says:

    ok?…all of a sudden 1.3.2 works again….

  124. andrea Says:

    adium 1.3.2 works again here too! that was fixed fortunatly!! I was using microsoft msn for mac meanwhile..

  125. Lethe Says:

    Well it just connected.
    However, I can’t see my contacts pictures in the buddy list. Anyone else having that problem?

  126. Rhino Says:

    Adium 1.3.2 works fine! Ah M$, give me a break…

  127. Seb Says:

    Yeah, it works.
    They fixed the problem.

  128. Casteloni Says:

    I am currently using Adium 1.3.2. Until today I experienced no problems connecting to the MSN network. However today (12th) I couldn’t get online and I found out that I was not the only one :P . But now everything seems to work ok again, without downgrading to 1.3.1. In other words: at this moment I am online using AdiumX 1.3.2 :)

  129. Danilo Says:

    omg, and that right after i finished a huge blogpost about this problem… -.-

  130. Lethe Says:

    Hm. Adding to my previous post: the pictures just seem to load very slowly..

  131. S Says:

    Just started working for me

  132. Atlanta New Car Deals Says:

    We use adium here and it just started working.

  133. Mick Says:

    I tried to see if my Adium would work, and it did.

  134. Bryant Tan Says:

    Aha, they’ve got their act together and got it working again. I can confirm it also works for Pidgin – it was a MS problem after all.

  135. Mikko Says:

    the mac version of messenger sucks (nothing has happened to it since 2004)

  136. Soren II Says:

    Try to run, from the terminal “sudo apt-get install msn-pecan”. It works for me but some people say you also have to change the protokoll from “MSN” to “WLM” .
    I did not and it works just fine.

  137. Soren II Says:

    Sorry, the above written works with Pidgin. I dont know about Adium

  138. Félix Says:

    Just a quick note. Technically, by using an unofficial client to connect to MSN, you are breaking the terms of use of MSN. Somewhere, it states you may only connect with tools designed by Microsoft.

    That being said, I use Adium for MSN (and YIM, and AIM, and Gtalk).

  139. cottonx Says:

    yeap, everything back to normal
    1.3.2 working fine

  140. Ylva Says:

    Yes, i had troubles connecting earlier today but now it all seems to work. I’ve been trying to find some official news about this other then blogs and forums. Im curious about what Microsoft says. Did they say anything on this matter. I mean ever if it works now maybe they decide in the futuree to actually block other apps out.

  141. svtdriver86 Says:

    Is anybody else having issues seeing your friends on MSN? I can log on, but I can’t see any of my friends and they all appear on my buddy list as Offline. I did just switch to a new email address, so I’m not sure if that has something to with it. Any thoughts people?

  142. Jeff Szusz Says:

    All seems to be well now!

  143. Peregrijn Says:

    Everything works over here again :)

  144. IceShaft Says:

    Everyone says that the problem has been fixed but I still can’t connect with my MSN account with any software (Adium, aMSN, Mercury, Messenger for Mac..)
    It was all fine until yesterday morning when it stopped working.
    Is it only me who still has problems with it?
    What should I do now?Are the some settings I could change?

  145. Kelvin Says:


    I’m having the same problem with you. Everyone says Adium 1.3.2 is working again but I just can’t login. The login status stuck at “Retrieving buddy list (100%)”. I tried logging in using MSN and it worked. Then when i tried logging into Adium with my MSN still logged in, MSN popped up a notification saying I’ve signed in from somewhere else. Anyone knows what’s happening? Thanks in advance!
    ps: my location is Australia.

  146. IceShaft Says:

    I also tried to log in into Adium through HTTP as some suggested, it starts connecting but then it gets stuck at “Authentication (75%)”..
    I wonder if it is a MSN server problem or it’s about some network settings on my Mac ’cause it seems that most of the people have fixed it..

  147. IceShaft Says:

    Woah can you believe that?
    I can’t even connect with the webpage!!
    it’s like the whole MSN network doesn’t work anymore on this Mac! :_(

  148. IceShaft Says:

    Problem solved..
    It was a DNS problem.. had to fix it via Terminal…
    Everything is fine now! :)

  149. Loki Says:

    “the mac version of messenger sucks (nothing has happened to it since 2004)”

    Nah: the most recent version (6.0.3 – as bundled with Office ’08) was updated in 2006.

    All working here too (1.3.3b1). Hopefully Adium / libpurple will eventually be compatible with MSN’s new ability to sign in at multiple locations, as is now possible with Messenger on the PC. Still sticking with Adium where possible, of course – but my portable computer isn’t a Mac.

  150. hap Says:

    I have the same problems with you, it last more than 1 month. And i sign up a new msn account, it works fine! may be my old msn account mess up my contacts. Try to find the reason.

  151. burnduck Says:

    It works again!
    Looks like those in MSN has figured out someway to fix it.

    Glad it works again.

  152. Flor Says:

    Alguien podría explicarme por favor que está pasando en ESPAÑOL. Gracias!

    someone can tell me what is happening, but in spanish, please. thank you!

  153. Guillermo Says:

    Estimada Flor:

    Aparentmente, Microsoft hizo “algo” que no se comunicaba bien con el nuevo protocolo de MSN que Adium 1.3.2 utiliza para conectarse a los servidores de MSN. Esto ocasionó que Adium 1.3.2 no se pudiera conectar a MSN, generando un error al recuperar la lista de contactos del servidor de MSN.

    La solución inmediata para superar esta inconveniencia era instalar Adium 1.3.1, que utiliza aún el protocolo anterior y que no generaba problemas para conectarse a MSN. Pero creo que ya no hay necesidad de procuparse por todo esto, ya que MSN parece haber arreglado el problema y Adium 1.3.2. ya se puede conectar a MSN.

  154. Werner Says:

    Hola. Flor. No te preocupes. Adium ya está funcionando nuevamente.
    Don’t worry Flor. Adium is working again.

  155. Flor Says:

    Gracias Guillermo y Werner!!

  156. Yuri Drozd Says:

    1.3.2,1.3.3b2 from Russia & Ukraina not work

  157. работа для студентов Says:

    USSR not work =)

  158. Ryan Erwin Says:

    1.3.2 and 1.3.3 b3 and b4 are still failing to work from Shanghai, China.
    Problem seems to be when “Retrieving Friend List”.
    Problem has been going on for several weeks now without any improvement.

    The only solution thus far is to launch Adium 1.3.1