MSN rejecting Adium 1.3.2 connections

Starting at about 20:00 PST tonight (January 11), Microsoft’s servers have stopped accepting logins from clients that use version 15 of the protocol, including Adium 1.3.2. The Debug Window in debug and beta versions of Adium reveals that their server is failing to find a certificate that it needs when Libpurple attempts to retrieve your MSN Address Book.

In case you’re wondering, this also affects Pidgin, which means it’s definitely not an Adium problem.

There are two ways to connect:

  • Use , the official client.
  • Use Adium 1.3.1, the previous version of Adium.

We’re not sure whether this is a temporary server problem or a permanent change that will break P15-using Libpurple-based clients (including Adium 1.3.2) until a future Libpurple release. If it turns out to be the latter, we’ll almost certainly include that Libpurple update in our next 1.3.3 beta.


  1. Another success story with downgrading…I hate downgrading, but in this case it actually made it work again.

  2. 1.3.1 does not work for me… it crashes before connecting. Messenger (official) does not connect for me either, but WebMessenger does.

  3. adium 1.3.1 work well !fuck off msm 40-40 mind people MAC always the best!!

  4. Adium ( work ), pidgin and kopete ( home ) all down… :S

  5. If you use Pidgin, you have to adapt a new account and choose WLM account –> not MSN Account. Here is a the app link for ubuntu users
    sudo apt-get install msn-pecan


  6. Thanks Kliko, it worked!

    Install msn-pecan, restart pidgin -> accounts -> manage acocunts -> disable the old msn account -> add -> use WLM -> enter my msn messenger email and password

  7. where do i download from the adium previuos version ?

  8. @chaino

    Link in the article –

  9. MSN-Pecan.
    Is there going to be a reasonable discussion as to reverting to MSN-Pecan now?

  10. @chaino,

  11. Just started working again for me

  12. Works again on pidgin…

  13. Working again on Adium….

  14. That was pretty quick, just as fast as it took for Microsoft to screw it up… good job, thanks

  15. Indeed, purple 2.5 does work… Microsoft just testing something?

  16. Is’t working now

  17. Or they are friendly and will implement it in a next version, so devs have time to change it?

  18. Hey everyone,
    looks like this got fixed quickly.

    Thanks very much. 🙂

  19. can confirm working for me also on MSN.

  20. Same here, 1.3.2 is now working again. I guess they found out their “oops”.

  21. Works again, just after i downloaded Messenger for Mac…

  22. so…for some people 1.3.1 works, for some people it doesn’t…. In my case 1.3.1 doesn’t work, it crashes on log in just as it does for other people. But does anyone know why 1.3.1 crashes?…please help

  23. ok?…all of a sudden 1.3.2 works again….

  24. adium 1.3.2 works again here too! that was fixed fortunatly!! I was using microsoft msn for mac meanwhile..

  25. Well it just connected.
    However, I can’t see my contacts pictures in the buddy list. Anyone else having that problem?

  26. Adium 1.3.2 works fine! Ah M$, give me a break…

  27. Yeah, it works.
    They fixed the problem.

  28. I am currently using Adium 1.3.2. Until today I experienced no problems connecting to the MSN network. However today (12th) I couldn’t get online and I found out that I was not the only one :P. But now everything seems to work ok again, without downgrading to 1.3.1. In other words: at this moment I am online using AdiumX 1.3.2 🙂

  29. omg, and that right after i finished a huge blogpost about this problem… -.-

  30. Hm. Adding to my previous post: the pictures just seem to load very slowly..

  31. Just started working for me

  32. We use adium here and it just started working.

  33. I tried to see if my Adium would work, and it did.

  34. Aha, they’ve got their act together and got it working again. I can confirm it also works for Pidgin – it was a MS problem after all.

  35. the mac version of messenger sucks (nothing has happened to it since 2004)

  36. Try to run, from the terminal “sudo apt-get install msn-pecan”. It works for me but some people say you also have to change the protokoll from “MSN” to “WLM” .
    I did not and it works just fine.

  37. Sorry, the above written works with Pidgin. I dont know about Adium

  38. Just a quick note. Technically, by using an unofficial client to connect to MSN, you are breaking the terms of use of MSN. Somewhere, it states you may only connect with tools designed by Microsoft.

    That being said, I use Adium for MSN (and YIM, and AIM, and Gtalk).

  39. yeap, everything back to normal
    1.3.2 working fine

  40. Yes, i had troubles connecting earlier today but now it all seems to work. I’ve been trying to find some official news about this other then blogs and forums. Im curious about what Microsoft says. Did they say anything on this matter. I mean ever if it works now maybe they decide in the futuree to actually block other apps out.

  41. Is anybody else having issues seeing your friends on MSN? I can log on, but I can’t see any of my friends and they all appear on my buddy list as Offline. I did just switch to a new email address, so I’m not sure if that has something to with it. Any thoughts people?

  42. All seems to be well now!

  43. Everything works over here again 🙂

  44. Everyone says that the problem has been fixed but I still can’t connect with my MSN account with any software (Adium, aMSN, Mercury, Messenger for Mac..)
    It was all fine until yesterday morning when it stopped working.
    Is it only me who still has problems with it?
    What should I do now?Are the some settings I could change?

  45. @IceShaft

    I’m having the same problem with you. Everyone says Adium 1.3.2 is working again but I just can’t login. The login status stuck at “Retrieving buddy list (100%)”. I tried logging in using MSN and it worked. Then when i tried logging into Adium with my MSN still logged in, MSN popped up a notification saying I’ve signed in from somewhere else. Anyone knows what’s happening? Thanks in advance!
    ps: my location is Australia.

  46. I also tried to log in into Adium through HTTP as some suggested, it starts connecting but then it gets stuck at “Authentication (75%)”..
    I wonder if it is a MSN server problem or it’s about some network settings on my Mac ’cause it seems that most of the people have fixed it..

  47. Woah can you believe that?
    I can’t even connect with the webpage!!
    it’s like the whole MSN network doesn’t work anymore on this Mac! :_(

  48. Problem solved..
    It was a DNS problem.. had to fix it via Terminal…
    Everything is fine now! 🙂

  49. “the mac version of messenger sucks (nothing has happened to it since 2004)”

    Nah: the most recent version (6.0.3 – as bundled with Office ’08) was updated in 2006.

    All working here too (1.3.3b1). Hopefully Adium / libpurple will eventually be compatible with MSN’s new ability to sign in at multiple locations, as is now possible with Messenger on the PC. Still sticking with Adium where possible, of course – but my portable computer isn’t a Mac.

  50. @Kelvin
    I have the same problems with you, it last more than 1 month. And i sign up a new msn account, it works fine! may be my old msn account mess up my contacts. Try to find the reason.

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