Adium 1.3.5

Adium 1.3.5 is now available, with the aforementioned features of the release candidate. Enjoy!

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  1. MACGOD Says:

    Hi there, I recently updated my adium to 1.3.5 and i’ve noticed I can’t login. It constantly crashes and I’m forced to report or reopen Adium. This never happened with the previous version so I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what I could do to prevent this. Please help!

  2. Amy Says:

    The new update is installed, and it’s still not logging into Yahoo. To fix the problem earlier in the week I changed the server. Could that be the problem?

  3. crista Says:

    I updated aduim to 1.3.5 and now can’t join group chat. When I go to Join Group Chat, then follow all the prompts like I normally do, the window just doesn’t appear.
    Could that have anything to do with having had to change the log in server?
    I had to change the login server because I couldn’t connect using the old one.
    it’s set to
    Please let me know if anyone has a solution. Thank you in advance!

  4. Rizaria Says:


    Yes, that reminded me I did that too. Changed it back and now Yahoo connects fine with this new version.

  5. audiored Says:

    I’ve tired 3 times to dl the the patch for adium. each time it has taken nearly an hour or more to download. updating form adium itself causes an error. if i download from adiums website the dmg file is not recognized..

  6. Manao Black Says:

    1.3.5 is stable, but it didn’t fix the login to Yahoo problem for me. As installed with the server set to I got some sort of ‘socket not available’ error and then a wait for a next connection attempt. Changing the server setting to immediately solved the problem.

    Also of note, with the app running my custom dock icon (the San Francisco Giants one) works perfectly when available or away. However when Adium is not running, the icon is the little green thing. (It used to always be another Giants icon).

  7. Konstantin Says:

    Is there any way to deactivate the new notification for new “emails” in the facebook plugin? Clicking that window away on every startup is really annoying (and I don’t see a reason for reading those notifications on the facebook site, as they are automatically redirected to your mail address)

  8. Acidham Says:

    It seems that the search field in contact list when typing a contact name is gone since 1.3.5. Should I have to (re)enable it first?

  9. yeshe Says:

    extremely unstable to me, it crashes randomly and rolling over the contact list for the information tooltips

    never happened before

  10. Lance E Sloan Says:

    While Adium 1.3.5 fixes recent problems with Yahoo! and adds improved Facebook support, the recent problems with QQ remain. Do the developers have any idea why the QQ problems are happening?

  11. Alex Sleeis Says:

    Oops. accidentally posted this on the RC1 page… reposting here as this is where it was meant to be. Adium doesn’t seem to be consistently tracking whether my friends are idle, away, or even logging off!! I’ve had friends stay in away state, but be online, or show as online and have long since gone idle/away or even having logged out. I am not sure if it specific to an IM service or not. I have definitely noticed it with a couple Yahoo friends. Thanks for fixing the Yahoo login issue, but for me, 1.3.4 was far more stable and far buggy. Maybe it’s related to other changes in Yahoo that are still not fully hashed out, but I would really like to see a fix soon. :(

  12. Robert Says:

    1.3.5 always crashes with my hotmail msn account only. Tried new preferences, logging in on a different account etc. but hotmail still crashes. It opens, 100% of the contacts list is loaded,it asks if I want to see email but then it crashes.

    Previously every time I opened msn on hotmail I was asked to confirm different contacts each time. Don’t have a problem when logging in using the msn program itself.

  13. Wedhouz Says:

    1.3.5 is working fine to login into yahoo
    the problem is that if a contact is signing out, it still appears as visible in the 1.3.5

  14. Peter da Silva Says:

    Oops. accidentally posted this on the RC1 page… reposting here as this is where it was meant to be.

    I saw facebook listed and got all excited, since my brother just talked me into joining facebook… but when I try to connect nothing happens and in the log file it says:

    09-06-23 16:37:40 Adium[20106] Could not connect the action changeServiceName: to target of class PurpleFacebookAccountViewController
    09-06-23 16:37:40 Adium[20106] *** Illegal NSOutlineView data source (). Must implement outlineView:numberOfChildrenOfItem:, outlineView:isItemExpandable:, outlineView:child:ofItem: and outlineView:objectValueForTableColumn:byItem:

    Poor Adiumy is sad.

  15. billi Says:

    I am not able to log into Facebook anymore. I keep getting a pop up asking for my email address & password, it wont accept it.

  16. Totof Says:

    Adium 1.3.5 is unstable in my computer. It doesn’t log with MSN account and It crash every time I start it… I come back to the previous version, more stable…

  17. Matze Says:

    Thanks for this update and not letting the Tiger folks (that’s me too) stuck on an unusable version of Adium. 1.3.5 works fine for me. Thanks.

  18. Tess Says:

    I posted this under the release candidate before I realized it should go here…

    After the update to 1.3.5 I am having no luck sending/receiving IMs from most of my coworkers. They use Trillian, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger mostly. However I can receive/send IMs with another coworker on Adium same version and someone outside of my work network on AIM. I’ve submitted a ticket for this, but curious if anyone else is having these issues?

  19. Vikster Says:

    I’m running 1.3.5 on OSX 10.4.11. All was fine yesterday, but today my yahoo accounts were unable to log in. Then I removed the “hack” of server name, changing them to the default “”, and I was table to connect. I figured that tidbit might be useful to some folks.

  20. Pfeester Says:

    Thanks Vikster…that was very helpful!

  21. haunted Says:

    I am also having issues with Yahoo contacts not showing any status updates, some even going offline without my knowledge. I am set to the default server.

  22. donna Says:

    hi u have adium 1.0.6

    i use to b able to use tha group chat no problem but not it wont log me in
    it says i need a verification code only iy does not show me one

    any help would b great please

  23. Scott Says:


    Agreed, the new Facebook email feature is a little bit annoying. An option would be fantastic.

  24. Papa Lozarou Says:

    Arrrggggh. I get the facebook email dialogue box constantly coming up every 10 seconds. It’s very very annoying.

  25. matthew Says:

    this update completely broke the program. it crashes before it starts

  26. Steve Chen Says:

    I’m using version 1.3.5 on Mac OS X 10.5.7, found that when I changed my status for Google Talk to “Invisible”, others can see my status as “Away”.

  27. Hayfa Says:

    There’s a problem with contacts’ MSN custom-smilies in all of Adium editions above 1.3.2 as it doesn’t show smilies that their shortcuts are written with Arabic letters. For example, if someone had a smiley with this shortcut:
    :smile: it would appear without a problem, but if it was :ابتسامة: which is written in arabic, it won’t appear and only letters are seen.
    Hope to see an end to this problem since it only appeared lately.. And more importantly, hope to see MSN custom-smilies for Adium users that actually appear to MSN contacts. :)
    Keep up the good work.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Won’t connect to AIM. Never had this issue before 1.3.5.

  29. dtravis7 Says:

    Yahoo now connects fine. Only issue like a few others above is it’s not showing when my contacts log out. I chat them and they are gone but still showing in the list. If I log out and in then it no longer shows them.

  30. Alex Sleeis Says:

    FYI, I tried using Meebo today. I saw that Meebo had the exact same issue of now showing that Yahoo users statuses have changed or that they have logged out. I haven’t tried using other clients to further test this theory, or even Yahoo’s own client… but it may be that Yahoo itself broke stuff with sending the status notifications. If I test more and find at least one additional IM client is having this problem, I will post and confirm. It may not be 1.3.5, but rather Yahoo’s recent updates that broke user status changes.

  31. dtravis7 Says:

    I just tried the latest Yahoo Messenger for OSX and it showed my friends logging on and off every time. So whatever it is might just be affecting the multi chat clients.

  32. mcsmart Says:

    Same here. Yahoo Messenger works fine, other clients don’t.

  33. The Ultimation Says:

    Thanks Vikster, worked for me :) yay messages

  34. ucdgrad Says:

    1.3.5 successfully signed into Yahoo! I have one big issue. Now when I have my facebook account logged on, each time I launch Adium, wake my computer from sleep, … and Adium logs on, it tells me I have messages in my facebook inbox. I would like to know how I can turn that notification off.

  35. baltmd Says:

    Unable to sign into AIM over the past week. Even using past versions. Any Ideas?

  36. Jake Says:

    Ditto other commenters who have requested (and now I’m begging) for an option to turn off the Facebook mail messages notification. Crazy that it’s a requirement and crazy that it’s popping up so very often!

  37. brian Says:

    Those notifications are stopping me from wanting to use the facebook login on Adium sort it out ….and give the fool who thought it was a good idea a stern telling off

  38. boyonabike Says:

    I’m having trouble signing onto AIM as well this past week. It keeps asking for my password. I can sign onto AIM from other clients, though.

  39. cholis Says:


    I installed emoticons packs, but my contacts can’t see them. What’s the problem?

    Please help, and send me an answer to my mail, please!


  40. Alex Duncan Says:


    Can we get rid of or at least have the option to turn off the Facebook Message Inbox notifications.


  41. Robert Says:

    In the name of all that is holy, please make the facebook e-mail notifications stop!

    Seriously, love what you folks do, but the dialog boxes are killing me…

  42. Kyle Says:

    I’m also having issues with 1.3.5 and connecting to hotmail. it says that the status is at 100% and is retrieving my contacts…but even after an hour or two, i see nothing.
    Any ideas anybody?

  43. Dwight Spencer Says:

    I’ve been having this issue for a while now too, I figured it was my appartment’s router blocking my traffic agian but, after I got a new internet service I still had this issue. I tried all open source IM’s I could(fire and a few others) and had to download the individual close source clients. A little digging and I found that this is an issue with libpurple and the authentication protocols being changed ONCE AGAIN to make Pidgin/Libpurple im clients inoperable. Pidgin has fixed this, and its time that adium updates to the latest libpurble as well.

  44. MikeSilver Says:

    Mmm cuando van a poder hacer que el adium acepte videoconferencia? en ese sentido creo que estan bastante resagados ya que aMSN lo permite desde hace 2 versiones atras….
    M encanta el adium pero por esa sencilles de la camara o el isight no lo uso xD

    Mm… When they go to cause that the Adium accepts videoconferences? In that sense I believe that they are had slow since aMSN back has it for 2 versions

  45. Ian Says:

    Upgraded to 1.3.5 and now the stupid thing crashes shortly after startup. Downgraded to 1.3.4 and now that is borked as well. Anyone know the fix?

  46. Ian Says:

    I had to unplug my network, start adium, and disable yahoo to keep it from crashing. I recently changed my yahoo login server so it would connect successfully, so maybe I”m using and odd configuration that is not well tested…

  47. Matthew O'Riordan Says:

    Please make the facebook email / message alerts dialog box stop. There is no option to turn this off and it’s horrendously annoying. I love Adium, but this new feature has become extremely annoying.. please add an option in the Facebook account set up to toggle this feature on and off.

  48. Jeromelove Says:

    Yes please add an option to not show the new email notification popup window for facebook. Please make it stop!

  49. Fabio Saneti Says:

    You Guys think someday we will be able o connect on Skype over Adium?

  50. Matt Says:

    Make…. facebook… email… popup…. stop!!!! Driving me insane…

  51. Jeff Fields Says:

    I’m also experiencing the issue in which Adium 1.3.5 (under OS X 10.5.7) is failing to register when Yahoo friends logout/idle/etc.

    Logging out and back in updates the display, but this is still an issue.

  52. Alex Says:


    i have some problems with my yahoo account since i’ve upgraded to 1.3.5.:

    1.Contacts from my list appearing online when they aren’t… (They appear online when they connect, but when they disconnect, they still appear online on my list.)

    2.Avatars of my contacts won’t refresh… (i know for sure that they changed since i’ve upgraded, but Adium shows to me their old avatars)

  53. D, Says:

    Same here…

    >i have some problems with my yahoo account since i’ve upgraded to 1.3.5.:
    >1.Contacts from my list appearing online when they aren’t… (They appear online when they connect, but when they disconnect, they still appear online on my list.)
    >2.Avatars of my contacts won’t refresh… (i know for sure that they changed since i’ve upgraded, but Adium shows to me their old avatars)

  54. donna Says:

    can someone please help me

    ive asked over 5 times for help i use 10.3.9 and have to use adium 1.0.6
    its asking me for a verification code only it does not show me one
    is there sumthing i have to change in order to see it or is that it now
    i can not use yahoo group chat on adium anymore?

  55. Alex Duncan Says:


    Please please please make the Facebook email notifications stop!


  56. Karl Says:

    Great software, I will use it until I die or don’t have any fingers. Adium for life, but…

    I also am begging you to stop with the Facebook notifications. Coming home after work and having to click ok 50 times is annoying as HELL!


  57. Steve Says:

    Yes – facebook notifications – please stop… :( ((

    But thanks for a great app still :) ))

  58. AustinDKelly Says:

    Please make the facebook mail popup box go away! or at the very least make an option to turn it off. I got to my computer this morning and there were 27 popups for 1 message. please make it stop!

  59. Alex Says:

    Turn off e-mail notification for facebook!! IT MAKES ME WANT TO KILL SOMETHING

  60. Dazed off FB notifications Says:



  61. Welt Says:

    the avatar of my ym buddies are mostly for maybe 2.
    All i can see is the generic ym logo beside their name, for all of them, which is kinda sad.
    Anybody have the same problems?

  62. JayX Says:

    Please stop the facebook message notification from popping up!

  63. Eric Marden Says:

    Adium, your facebook support is cruel and unusual.

  64. Michael Says:

    I Upgraded to adium135 . In the versions before I could see my friends IP address and now I cant see it. Please tell me where that info went !
    Also, I was able to see my Buddies ICON Pic when they loged into FaceBook . And now it is gone ! you can only see the FaceBook LOGO . Plus the Profile pic doesn’t appear in Get Info of user section !

  65. Michael Says:

    Is there going to be a plugin for Video chats !

  66. Alex Sleeis Says:

    I’d be happy if a patch were released soon to address the Yahoo online/away status issues. I’ve seen other clients with this issue (Meebo is one), however, Trillian seems to have things working just fine with Yahoo’s latest changes. Any plans to have Yahoo back to NORMAL. It would be nice to not have my buddy list build up, as it shows when buddies logon, but not when they log off (so they stay in the list of active users). And it’s quite annoying to think someone is there (regularly) and message them when they’re not because they’re actually idle or away. Any idea on when this might get addressed??? Thanks.

  67. Scrap Girl Says:


    I recently formated my MacBook Pro and installed the Aduim 1.3.5. My problem is, I don’t seem to seem the pictures of my contacts i.e. the Avatars that normally in their account.

    Please help. Thank you.

  68. Business Says:

    When skype will be able in adium?

  69. rottiepaws Says:

    Apparently, either a lot of people here get way too many Facebook mail messages, are exaggerating greatly, or they are getting multiple notifications for the same message. You can turn off email notification on Facebook. However, it is a feature I do not need either. I have the disappearing Facebook profile image problem too. I also have a problem with offline contacts only showing up after they have been online since recently deleting the plist file to try to fix the profile image problem.

  70. Kevin Tracy Says:

    These e-mail alerts are driving me nuts. I don’t want to have to click “OK” every 5 minutes, and God forbid I should step away from the computer for a little bit, I have to click the darn thing a hundred times just to get rid of them all.

  71. Lynn Siprelle Says:

    Adium crashes constantly now. I’m going to be forced to choose another chat app, which makes me sad.

  72. Hoby Says:

    Is the yahoo connection what was causing the crashing? I remember trying to disable services in the split seconds before it crashed after launching and it didn’t seem to be having any effect.

    I ended up downgrading to 1.3.4.. though with that I can no longer connect to Yahoo.

    As I reported in the bug database, console had a “json-scanner” error with each crash.

    When can we get 1.3.6 with fixed Yahoo crashing and the preference for us to turn off mail notifications? These seem to be the top issues with 1.3.5.

  73. Larry Mac Says:

    Plus 10000000 on the Facebook notification thing. It is making me whacky!

  74. Cai Says:

    Can’t connect to MSN. Get’s stuck on “(100% retrieving buddy list)”, then I get a “reading error”. Then it just reconnects and goes in a loop.

    I tried re-installing the last version (1.3.4) but still doesn’t work. Very weird.

  75. JL Says:

    I’m still having lots of problems with Yahoo!
    I can connect to Y!M
    But, I do not see my contacts disconnect. They just stay online forever until I close Adium.
    Also, the display pictures of contacts are blank. I do not see their display pictures. This happens to both Yahoo! and Facebook. :O

  76. JL Says:

    Please help! Urgent. :(
    I like using Adium because of its notification features with Mac.
    Now, I’m stuck with normal Yahoo! Messenger for Mac, which also has some glitches. :o

  77. Jaymis Says:

    I’ll add my vote for removing the facebook mail notification. For all the reasons mentioned above. It is of course possible to stop it by marking everything read at the Facebook inbox, but it’s a very redundant alert.

  78. Stuart Fowler Says:

    Not sure how it all works, so this is a trial. Am especially interested in RSS feeds

  79. Ellis Says:

    Same with the facebook new message notice. Its useless and annoying.

  80. Andreia Says:

    YM connects just fine with the default server for me but i can’t see the icons of the people i talk to and it’s really annoying having the default ones of yahoo messenger …

    Please try to fix it. Thanks

  81. Clint Says:

    Since downloading this version I am unable to start Adium. I’ve tried restarting and to remove the folder Adium 2.0 from ~/Library/Appliation Support directory. Do you have any suggestions? Or is there a way to access a previous version? Here is a log from my console:

    7/20/09 3:33:50 PM[89] ([0x0-0x19019].com.adiumX.adiumX[145]) Exited abnormally: Trace/BPT trap
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM [0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156] dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/AIUtilities.framework/Versions/A/AIUtilities
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM [0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156] dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/AIUtilities.framework/Versions/A/AIUtilities
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM [0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156] Referenced from: /Applications/
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM [0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156] Reason: image not found
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM[89] ([0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156]) Exited abnormally: Trace/BPT trap
    7/20/09 3:35:55 PM[89] ([0x0-0x1d01d].com.adiumX.adiumX[156]) Exited abnormally: Trace/BPT trap