Adium 1.3.8

Adium 1.3.8 is now available. This release contains the connection fixes for Facebook chat, as well as a small fix for Snow Leopard users to fix the events list. There’s more Snow Leopard fixes on the upcoming 1.4 beta release which we felt were too broad of changes to include in the 1.3.8 release, sorry. An updated beta for 1.4 with the Facebook fix will be coming shortly through the usual channels. Enjoy!

NB: If you’re getting the CAPTCHA popup, disconnect and wait 10 minutes before you try to connect again. CAPTCHA itself isn’t working, but the message just means to calm down trying to connect.


  1. Humm I let adium update itself, now I can’t run it because it says its for the wrong architecture. Manually download the new version and install and it’s fine now.

  2. 1.3.8 wont let me recieve offline messages as well.

  3. I had to use my username versus my email address to get around the disconnect/reconnect problem

  4. ciau

  5. i couldn’t get any joy with this new release but i uninstalled EVERYTHING (app cleaner, it’s a great tool), and then installed a new version from scratch. so far it seems to be working.

  6. Thanks! The new update works flawlessly with fb for me. 🙂

  7. I downloaded 1.3.8 last week and have been loving it. Unfortunately for the last two days it has been quitting unexpectedly whenever I try to click on a contact and send an IM. I’m running OSX 10.5.8

  8. MSN randomly disconnects
    MSN log’s me out while remaining “online” but i coiuld be offline for hours without noticing since msn contacts keep showing.
    Many a time when MSN contacts talk to me they eventually send me an email or when a message comes through they complain most of their text was undeliverable. WHen i use the official client it works fine.

  9. Facebook issue is still present in a fully updated 10.4 system running Adium 1.3.8. One of two issues, either chronic captcha or FB chat doesn’t connect at all. This has been happening even post a clean reformat and re-install of the OS and all apps.

  10. Just updated the 1.4 beta…facebook chat is working like a charm. Thanks.

  11. Since 1.3.8 i can’t receive ICQ offline messages. Does anybody else have this problem too?
    Otherwise Adium is the best!!!

  12. hey!!!
    i can’t conected and i don’t know if this problem is from my mac or is from adiu
    what do i have to do??
    help please

  13. Thanks for the update!

    I’ve come across a problem, though. Recently when I close and reopen Adium my nickname resets to a nickname I used to use a long time ago. I change it to the right one every time, and when I sign out and back in again it’s back to the old one.

    Is there a way I can fix this? It just started this week, and I use Adium every day.

  14. Yeah, what Lindor says …

    Every contact I have using adium is having this problem, the nickname resets everytime we logon …

  15. 1.3.8 fixed the facebook problem although it sometimes disconnect and immediately reconnect. new problem is ICQ this version is not able to connect to icq at all

  16. Hi all!

    I don’t know since when this problem is present but I noticed it recently. Every time I log in, no matter is I just closed my MacBook or relaunched Adium it replaces my user name with the first part of my MSN address (untill the @ character). Every time I have to go to preferences, select my account, Personal and set the Display name as I want it to be…

    Thank you!

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