Adium 1.3.10

When it rains, it pours! Adium 1.3.10 is now available. This release is Facebook-oriented and forcibly disables the Facebook CAPTCHA, and fixes some issues with messages from newer Facebook users.

We regret having to release two point releases in such quick succession, sorry for any inconvenience. Hopefully any remaining Facebook issues facing 1.3 users are now fixed in this release.

55 Responses to “Adium 1.3.10”

  1. Azael Says:

    i can’t log, i was using 1.3.8 and i changed to 1.3.9 but couldn’t log into msn… are this quick realeases my problem?

  2. Nadja Says:

    hi guys,
    just installed the new adium… well and now my facebook login doesn’t work at all anymore… kepps on asking me for my passwort every 2 seconds without logging me in – whats wrong?

  3. keke Says:

    same thing here. can’t log into my facebook account.

  4. Peter Hosey Says:

    Azael, Nadja, and keke: You need to update to 1.3.10; that’s the version that fixes the Facebook problem. (It’s also the version this post is about!)

    Also, comments here on the blog are not the correct place to get support. For that, you need to contact us.

  5. MSNGONE Says:

    Now i can’t even access MSN.

  6. Al Says:

    please make adium for windows
    thank you

  7. xoeren Says:

    Sorry to say, that now facebook support is even worse

    - it tries to log on to facebook a few time in quick succession, then gives up and the captcha reappears

  8. Nico Says:

    Same problem here, can’t connect to FB with Adium 1.3.10.
    Keeps asking me my logins :’(

    Keep trying guys, thanks for your work

  9. Lukas Says:

    I really have no problems with Facebook now. But the strange thing is that this morning I logged in to Facebook even with Adium 1.3.9… No problem at all with MSN! (I am on Mac OS X 10.4.11… but I am using Adium 1.4b17 if on Snow Leopard).

  10. Lopez Says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like to request a feature:
    I would bind Adium on a specific ethernet-card! I have 2 independant internet connections – ethernet and wifi/airport. I’d like to set adium to use Airport, without setting the airport on top of the networking priorities. Is it possible yet, or must it be implemented?

    However, thx for the nice msgr!


  11. lukestrass Says:

    sorry does not work anymore. it keep asking facebook log!

  12. Silverface Says:

    now it works fine.. this evening ‘ll try at home.. where yesterday i had more connection problems… se you SOON!

  13. Ethan Cane Says:

    Simply brilliant!

  14. keke Says:

    fb now works with 1.3.10! i don’t know what was the problem in the morning. thanks for your work!

  15. Bajito Says:

    All right, Facebook chat is now working again. Nice and fast job !! Well done !

    Is that possible to know the causes of this solved issue ? Are they Facebook IM protocol changes ?

  16. Dave Says:

    Hope to see 1.4 soon with improvements for MSN. Think the new Pidgin release will do the job :)

  17. LOrD DAiSy Says:

    1.3.10 still has issues, 1.3.9 worked this morning before 11am GMT, after that it didnt, downloaded and installed 1.3.10, comes up with facebook password authentication….repeatedly :(
    Hope that helps

  18. Silverface Says:

    same problem at home… it continuosly loop asking me the FB password…DAMN

  19. Brett Says:

    Just tested Facebook. Works great. MSN works just like normal also. Thanks guys!

    To the person requesting adium for windows, there is one, It’s called pidgin (

  20. Dave Says:

    Windows? I’m a long time Mac user (and Adium user as well). So just to be clear: Adium 1.4 for Mac ;)

  21. Philippe Says:

    Help !!! i can not connect by QQ !!!!

  22. alan Says:

    Hi, Im using adium on mac os snow leopard and my name display is different to I choose to appear. I change and change and all days reopen adium is change again. Please help me

  23. Erik M Says:

    I have just started to have fb-chat problems. It requests my password over and over again without being able to login.

  24. mo Says:

    hi guys!

    icq does not work any more! tried the 1.3.8 again… no success. seems to be a server issue…

  25. Der Abver Says:

    Hi! thanx for update with Facebook fix!

  26. Hudo Says:

    hi mo!

    after i updated to 1.3.9, i noticed at this time, that i had problems with retrieving the user-info of my icq-buddies. msn and jabber worked.
    but loggin-in worked every time perfectly.
    I think some kind of server-problems at icq.

  27. Edu Says:

    Hola gente
    Con la version 1.3.9 intentaba conectar el Facebook y me pedia constantemente el captcha sin conectarse nunca.
    Ahora con la 1.3.10 me pide todo el rato mi contraseña de facebook, la cual pongo bien, pero no acepta, me la pide una vez tras otra…
    que es lo que puede estar pasando
    Alguien me puede ayudar?

  28. Bahadir Says:

    Hello. Since the previous version of Adium, MSN account is not active somehow. Retrieve buddy list (100%) will remain. 1.3.10 in the issue has not changed. I wonder why this problem may be caused and how it can solve. If you do too glad to help.

  29. XMPP Says:

    What about the jinngle-implementation?
    Is there any progress?

    XMPP > Rest

  30. Gavin Says:

    Hey. Adium is a great application. I have found something wrong though. Any emoticon I use while talking to a contact who does not use Adium (which is all my contacts so I can’t test otherwise), does not show up in their message window. For example if I type “cowsmile” in my messenger window, I see the emoticon, but the windows live messenger user just sees text.
    Is there a setting I need to turn on or do I just have to live without emoticons when i use adium?

    Thanks for your help

  31. Rogelio Gudino Says:

    I can’t login to MSN, it keeps asking my password, and I just updated to 1.3.10 :S

  32. soku Says:

    isight working pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Luke Says:

    Hi, I set my privacy settings so that only people on my contact list can message me, yet I’ve noticed (in the last day) that my privacy settings are no longer defaulting to this; rather, they’ve loosened somehow. What’s going on?

  34. sretan Says:

    Have been dealing with Facebook problems ever since the new release came out. Actually chose to not update at first due to previous problems in the past with Facebook-oriented updates. Turns out that it didn’t matter, as of yesterday Adium kept crashing immediately when logging in even with 1.3.9 for some reason… I was able to disable my Facebook login and now Adium has at least stopped crashing. (And yes, I did also try reverting to 1.3.8 and even upgrading to 1.3.10 with the same problematic results in each.) Help! Currently am using Adium with my Facebook disabled so that it will stop crashing and subsequently force logging me out of the Facebook in my browser. Thanks!

  35. Rubens Says:

    Adium 1.3.10 crashes from 0 to 30 seconds after starting, over and over. How to go back to 1.3.9 or something ? Facebook support not needed for now.

  36. Some User Says:

    ICQ-Offline Messages doesn’t work for me like in 1.3.8, have to switch back to 1.3.8?

  37. Some User Says:

    ICQ-Offline Messages doesn’t work for me like in 1.3.9, have to switch back to 1.3.8?
    Sorry for the typo

  38. Federico Says:

    Adium 1.3.10 loses connection with my Jabber account. If I turn it off then on again it fixes it, but only 80% of the times. Plus, it would be nice not to lose connection at random. I have no need nor desire to connect Adium with Facebook

  39. txwa Says:

    ICQ online~!??

  40. Tobi Says:

    A friend sends me a BMP image from a windows platform over icq and in the middle of the download the download freezes!

    I hope their is a solution in the near future

  41. Krisotffer Abildgaard Says:

    It won’t let me log into facebook. =(

  42. Ricardo Teixeira Says:

    Running 1.3.10 on OS 10.6.2 Snow Leopard. FB works normally now, but MSN is still stuck at “Retrieving buddy list (100%)” and doesn’t connect.

  43. ohad Says:

    same here… can’t login to facebook, keeps asking me for my password.

  44. punk Says:

    Please make a iPhone version !!

    Thanks!! :)

  45. Nicolas Says:

    Oddly enough, Adium can’t connect to msn anymore… It all started a few days ago and I just can’t find a way to solve this problem, tried to create a new set of preferences but it didn’t help.
    Adium’s stil working though, don’t have any problem with FB for instance…

    I’m using a French hotmail account (, dunno if it could change anything.
    I confirm it was working great till a couple of days…

  46. Dave Bates Says:

    Facebook now works great, however since upgrading, the google options checkbox to show mail notifications doesn’t seem to have any effect. I am suddenly getting email notifications even though it is unchecked. Thanks for such a great program!

  47. Adam Says:

    On the Facebook part, i’m disconnected and connected reguraly (every minutes, somtimes a time off 5 minutes, sometimes every 30 secondes).. it’s embarace me.. ( im french sorry for my poor english )

  48. fran Says:

    Can I log into IRC with this?

  49. Chip Says:

    Adium crashes instantly when I add facebook account

  50. Andric Says:

    Like the 2 other people who have commented, I also have problems with connecting to MSN. It started yesterday and it is stuck at “Retrieving Buddy List (100%)”.

    Anyone knows of a solution other than downgrading to an extremely outdated version? That would fix the problem with MSN but would cause problems with Facebook as this seems to be the only working version with FB. Sigh…

  51. bogdan Says:

    Do you think that we will be able to use skype too?

  52. Shirley Says:

    Cannot login to QQ using 1.3.10. Tried 2 different QQ accounts. Just keeps asking me for password.

    I’m on 10.4.11. MSN works fine. I have not added

    And can’t search for QQ support on this web site, because QQ is only 2 characters, and it requires 3 character to perform a search.


    ps. Hope Adium will support QQ email address login soon (the login name is an email address not just a bunch of numbers)

    ps2. Can’t change font color in the pref pane either.

  53. dz Says:

    I am still having problems with Yahoo! W/o log out/in on my Yahoo! Adium is not able to log in. Is there a work around?

  54. troller Says:

    Quote: “On the Facebook part, i’m disconnected and connected reguraly (every minutes, somtimes a time off 5 minutes, sometimes every 30 secondes).. it’s embarace me.. ( im french sorry for my poor english )”

    Same problem here….

  55. kaffua Says:

    Hallo u have a nice chatsoftware but why isnt there skype-chat.