Facebook Chat via XMPP

Hi folks,

Just a quick announcement for everyone using Facebook Chat in Adium:

If you’re experiencing problems, we recommend switching to the official XMPP implementation of Facebook Chat due to its increased stability instead of using Adium’s custom implementation which relied on the pidgin-facebookchat plugin.

You can find instructions on how to set up Facebook Chat via XMPP on the FacebookChat page of the Adium Wiki. Facebook has also released instructions.

We hope to offer a migration path from the old to the new implementation of Facebook Chat in a future version of Adium.


  1. Unfortunately does the Facebook XMPP chat server not support SSL which means that all data is sent unencrypted. I’m not sure about the password, if a digest is used, but as told in Facebook FAQ: SSL is not supported.

  2. I’m getting sometimes an “Not Authorized Error” when i log into Facebook XMPP with Adium. To avoid this error I need to fire up another Jabber client and connect to Facebook XMPP. After this procedure I can connect with Adium until it happens again. Please fix… 🙁

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  7. SkypeKit is out for Mac (and Windows)! I know it’s off topic, but I wasn’t quite sure where to say it. So, is Skype video chat in Adium a dead cert now?

  8. Cool cool!

    Adium is the best!

  9. @Rishi Mouland:

    Regarding video and audio chat in Adium, have a look at this blog entry:

    Regarding native support for a/v, read this entry:
    To sum it up: The Adium guys don’t have the manpower necessary to work on a/v in addition to everything else they’re working on…

    @the Adium team:
    A/V doesn’t matter, being able to use dozens of chat services in one app is what makes the difference!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Any progress on fixing the QQ account connection bug? Thanks

  11. Hey guys, what’s happening with Gtalk? I can’t connect to it through Adium, it just keeps asking for my password.

  12. GTALK:

    Guys, I think there’s something definitively wrong with connecting to GTalk. It’s just not happening. More often than not, Adium is constantly stuck on “Initializing Stream (25%)” and “Connecting”, but not connecting in the end.

    I’ve tried the stable 1.3 version, and I’ve now just tried the 1.4b18. No difference.

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