adium-1.4 2902:c11f47c1113f: Disable Facebook friend management,...

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Sun Mar 14 02:09:59 UTC 2010

revision:	2902:c11f47c1113f
author:		Evan Schoenberg
date:		Sat Mar 13 20:09:47 2010 -0600

Disable Facebook friend management, turning off that authorization request window for Faceboook entirely. This also prevents accidental deletion of Facebook friends from your list - it's not obvious to me, at least, that a deletion in Adium would completely remove the friend on Facebook. Fixes #13504

diffs (21 lines):

diff -r 85a3f8c6136e -r c11f47c1113f Plugins/Purple Service/PurpleFacebookAccount.m
--- a/Plugins/Purple Service/PurpleFacebookAccount.m	Sat Mar 13 19:55:50 2010 -0600
+++ b/Plugins/Purple Service/PurpleFacebookAccount.m	Sat Mar 13 20:09:47 2010 -0600
@@ -37,11 +37,14 @@
 	// We do our own history; don't let the server's history get displayed as new messages
 	purple_account_set_bool(account, "facebook_show_history", FALSE);
-	// Use friends list as groups.
+	// Use friends list as groups. This also allows moving between groups through libpurple
 	purple_account_set_bool(account, "facebook_use_groups", TRUE);
-	// Allow for moving through libpurple
-	purple_account_set_bool(account, "facebook_manage_friends", TRUE);
+	/* Don't prompt for authorization. Don't delete friends from the Facebook friend list,
+	 * as doing so is not a clear way to remove the friend entirely but that's what would
+	 * happen. Adding friends isn't supported, anyways.
+	 */
+	purple_account_set_bool(account, "facebook_manage_friends", FALSE);
 	// Disable the Facebook CAPTCHA since it causes heartache and pain.
 	purple_account_set_bool(account, "ignore-facebook-captcha", TRUE);

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