[Adium-devl] Fwd: [Adium-feedback] Please help!

Colin Barrett timber at lava.net
Tue Aug 29 23:11:21 UTC 2006

D'oh, forgot about the forums :P

Will do.


On Aug 29, 2006, at 1:09 PM, Chris Forsythe wrote:

> Well, we don't know what OS and what version of Adium they are  
> using, so that would be a good first start.
> I'd direct this person to the forums Colin.
> Chris
> Colin Barrett wrote:
>> Can anyone help this user?
>> Begin forwarded message:
>>> From: "Carly Berube" <carly.berube at googlemail.com>
>>> Date: August 29, 2006 1:00:39 PM HST
>>> To: feedback at adiumx.com
>>> Subject: Re: [Adium-feedback] Please help!
>>> I have done that, everything is entered correctly, it is just not
>>> letting me log on so it shows I am "online"....it is not saying that
>>> my password is incorrect, it is just making me sign in over and over
>>> and not actually signing me on.
>>> What could it possibly be?
>>> Please help, this is really frustrating to me.
>>> Thank you so much.
>>> carly
>>> On 8/29/06, Colin Barrett <timber at lava.net> wrote:
>>>> Are you entering your gmail account name correctly? Make sure to
>>>> include the @gmail.com.
>>>> So, for example, I would enter dogcow at gmail.com
>>>> Hope that helps :)
>>>> -Colin
>>>> p.s. there is no Adium password. Adium is just an application for
>>>> connecting to IM services, and we aren't responsible for an instant
>>>> messaging service.
>>>> On Aug 29, 2006, at 12:13 PM, Carly Berube wrote:
>>>>> I have just created an Adium account as a way to connect to google
>>>>> talk. I am having trouble siging in. I have even changed my gmail
>>>>> (email) password and it will still not let me sign into Adium  
>>>>> with  the
>>>>> new one. I have had no problems with my gmail account and it is
>>>>> practically brand new. Do I sign into Adium with my google mail
>>>>> password? If not, how can I change my Adium password?
>>>>> Can you tell me why this might be happening? I have spent the  
>>>>> last  two
>>>>> hours trying to figure it out.
>>>>> Thank You.

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