[Adium-devl] Java-based libraries... a ponder, a thought, an apology

Chris Forsythe chris at growl.info
Fri Dec 8 15:05:44 UTC 2006

Andreas Monitzer wrote:

>On Dec 08, 2006, at 07:34, Colin Barrett wrote:
>>I'm not sure the advantage of doing it in ObjC when there are plenty
>>of other ones. Also, 3 months to get a working, stable, tested XMPP
>>library? Call me Thomas, but I'm doubtful. Also, even though it's in
>>ObjC doesn't mean it would necessarily be easier to maintain -- we
>>don't know XMPP.
>I didn't suggest ObjC because it'd be easier to maintain for you, but  
>because it'd be easier to write for me :)
>ObjC has a lot of features that are simply missing in C or C++, but  
>make implementing dynamic protocols like XMPP much easier.
>Btw, I could reuse most of the UI-level stuff of my old plugin, so I  
>wouldn't have to implement everything from scratch.
But we'd still have to maintain the library, which I don't think we have 
the long term resources to do.

If it's just as much work to make the libgaim implementation all happy, 
I'd say we should do that and improve it for both clients at the same 
time, at least from a resource perspective that seems like it would be 
better in general.


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