[Adium-devl] Previous Conversations Viewer?

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Sun Jun 18 05:54:14 UTC 2006

I made that change locally to see how it 'felt' and ended up  
committing having forgotten it'd been changed -- buried in a large  
changeset and all that.

Log Viewer / View Logs seems reasonable to me... but I, like everyone  
else on this list, am not a novice IM user.  I've run into several  
people recently who had no idea that logging beyond the default in- 
window history existed at all... I was thinking that something which  
more clearly said "previous conversations" would get better  
recognition than the fairly technical-sounding 'logs'.  I think "View  
Previous Conversations…" is a pretty good title... but you're right  
that "Previous Conversations Viewer" is awkward at best.

I could roll with 'transcript'. For better or worse, and perhaps as  
indication of the goodness of the choice, iChat calls its logs "Chat  
transcripts" (though it has no good way to view them short of  
Unsanity's Chat Transcript Manager). Anyone else have thoughts on the  
word choice?


On Jun 17, 2006, at 11:00 PM, Peter Hosey wrote:

> I have one point to bring up before the code freeze hits: Previous  
> Conversations Viewer? I guessed that you changed it to match "View  
> Previous Conversations", Evan, but why not change that to "View  
> Logs" instead? It's shorter, and rolls off the tongue better, and I  
> think most people do understand the concept of a log.
> 	Log Viewer
> 	View Logs
> Alternatively, why not "Transcripts"? If there are enough people  
> who don't know what "log" refers to, surely they'll get "transcript".
> 	Transcript Viewer
> 	View Transcripts
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