[Adium-devl] Jingle, Sip and IAX2 in one step

Alvaro Saurin alvaro.saurin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 18:39:44 UTC 2006

On 10 Nov 2006, at 03:07, Colin Barrett wrote:

> A good summary of STUN, I'm not sure about ICE, since I'm not familiar
> with it.
> On Nov 9, 2006, at 2:30 PM, Evan Schoenberg wrote:
>>> Jingle is irrelevant without ICE, be it Google proto-ICE or the ICE
>>> XEPs as documented.
> I think what Sean is *trying* to say is that: in a real-world
> situation, ICE is necessary to deal with firewalls and such. STUN does
> not, in his experience, cut it.
> I'd like a little bit more about the various ways ICE tries to manage
> things, but that's more just curiosity. Having Adium Just Work no
> matter what the networks situation is something we've been trying to
> work on, and I think having our AV stuff do that from the get go would
> be a BIG step in that direction.
> I also I agree with Evan, we should target the Jingle spec as best we
> can with it being a moving target. It looks like we're going to need
> to use ICE, though. Alvaro, what are your thoughts?
> -Colin

I think it wouldn't be so easy to integrate ICE in Adium/Smack. With  
ICE, you have to send packets in the same RTP stream you use for  
audio or video. But, in this case, QuickTime handles the RTP stream.  
So we need to hook this stream (I don't know how!) and insert or  
extract packets...

Ummm... I think it is a difficult problem...



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