[Adium-devl] Jingle, Sip and IAX2 in one step

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Fri Nov 10 20:25:04 UTC 2006

On Nov 10, 2006, at 1:30 PM, Sean Egan wrote:

>> This is a really interesting discussion. I think the next thing we
>> want to look at is implementation: where would the ICE code be?  
>> Smack?
>> in Adium? If it's in Adium, can we use libjingle for connection
>> negotiation while still using Smack for XMPP requests? I'm assuming
>> that Jingle operates out-of-band from the normal XMPP stream. At what
>> point does it switch from in-band to out-of-band?
> ICE requires both sides to participate in the negotiation, and only
> Jabber currently uses it. If you're looking to do Adium-only stuff,
> you might want it in Adium, otherwise it doesn't make much sense out
> of the context of Jingle.

Indeed. For example, as Alan mentioned previously, AIM voice/video  
uses a different mechanism entirely which is similar to but not  
compatible with ICE.  I have read about Yahoo and MSN video in the  
past and never heard of ICE before this discussion, which makes me  
think they aren't utilizing it, either.  If it's *equally  
straightforward* to implement ICE in a protocol agnostic way, that's  
superior, but I don't think we need to over-engineer this.

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