[Adium-devl] Major Adium 1.1 leak

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Mon Apr 16 14:47:16 UTC 2007

AIMessageTabViewItems in 1.1svn leak due to a single extraneous  
retain.  I can't find it after a looong time (all morning, instead of  
class... just not feeling Nutrition this morning) in  
OmniObjectMeter... and I'm just going in circles now. Could someone  
else please take a look?  Here's what I know:

AIMessageWindowController and AIMesageWindow do deallocate
AIMessageTabViewItem gets down to a retain count of 1

AIMessageTabViewItem retains the AIChat, so it doesn't dealloc,  
either... which means a chain of other things don't.  The AIChat does  
not retain a reference to the AIMessageTabViewItem at this point, so  
that's not the problem.

In the process of hunting this down I discovered that every  
PSMTabBarControl was leaking due to a retain loop between the control  
and an internal object PSMTabBarController it uses.  This is fixed in  
[19457] (PSMTabBarControl [56]), but it did not correct the  
AIMessageTabViewItem problem.

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