[Adium-devl] SoC Adium w/ libpurple

Andreas Monitzer soc at monitzer.com
Tue Apr 17 17:57:09 UTC 2007

On Apr 16, 2007, at 18:52, Evan Schoenberg wrote:

> On Apr 16, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Ofri Wolfus wrote:
>> How about hosting the monotone branch inside the svn branch? This  
>> way both are in a single location and always in sync. If we had  
>> svn running over http, other folks could even check the monotone  
>> branch out.
>> Alternatively, the monotone branch can be put inside the checkout  
>> of the svn repo, and set svn:ignore and monotone's ignore thingy  
>> to ignore each other, so we'd get both VCS versioning the files  
>> without knowing about each other.
> The pidgin.mtn database for monotone is 132 megabytes at present;  
> the checkout itself is another chunk o' change.  That's quite a  
> load (if it would work that way, which I'm not confident of given  
> the way monotone does checkouts from a local copy of the repository  
> database).

Ok, didn't know it's that large.

> So:
> 1) Checkout pidgin monotone to ~/pidgin.  Checkout  
> Libpurple.framework svn to ~/libpurple. Checkout adium to ~/adium
> 2) Work on ~/pidgin
> 3) mtn commit if desired
> 4) ~/libpurple/pidgin_update
> 	This will update your local svn checkout from ~/pidgin, apply any  
> Adium-specific patches, build Libpurple.framework, copy it into the  
> appropriate place in the adium checkout, and delete the built  
> plugin so that XCode properly recompiles and rebuilds when Adium  
> builds next.
> 5) svn commit if desired
> 6) Build and run Adium

Hmmm why do I need to touch pidgin in that process? I don't care  
about that app.


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