[Adium-devl] Proposed minor release schedule

Chris Forsythe chris at adiumx.com
Tue Mar 6 22:31:47 UTC 2007

I moved the milestone down from 10 tickets to the 3 that are left.  
I'm not sure about #6287, but David makes a pretty good point there  
as to why it needs fixing quickly, and I agree. #5845 is a crasher  
which of course makes sense to try to fix for 1.0.2. #6028 is old,  
but if it can be fixed for 1.0.2 that'd be cool.

There is a ticket which I assigned to Peter that has a patch on it  
that I moved that may come back into play, but pretty much everything  
else is golden in regards to 1.0.2.

In general, 4-5 weeks seems appropriate to me for bugfix/security fix  


On Mar 6, 2007, at 4:03 AM, Evan Schoenberg wrote:

> Let's aim to do a minor release at least every 4 to 5 weeks  
> assuming changes have been made to the 1.0 trunk.  Items on the  
> minor release milestone should hopefully be fixable in that sort of  
> timeframe; if they aren't, they can be shifted to the next minor  
> release milestone when the time comes.  "1.0.2" for example  
> shouldn't be blocking us from getting good fixes and improvements  
> into the wild just because there are more items wanting addressing  
> in the 1.x timeframe.
> With that in mind, I think we should do a 1.0.2 beta early next  
> week.  Does that sound reasonable?
> -Evan

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