[Adium-devl] Patch attached to ticket

Colin Barrett timber at lava.net
Wed Mar 14 07:15:30 UTC 2007

On Mar 10, 2007, at 11:20 PM, Chris Forsythe wrote:

> On Mar 11, 2007, at 12:41 AM, Peter Hosey wrote:
>> On Mar 10, 2007, at 21:50:34, Colin Barrett wrote:
>>> On Mar 10, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Chris Forsythe wrote:
>>>> Like I've told you before, there's no way to set those
>>>> permissions as-is via trac, so we'd need someone to write a patch
>>>> to allow trac to do this. If I remember correctly, you
>>>> volunteered to do this.
>>> That doesn't make sense to me. This was working at one point, what
>>> changed? Is this a limitation of the user plugin we're using,
>>> somehow?
>> I'm just guessing, having no memory for dates, but I suspect that
>> the set-patch-flag permission must be set for everybody or nobody,
>> and it was set when only developers and ticket reviewers had
>> accounts. Now that anybody can have an account, it must be left
>> unset or (the theory goes) the patch flag will be twiddled randomly
>> by bored Adium users.
>> Perhaps we're reusing some other permission? Maybe we should add a
>> new permission and assign it only to all the developers and ticket
>> reviewers.
> Actually, I've never seen the ability for us to set permissions on
> this patch flag before. If you guys can find out how to set it, I
> don't mind setting it. Most of the adium users who would "twiddle"
> things while bored are stopped now with the simpleticket plugin, most
> of them haven't touched a single setting after the initial ticket
> filing, so I don't think that'd be a problem.

I made a test account, to see what the default permissions allowed you  
to do, and the reason why nobody's changed any settings is because  
they can't. The only thing J. Random User is allowed to do is comment.

Chris, who exactly is able to administer trac? Is there any way more  
people might get added to that list?


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