[Adium-devl] Google Summer of Code 2007 Administration

Evan Schoenberg evan at adiumx.com
Wed Mar 14 15:04:04 UTC 2007

An official word:

David Smith will be the Google SoC 2007 administrator for Adium and  
will be heading up our organizational efforts in terms of  
recruitment, mentorship and student expectations, and so on. I'm  
looking forward to a fun and productive summer for us with his guidance.

Please be in touch with him if you would be interested in mentoring  
this summer, with details of how many students you feel you could  
effectively mentor, the time commitment you can make, and so on...  
I'd go on, but I'm going (despite my inclination toward getting my  
hands dirty everywhere) to let him tell you what he wants and what  
we'll be expecting as an organization.  I'm fine with continuing our  
tradition of last year of the $500 per student organizational payment  
going in full to the mentor of that student.  If that's a solid  
payment for your time, you probably didn't spend enough time with  
your students... but it's still nice to have something concrete. :)

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