[Adium-devl] 1.0,4, and One month Adium hiatus for me

Evan Schoenberg evan at adiumx.com
Sun May 20 17:53:09 UTC 2007

Adium 1.0.4 is now out!  Great work, everyone, getting things fixed  
up for a really solid release... a great release with which to leave  
OS X 10.3 behind.  I hope that 1.1 isn't far off the horizon; let's  
consider it fully in feature-freeze and get it to a release in the  
near future.

I'm taking an approximately one month hiatus from Adium to focus on  
studies.  I'll still be checking email (of course!) and will be on  
AIM and Jabber from time to time, but I won't be writing or  
committing code, reading the forums, or viewing Trac until June 28.   
Have a great, relaxing, hacking-filled start of summer :)

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