[Adium-devl] Group Chat To-Do

phriedrich phriedrich at gmx.de
Wed Sep 12 20:42:24 UTC 2007

Am 12.09.2007 um 22:33 schrieb Andreas Monitzer:

> On Sep 12, 2007, at 18:58, E. E. Beerepoot wrote:
>> Concerning Group-chat commands:
>> the implementation is fully functional, however, not every single
>> command for every single service is supported. IRC support is
>> minimal, only XMPP support is almost complete.
> There seems to be a bug in trunk right now, in groupchats the users
> aren't visible at all on that pane. Since you didn't mention this
> rather important one, did this happen due to the merge?
I filled a bug report for this this morning:


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