[Adium-devl] Let's switch to a DVCS

Peter Hosey boredzo at adiumx.com
Wed Apr 15 14:58:12 UTC 2009

On 2009-04-15, at 07:45, Zachary West wrote:
> I guess Augie is our only hope (if we want to save 1.3—totally  
> willing to forsake it).

What we could do is wait until we ship 1.3.4, and then jump to a 1.4- 
only hg repo. If we ever really need to release a 1.3.5, we could  
still use the Subversion repo to do it, at least until we permanently  
abandon the 1.3 line.

However, I still would like to have full history, and it's possible to  
do that with hg convert, so I'm not sure why we're abandoning history.  
Repo size, or what?

Also, what do we want to do about Trac? At least with full history,  
revision numbers will be in the ballpark if not exactly right. If we  
drop history before a certain point, then Trac is the only web-based  
way to access the old Subversion repo, but (AFAIK) that means we can't  
use it with the new Mercurial repo at the same time.

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