[Adium-devl] Let's switch to a DVCS

Peter Hosey boredzo at adiumx.com
Wed Apr 15 15:12:49 UTC 2009

On 2009-04-15, at 08:01, Zachary West wrote:
> We could continue to use svn for 1.3, entirely, but start using hg  
> for 1.4 now.

If you think merging *within* Subversion is painful, think about  
merging *into* Subversion. ;)

Basically, every merge becomes hg diff | patch -p1 && svn ci.  
Theoretically easy, but I still wouldn't want to do it unless  
necessary (i.e., a need for 1.3.5 arises after we move to hg).

> Yeah, if we don't worry about branches we should do the full history.

Full history includes branches. Omitting anything is not full history.

> I thought we had issues with importing our full history?

Various tools have choked on it. Last I saw, though, hg convert was  
able to go all the way in several runs. Again, that's just my memory  
and I might have forgotten a problem.

I'm running it right now on my other machine, so we'll see what happens.

> The size is an important factor, but I don't imagine it would be  
> outrageously big …

It's 1.9 GiB.

> (I'm betting the libpurple binaries will be a factor in this though).


> A good point, though we could run a second instance of trac just for  
> serving the old subversion information too.

Not sure where we would put it. Also, would we have to punch it in the  
face every night, too?

(Strangely, I didn't have to do that last night. It seemed as though  
it stayed up. Maybe it was just somebody hovering over their enter  
key, though.)

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