[Adium-devl] Let's switch to a DVCS

David Smith catfish.man at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 22:54:49 UTC 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 3:35 PM, Alan Humpherys wrote:

> I am less than enthused about the grief of maintaining the large  
> repositories for a DVCS on my local machines.  Also, are we planning  
> on having a single central "master" or do I have to merge with each  
> developer's copy each time I want to get things in sync?
> - Alan

Central. The advantages in terms of being able to talk to testers  
about it and such are significant. As for size... it's definitely a  
concern, but my adium checkouts via svn are currently occupying 6GB of  
space, just because I use multiple copies as a way to switch between  
branches easily. There's also talk of not bringing the entire history  
forward, since basically nobody uses it except for "why did this  
happen" checks, which get increasingly rare the further back you go  
(trac/the old svn repo would serve for those).


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