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Nicolas Bellville nico.be at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 13 17:13:28 UTC 2009

I think the same thing: it's not possible to develop a program,even in Open-Source, and accept the help of people who don'tknow anything about coding and the creating of a project.The idea of a test is, in my opinion, also a good thing to knowwho may be enough good to develop adium.Nicolas

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> Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 00:27:45 -0430
> Subject: Re: [Adium-devl] Summer of Code '09
> On Feb 12, 2009, at 12:58 PM, Peter Hosey wrote:
>> On Feb 12, 2009, at 09:19:19, Christopher Forsythe wrote:
>>> I think the difference is that when you do a SoC project, you're  
>>> doing contract work, and the expectations of the end result are  
>>> much higher than say, a side project you work on in your spare time  
>>> while you learn how to code.
>> Speaking of which, we should make it an explicit requirement that  
>> you must know how to program Cocoa for the Mac. No learning Cocoa on  
>> the fly, and no Cocoa-Touch-only programmers.
> 	It may sound a bit daunting and unpleasant to applicants and/or 
> aspiring contributors, but since it *is* a contract job, as Chris very  
> well put it, it must be made clear that:
> 1) Learning to code up to the point of being fluent/competent in a  
> language and at least a basic set of related APIs &&
> 2) learning enough problem solving techniques to be able to develop an  
> idea and turn it into a shipping product &&
> 3) learning an existing project's codebase to put 1) & 2) into  
> practice for that project:
> is definitely *NOT* (*STRONG* emphasis) something that can be done in  
> a single summer, not by very far!
> 	Now, I really don't meant to discourage any aspiring contributor, in  
> a way I'm one myself wrt Adium, for sometime in the future, not too  
> far now, before the sun turns into a giant ice cube.. ;-) But rules  
> and/or implications do need to be clear (specially when there's any  
> sort of a contract involved) and those of us who didn't go to CS  
> school can very well speak for the applicability of the 3 points above  
> when you're doing all this "on your spare time" (sounds like I've been  
> there?).
> 	Kudos for venturing into the world of software development / open  
> source in such a brave way, but 1) and 2) above, at least, should bar  
> participating in something like GSoC, in my opinion.
>> And we should come up with some kind of basic competency test—maybe  
>> a spec for a small app that they have to implement using pure Cocoa/ 
>> Obj-C.
> 	This would indeed take care of 1) and 2).
> 	Regards,...
> - jmpp
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