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Ofri ofri.wolfus at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 15:04:34 UTC 2009

And I say you're right as someone who did just what you describe.  
Before beginning with Cocoa I knew only realbasic :)

On 20/02/2009, at 03:56, Peter Hosey wrote:

> On Feb 19, 2009, at 16:59:13, Thibault Martin-Lagardette wrote:
>> I think learning C (stuf pointers, structures (lists), memory  
>> allocation, and stuff) is necessary before trying to learn Obj-C :).
> Basic Cocoa doesn't require more than basic C. When one moves to  
> more advanced tasks and larger patches, then yes, learning C first  
> would be a great help.
> (I say this as someone who learned C and Python at around the same  
> time, then Objective-C much later.)
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