[Adium-devl] Facebook UIDs and names

Matt Handley applmak at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 19:19:45 UTC 2009

Would it be possible for the display of fb name in the log viewer to
have the long name, while the log kept the ID? Since the ID wouldn't
change, it's probably a better thing to store on disk.


On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 12:41 PM, Evan Schoenberg <evan at adiumx.com> wrote:
> The Adium Facebook service plugin which we were using before 1.3.3 had the
> following behavior:
> UID: long number (the Facebook ID number)
> Formatted UID: Person's name (first & last, typically)
> Display Name: Not used
> Alias: Whatever the user set
> The pidgin-facebook prpl which we are now in 1.3.3 has the following
> behavior:
> UID: long number (the Facebook ID number)
> Formatted UID: Not used
> Display Name: Person's name (first & last, typically)
> Alias: Whatever the user set
> The difference in behavior is that in most places (more on that in a
> moment), the person's name was typically shown as the 'screen name' in ≤
> 1.3.2.  Folks using Alias (Username) contact list name format would see, for
> example Evan (Evan Schoenberg) if 'Evan' were the alias, or just Evan
> Schoenberg if no alias were set.
> Now, that same person will see Evan (23987243), or just 23987243 if no alias
> is set.
> This is the source of the "Seeing numbers instead of names" problems which
> are reported; it wasn't until someone on feedback described the problem
> better that I understood why I could never reproduce it...looking at the
> code with that knowledge, though, it's clear.
> Now, in all of the above cases, the log viewer shows 23987243 unless
> Facebook is connected (so that a formatted UID has been set).  That number
> means pretty much nothing to pretty much everybody who uses Adium.  We
> should either be storing (and restoring) the Formatted UID in the transcript
> viewer (which used to be a very expensive undertaking but is probably much
> less so now that all preferences are in a large file instead of tons of tiny
> separate files) or should just use the person's name as their UID.  The
> problem with that, of course, is that a name change would remove any
> preferences you had on that person.
> Thoughts?  At a minimum, I'm going to restore setting of the formatted UID,
> and we should think about a near term release.
> -Evan
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