"Adium-devl" subject mangling

Eric Richie eric at adium.im
Tue May 19 12:24:54 UTC 2009

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 12:46 AM, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org> wrote:
> Colin Barrett wrote:
>> This is your opinion. A number of people have said please turn them back
>> on. This was already proposed on the mailing list and the issue was not
>> resolved -- a number of people asked, politely, that they be left on.
>> What changed in the time between the original discussion on the list and
>> you changing it? I say: nothing.
>> Please revert this change, Zac.
> I have kept my tongue quite firmly bitten on this topic on-list thus far, as I
> really don't want to start an argument over this.  Well, that, and I'm just a
> subscriber here; my opinions don't carry any weight.  That said, I'm tired of
> biting my tongue.
> I've quite enjoyed the lack of subject mangling.  The mangling is just a waste
> of space in the subject line, hiding parts of longer subjects that wouldn't
> otherwise be hidden in a listview of messages.  It's also a relic from years
> ago, as Zac pointed out.  The List-* headers have existed in RFC form for nearly
> 11 years now (RFC 2369, for those who are curious).
> As a reference for just how outdated and unneeded subject mangling is, out of 55
> mailing lists I'm currently subscribed to, *two* have subject mangling in place,
> and only one of those is by administrator choice.
> I find it disappointing that members of a team who so actively embrace new
> things and abandon the old want to hang onto a relic that's over 10 years old
> instead of using tools provided by an ever-growing number of mail clients.  Even
> gmail and Mail.app support meaningfully handling mail without subject mangling.

But again, that's more of the same 'old' argument. (har...)  Seriously
guys, enough about it being from a long time ago, we get it, and it's
still not a good enough argument by itself.  It's like trying to tell
me to switch to Windows just because *nix is really old.

When it comes down to it, it's a matter of personal preference.
Nothing more.  There has been absolutely nothing to convince me that
any babies are being eaten by using it.  Just like no one will
convince me that using it will create world peace.

This isn't a right vs. wrong argument even though that's how I feel
those against are treating it.  It amazes me how something like this
is what gets everyone stirred up in ways that nothing else can.  I
happen to prefer seeing it, yes.  To me it works better than the
various labeling methods.  However I'm not about to declare my
preference to be the right way and that anything else is just stupid.

I mean really, the ideal solution would be for subject mangling to be
a preference just as digest messages are since some like it, some
don't.  Is there anything out there that would allow us to get the
best of both world?  (I swear if someone tells me no, "because mailman
is old and it sucks" I'm probably going to reach through the computer
and slap someone upside the head...)


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