msn-pecan 0.1 good enough?

Jordan jas8522 at
Wed Mar 24 00:53:53 UTC 2010

>>> Do you have numbers of how many people requested that feature vs
>>> direct file transfers? We do:
>> That's still a regression, and a sizable one at that.
> Sizable? That's debatable.
> Besides, I have provided crystal-clear numbers that show that
> end-users don't care about that, or at least, they care *way* more
> about fast file transfers.

This is probably accurate, but what presents a problem for us will be
the regression. We will have users who made use of Yahoo contacts on
their MSN account who will not be pleased that they can no longer
contact them without signing up for a Yahoo account and using that
within Adium. I use MSN as my primary protocol in Adium and have never
used it to contact Yahoo buddies, however I know that if I had, having
the feature taken away would be frustrating.

Despite it not being requested through Google Code, do you (Felipe)
think it is something that could be added anytime soon? If we didn't
have that regression I see nothing more barring the way to using
msn-pecan as the primary MSN prpl in Adium - it seems to be the only
remaining issue.

At the currently slow rate we're proceeding with 1.4 and with
confirmation from Evan and/or Zac and Eric, it seems possible that
pecan could be tested out in 1.4 trunk (and if it goes well, in a
beta) sometime soon; but likely only if this last regression were to



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