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One important thing which I think has already been pretty much decided upon
in the "Trac Spam" thread is that we should separate Support and
Development. As I've worked on the in-app help with Robbie, I've been trying
to see how to integrate those in the look of the Adium website. This is what
I have right now:
It's nothing more than a number of sed commands which insert a some extra
stylesheets, the header and footer into each page, this to make sure the two
are kept in sync.

A more important page is the index, which should be the first page a user
goes to when looking for support. There should be a list of "hot issues",
issues which have been reported often recently, and for which we really hope
the users notice them before contacting us. There should of course also be
links to the forums and IRC (and the mailing list, if we don't decide to
nuke it), the online documentation and some search. I think it's best to
keep the creation of this list manual, as it should be issues which are
important _now_. Basing it on highly-voted or duplicated tickets will just
make V/V stay on top forever. :P
So this is what that looks like:
(Many links might not work or be placeholders)

I really don't consider myself a website designer, so any feedback on design
or contents is very welcome.

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