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Evan Schoenberg, M.D. evan at adium.im
Tue Jan 4 03:19:46 UTC 2011

First: Happy new year!  I hope it's an awesome one for you all as well as for the duck. ;)

On Jan 3, 2011, at 8:47 PM, Robert Vehse wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I've got news: in order to speed the icon update along, Frank has set up a voting page: http://wixardy.no-ip.org/adiumIcons/. Evan has said it's okay for everyone following this list to put their votes in.

And to clarify how I'd like us to use this voting page, and why it exists:

Two designers have each put in a lot of personal, volunteered time working on icon sets.  Bogdan has been communicating on the forums and with Robbie, I understand; George has been very present on this mailing list.  Both have iterated through icons in response to criticism.

It sucks that these parallel projects weren't better unified somehow sooner, because it's clear that (1) we want to refresh the icons in Adium in many instances and (2) for any given icon, only one icon is needed.  The icons do need to have a consistent look & feel, but that doesn't mean they have to all come from the same artist.

Frank's voting page should help clarify how the folks on this list - a group of developers as well as users who care enough to be following development, 215 people in all - feel about the options.  Please note that these votes are not binding, however; as a group, the Adium developers have the final say, and within that, Zac and I take responsibility for making final decisions if we're otherwise at a deadlock.


P.S. It probably goes without saying, but please only vote once.
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