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Igor Krizhanovsky iziorama at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 09:23:35 UTC 2011

On Jan 4, 2011, at 6:44 AM, Christopher Forsythe wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:47 PM, Robert Vehse <robert.vehse at gmx.de>  
> wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I've got news: in order to speed the icon update along, Frank has  
>> set up a
>> voting page: http://wixardy.no-ip.org/adiumIcons/. Evan has said  
>> it's okay
>> for everyone following this list to put their votes in.
> I'm looking at these icons, and I kind of see why you guys are voting.
> That said, I'm afraid I don't see the point completely here.
> I can vote for the icon I think would be best in that situation. But I
> can't see them all together with this approach. If the idea is to make
> a single cohesive set of icons, I don't know that this voting web page
> helps to get to that goal. There is a large amount of different kinds
> of art in place on the voting page. If in the end the most voted for
> items don't go together, I don't see this voting page having ended up
> with the well intended goals it was set up for.
> Is there not a way to have the two icon guys talk for a bit and then
> make a final set that combines both of their works, and then have them
> present them in one cohesive icon set?
> Chris

Most important purpose of the voting to achieve a clear
understanding which metaphor are most sutable for the one or
another icon. Of course later icon guys has collaborate to finalize
icon set to a very one style. Something between all styles currently
presented on a voting page.

What about presented icons. George icons to colorfull and many of
Bogdan icons beautifull but are not consistent with Mac style of icons.
On a file icons paper fold at the bottom, script icons shape are  
then  original Apple script icon.

arigato gozai masu

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