Facebook XMPP OAuth status

Colin Barrett colin at springsandstruts.com
Thu Jan 6 22:04:56 UTC 2011


Getting OAuth login working for Facebook is one of the outstanding tasks for 1.4.2. I have OAuth itself working fine w/ a test service type -- it just needs an acceptable UI hooked up and it needs to be integrated into the actual FB XMPP service type. I don't have as much free time as I thought and would love some help finishing it.

The bitbucket link above btw is an mq patch repository. Sorry it's in a weird format but I was trying it out. This blog post may be able to help you figure it out: http://ches.nausicaamedia.com/articles/technogeekery/using-mercurial-queues-and-bitbucket-org If you need more help, ask me.


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