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George Lambrou georgelambrou721 at
Sat Jan 8 03:51:28 UTC 2011

I agree, waiting to see what Lion is like before we finalize any changes is probably the best way to approach this. That said, should I still post mockups here for feedback? I've been looking at the iPad to try and get a jump on what Lion will bring, and seeing where some of these ideas could possibly be incorporated into Adium; getting some early feedback on them, regardless of the information we have on Lion, would help ensure that their execution is the best we can possibly do.

Speaking of feedback, I like Jordan's suggestion for handling the character count bubbles outside of Twitter; he's right, they could get a little annoying if they were always shown.

George Lambrou

On Nov 24, 10, at 9.23 pm, Jordan wrote:

> I agree with Stephen, we should definitely see if it still fits in
> with Lion, although I doubt the UI changes will be so drastic so as to
> make all existing software for OS X feel like it doesn't fit. This is
> what would need to happen for George's UI suggestions above to not
> 'fit' with Lion.
> I love this UI refresh from George - it's definitely got that fresh
> new look that tons of software projects have been sporting with their
> bigger updates that Adium hasn't really done in many years. (Panic's
> Unison, Evernote, Skype Beta, etc.)
> The only part I'm not sold on is the character count bubbles. I think
> these are excellent for services like Twitter where watching your
> characters is an important part of the tweeting process. When writing
> IMs I don't believe this is nearly as important. If it were to be
> implemented for all services, I would suggest only showing the
> indicators when you draw near the limit, otherwise they may be felt as
> intrusive.
> Cheers,
> Jordan
> On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 6:23 PM, Stephen Holt <stephen.holt at> wrote:
>> Might we want to wait and see what, if any, UI updates are coming with 10.7
>> before we expend a lot of effort updating our UI look and feel?
>> I agree it needs an update, but it'd be nice to get a closer (as in: hands
>> on) look of where the OS is going with UX and visual style.
>> Just my 2¢.
>> --
>> Steve Holt
>> On Nov 23, 2010, at 1:40 PM, George Lambrou wrote:
>> <clipped>

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